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Trump who is he?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Business Leader, Reality Television Star, U.S. President(1946–)

Quick Facts

Donald Trump
Business Leader, Reality Television Star, U.S. President
Birth Date
June 14, 1946 (age 70)
New York Military Academy, Wharton School of Finance, Fordham University
Place of Birth
Queens, New York
Zodiac Sign
Billionaire real estate mogul and former reality television personality Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States.
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Donald Trump has 'dangerous mental illness', say psychiatry experts at Yale conference 


And his MUM.... 



MMMM?....But what a perfect smile... :)


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Unfortunately this affects many, not only Trump!

I have always admired Trump the business President not so.. and his accessibility to the "red button" is a real worry...

The Jury is still out with me Thea....

I am not sure about him.

I like to think he will do a good job, and pray he will.

I thought you would be interested in this story I found on MSN: Comment


:Melania Trump's photos expose a dark truth about her life. 


I don't like the way this is written, I am no particular fan of Mrs T.  But What the writer is not picking up,[ to my way of thinking] for what it is Worth,  is the fact that that some people are 'private' people like me, like My husband. This came out the other day in the hospital when husband was taken to Emergency. I had just left his side to come home, they were still testing him behind The drawn curtains.

A phone call about 20 minutes after I got home was from husband sti llIn emergency.   He had been visited by his ex wife no less.  He said he didn't need that.

My opinion is that the hospitals should have the old 'only next of kin' into Emergency depts.

What do you think?

Husband was pretty upset.

To our way of thinking this was an invasion of our privacy. 

So it is with Mrs T. 

She did not stand for President so why should she Go out into the public area for a walk in the park knowing full well the Photographers are going to be there. I certainly would not like walking in the park with flash bulbs going off in my face.  Would you? 

Reading this article it is as if the media are at their whits end wanting her to come Out so they can make lots of money selling her photos to the various media outlets.  I guess they thought they were going to get lots of $$$ and have lots of photos  Like in the good old days of Jackie Kennedy.

Now they are not happy and have got someone to write this article.

Anyway for what it is worth that's how I see this article. 

Melania Trump wears an Alice Roi coat on 17th March 2017 

Melania Trump wears an Alice Roi coatdress on 17th March 2017


When Melania Trump became America’s First Lady, she initially experienced a backlash from some of

New York’s most revered designer names, as Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford and more refused outright to dress her


It is a pity that Pence is not the President.  He seems a good man, with a sensible head on his shoulders.

Yes Radish, we never know look at what happened to Kennedy.

Very true Ann!

Pence will be an awful president 

he is too wisht washy and has no backbone 

"Who is Trump?" - I don't think even Trumpie knows that. I know who the Trump whisperer is and it's Jared Kushner-

Donald Trump (l) talking to son-in-law Jared Kushner

Yup!  his son in law........

(CNN)President Donald Trump declared his support for the environment and scientific research on his first Earth Day in the White House amid harsh criticisms over his actions to roll back environmental regulations and proposed cuts to non-military spending, including at the Environmental Protection Agency.

"Rigorous science is critical to my administration's efforts to achieve the twin goals of economic growth and environmental protection," Trump said in a statement Saturday as thousands of marchers filled the streets of downtown Washington to support science and evidence-based research -- a protest partly fueled by opposition to Trump's threats of budget cuts to agencies funding scientists' work.


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