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Two-person personal alarms

I am looking for some small device my partner and I can wear when out in the yard/garden to alert each other if we have a fall etc. We do not need the medical ones just a 2-way system between ourselves. Does anyone know of anything we could use that is small and does not have to be carried around as in our phones. Thanks in advance for any ideas.



Just get 2 personal alarms, Just press a button and it will scream at you. No good if you both have hearing problems.

I have one of those. I push her buttons, and she starts screaming at me!!! 


That may explain the hearing problem! 



I don't know who provides them but restaurants use two way communication devices from kitchen to dining room and so do construction workers from one part of the building to the office.

I was recently incapacitated due to foot surgery and my husband bought a battery operated wireless doorbell set. I had the button and he put the chime unit in close to wherever he was so if I needed him I just pressed the button and he came to see what I needed. Cost less than $20.

Thank you for all the comments, esspecially symo lol. I had thought of the normal personal alarm but so noisy but didn't know if there was something that was just 2 way other than a walkie talkie whiich could be an option. Thanks again.

Had thought of that too, thanks Bobby'sgirl but we do want 2 way and small enough to attach or hang around neck. Always phones too but you have to dial etc. Thanks again

I'd get a couple of the cheaper GME (good Australian made) or Uniden walkie talkies.  Reliable and useful when out walking, parking the car etc.  Do check online for channel use protocols (easy).

If you do fall you want a two-way that will work.