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.....and the   "World "   is watching    ........... the 45th. President of the U.S.A. whether people like it or not.

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trump trivia?  

who does trump work for?  ask yourself who were trump's donors during his presidential campaign?

they were basically the monopolists: the koch brothers, the oil and gas industry, and other far-right-wing corporate organizations that are all in favor of monopoly and the last thing they want to do is help the working class.   trump’s genius was to convince the working class that he was for them, while actually his policies are against them.

more on this topic here from my favourite economist  ....


I can’t believe this ... you have to be kidding!!!!

The man is talking up a nuclear conflict as a bloody tourist attraction … I give up. Madness personified.

Donald Trump has told Guam's Governor North Korea's threat to launch a missile strike near the remote Pacific island will boost tourism, while assuring the politician the US stands behind the territory "1,000 per cent".

"We are with you 1,000 per cent, you are safe," he adds.

"You've become extremely famous. All over the world they are talking about Guam, and they are talking about you."

"Tourism, I can tell you this — tourism, you're going to go up like 10-fold with the expenditure of no money so I congratulate you," Mr Trump is heard saying on a speakerphone in a video posted to Facebook by Guam's Governor Eddie Baza Calvo.

He is right though RnR

i found myself looking up Guam and saw how beautiful it is 

and it's close to Australia

would never have done that before all this talk of bombings 

:) Sure, sure Raphael and now is just the right time to visit so you can experience the 'nuclear threat' vibes.

Charlottesville:  At least three people were killed and 35 injured after protests turned violent in the US state of Virginia, as white nationalists protesting against plans to remove the statue of a Confederate general clashed with counter-demonstrators and a car ploughed into a crowd, officials said.

....  yeah - nasty!  Nothing to do with Trump tho'  ...................... BTW - notice how Trump's hair is "white" now?   Not dying it "blonde" anymore ......or is perhaps the stress of being President  getting to him? lol 

....... just a "trivia" comment ........     :-) 

Hi there Mrs Foxy ....remember me?

Gee I don't you only joined today how is Foxy supposed to remember you . Not getting your personas mixed up are you Micha,..



Dear Gravey "Train" - have no idea?  Did you bring some "Yorkshire Puddings and a Beef Roast"??? ???   Judging by your cool Avatar you must be a Brit?? Or........something?    lol lol ..... gets more interesting by the day!  :-)

Yes would be interesting to know more . 

Like for instance how do you know my name if you only joined today . Only Micha calls me Peter . 

And why do you say I questioned your age when I did no such thing ? 

Secondly I don't know why you need to explain to me that you are 70 fit and still working . 

Never asked , I think Micha you are getting your personas  

confused .,

 .... you were called Peter?   Seriously?  Ohhhhhh wow ....even I never called you that after all these years !    :-)

one cannot repeat what you called Brocky over the years FOxy.

even I am too embarassed to use such words.

Foxy you may call me whatever you like . My identity was revealed by the vile family . Using my daughters photo from here to investigate my identity on the nett   So it is no surprprise about who I am . 

How did this creature who arrived today know my identity . Simple he is just and ther invention of Micha .

I have already requested a vile post of his be removed about my daughter . 

As you are along with most of us a victim of the family's attacks I don't expect you to join.them in attacking me .



All due respects - maybe you should take some time out from YLC?  We have all stepped back from time to time ...........

I have no idea what the "family" did to you - and - whatever it was - I hope you reported them to Admin?   No one deserves whatever made you so upset - for that - I am truly sorry ........................

...hang on in there - ok - and maybe take a break for a few days?   :-)


ffs learn to spell

its Hump

speaking of which, how is Sarah

Well thanks 

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