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Does anyone use a travel agent who specialises in ensuring accommodation, flights etc  are all fully accessible for a person in a wheelchair who is independent and wants to travel with her partner who also has some health problems?

We just need some assistance in planning to ensure we get what is needed, not get there and find out they don't have a room with an accessable shower etc? Or stairs galore?

Would welcome any advice. Thanks.


I don't know of any but I would be very careful as there are a LOT of rogues around that will charge like wounded bulls and may not be doing the right thing -- I hope someone can recommend someone for you as I know what it is like when you have to depend on such things -- GOOD LUCK

I wonder if the Dr or such could recommend???

A quick Google search threw up the following that may be useful:


websites:   (this also includes travel overseas)


The other thing you can do is call your preferred hotel or other accommodation direct and talk about your needs to see whether they can accommodate them e.g. a room on the ground floor may be acceptable but not if the breakfast room is up three flights of stairs and no lift!

Of course it should go without saying but travel insurance is a must and that may be difficult to obtain depending on exactly what the health issues are - especially for overseas travel.

It depends on where you're going.

I have reams of research for a UK trip, but nowhere else, as I did a 12 week trip in 2013 and found out quite a bit.  Now I have a favourite hotel chain which is quite cheap compared to other chains.

If you're taking your MPS authority, go to this website and check out the reciprocal benefits.

There's also a list of over 14,000 National Key System toilets in the UK.  There's a key you'll be required to purchase, but it's not that expensive, and is a keeper for life.

I do all my own arranging, as then I know that I have all my 'ducks in a row' and shouldn't have any problems.

You can book your tickets online and then contact the airline with the booking reference number and advise them of the assistance you require.  Do this as soon as you've booked the tickets, but if not, at least 7 days prior to departure. The airline can go through with you your requirements for the flights and how they can assist you during your journey. 

I've never had any problems with obtaining travel insurance due to my disability.

There's also a disabled cabin accommodation scheme in the UK.


Perhaps this can help also?


Most major hotel booking sites have the option to filter for accessible accommodation, but is the stand-out, with a range of specific search criteria including facilities for people who are hearing impaired, who need braille signage, accessible parking, a roll-in shower and more.

Websites and australiaforall.comhave accessible accommodation directories collated by people with disability. Nican also has an iPhone app.

Good luck!

I know that 'most' UK/Ireland 'acceessible rooms' have a shower/bath combination, no matter what hotel chain you're looking at booking.  I've been caught by this and won't ever trust the websites again.