Upright freezer

I do not have the space for a chest freezer so am looking at an upright about 176 L. I know they are not as efficient but I am prepared to live with that.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I am currently looking at Hisense (a new company to the market) and also Westinghouse. I want a frost free one.

Choice gave Hisense their second recommendation and Fisher Paykel first but I do not want to pay more than $700 at most and hopefully just over $600.



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RADISH,   we have had SONY,   and SHARPE,    never any trouble,   but hubby wanted this big one for the lounge,     i told him when he got it,     but NO,    he had to have it,   doesnt worry me,  much,   i have my own in the bedroom if i want to watch,    and i usualy dont watch daytime tele anyway,  [except judge judy,   when im home]        WE did get a bar fridge from them ,   a couple of years back,  that has been fine,    

I have friends who have what I call "unknown" brand names and they appear happy but what worries me is the lifespan of them, so that is why we have always gone with well known brand names and paid a little more and so far touch wood none of them have died.  Our oldest Sony would be about 20 years old.



Quite a few years ago I bought an upright freezer to replace the chest freezer -- which I could never reach the bottom of and was far too big -- sold that and saw this upright in KMart for about $174 and it has been GREAT has four draws it is NOT frost free but I love it.

It does not have a name on it but have had it for about 10 years now

those were the times PlanB

things were made to last

now it seems when products run out of warranty and the item dies

dont fprget about "implied warranty"...even if your item is out of date...say by a couple of months...you may find you still have a claim.   A friend of mine did...he had bought a TV from BigW and I told him to give it a go and he got his money back and it was about 4 months out of warranty at the time.   You can find more about "implied" warranty by googling it.

Yes I sure would have a go as things are meant to last a reasonable amount of time

Was at the Post Office last week and saw that they were selling Chill Chests there ... you must have seen them advertized on TV


I bought one under $60 .. and thought I'd have to return it

But to my surprise, it is far more eficient than an esky ... the ice was frozen overnight where in the esky it was water.

Have not yet tried it with hot food ... hope it works as well as with the coldstuff.

Suze thats interesting how do they work?  as they don't appear to use ice or such -- would be great for when you have to defrost the small Freezer

We were toying with getting one but could not understand how they work without adding ice.

Suze, did you just put some frozen ice in it just to test it out..is that what you are saying?


I googled and found this





I purchased it because MSK cleared off with one of my eskies and thought it might be handy to keep in the back of my car.

I went to defrost my small freezer (which is the one I want to replace)

I put half the contents in the esky and half in the Chill Chest .. it was a mix of various frozen foods including some ice

...it was a hot day and I forgot to check on it, the next day I found

... the ice was frozen overnight where in the esky it was water and I had to throw some of the food out that was in the esky.


Note MSK ... a senior code word ... the only one I can remember           Related image



this appears to be an honest review I think...not sure about buying one though

There was three reviews on this site one was a 5 star rating who just like me could not believe how well it worked and the other 2 reviews were NOT about the product but about the shonky companies they purchased it from with 1 star rating giving it a result of 2 and1/2 star rating ???? Hardly fair to the product

Other review sites show it to have 4/5 star rating

Hubby not too keen on buying yet "another" esky  :)...I will think about this one (cannot really justify buying one at this stage)


lol lol lol - wow - some Topic? - all these comments on an "Upright Freezer"??   Seriously??

 Glad I can make my own decisions without "strangers" comments/advice????  I live my own life - decide what I want/what is best for me - not other people's "views"?    Bizarre ...............   :-)

Foxy always good to get the opinions on things b4 you buy if you are not sure about the actual product  I have seen this on the TV but windered how it worked -- do you have to have ice in it etc

Thanks for bumping the thread Foxy :)

.... my pleasure Suze ........   :-)  

I bought a small upright freezer a few years ago......made sure it was  "frost free" and have never regretted it. Great food storage, costs little to run and NO maintenance. At our age, you can kill yourself trying to get things at the bottom of a chest type.

That is the reason I am looking to get similar kfchugo.   Just need to get around to doing so but have a lot on my plate at moment so it will probably be a month away.  Totally agree about getting to the bottom of the chest freezer...my legs are swinging in the air when I have to do so.  

What brand is it kfc ?


... bumping this scintillating "Topic" -   :-)   Did we ever find if the person in question ever bought a freezer - or simply had nothing else to talk about in their lives?     lol 

ha ha foxy,    never mind,  at least it keeps the posts 'bumped]     sometimes i cant find anything,   only way to get in,  is leave a couple of emails,   can get in that way,  

lol - no wonder you "Cool for Cats" -     :-)

Bit late but I bought a Fisher Paykel upright freezer 16 years ago. Saved me thousands buying specials, and it is still going strong - only just had to replace something last month as stopped for first time ever. Cost $165 most of which is of course the cost of labour as usual - took him 5 mins to fit and off and running again.I also have a two door fridge freezer in kitchen. Upright lives out on the back porch. Bought it to save money and trips into town as live rural area not close to shops. Nice loudest thing is the birds and cattle lowing.

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