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Tutankhamuns Treasure - Perth

Anyone in Perth who has the chance to see this it is certainly worth seeing. Yesterday went to the Tutankhamun Exhibition that is on in Perth. Absolutely amazing we spent 3 hours there and were very lucky it was very quiet, could have spent even longer but being very cold, (should have taken jackets) hunger tiredness and need for the Loo meant we left. Apart from the huge number of Sarcophagi gradually diminishing down to the actual final body container all the common household items taken out of the Pyramid were amazing, beautiful and intricately made. Hard to comprehend the sophistication when Europe and England was still just occupied then by just savage tribes at the best. Well worth going to.


I saw this exhibition when it first arrived in Perth...have just booked for a couple of us to take some of the older and braver grandchildren to see the torchlight tour of the exhibition on 9th December. 

Sounds a bit scary but good fun....



Hi Thea,  How was the Tutankhamuns Exhibition you recently went to see? I love those exhibitions. I don't know if it is coming to Sydney, maybe it has, don't remember seeing anything advertised. The Titanic Exhibition was a real eye opener, it was only displayed in Melbourne. 

Hi Hola.. I saw the exhibition when it first opened in September and was only going again because some of the kids wanted to see it by torch light so I bought tickets for the 9th.. However big kid Micha (BIL) said at the last minute he wanted to since I had seen it already I gave him my ticket. Apparently..the kids were scared but loved it....

I don't think the exhibition will be coming to seems little old Perth is the only state they're far. If it does get'll love it!

It would look a little scarey in the dark with only torchlight. I'm sure Micha loved it. 

Saw them in Cairo in 1966!   Gee all those years ago, was fascinated by all the treasures the museum had to show.  I then went off to the Pyramids got in a queue to ride a camel, but left when the lady in front of me got bitten!  LOL