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Urgent recall: Contamination fear on popular milk brands

Popular brands of milk have been recalled by the food safety regulator after they were found to be contaminated with cleaning solution.

Customers of Victoria's leading supermarkets – Coles, Woolworths, IGA and other independent stores – have been urged not to drink the milk and return it for a refund.

Coles has also advised customers from Lavington, Deniliquin and Albury in NSW to also return their affected milk.

Affected brands are:

  • Coles Full Cream Milk 1lt bottles
  • Coles Low Fat Milk 1lt bottles
  • Coles Skim Milk 1lt bottles
  • Pauls Full Cream Milk 1lt bottles
  • Pauls Smarter White Milk 1lt bottles
  • REV 1lt bottles
  • PhysiCAL Low Fat 1lt bottles
  • PhysiCAL Skim 1lt bottles


*use by dates range from 25 June to 27 June (see image)

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand said the milk might have a yellow colour and a metallic taste.

It advised anyone concerned about their health to seek medical advice.




Oh dear, let's hope not too many people have been affected by this milk. Usually I buy at least one of these brands but yesterday decided to buy the high protein low fat milk, C-complete Dairy brand. 

It raises fears especially among parents who wonder how easy it might be to contaminate foods. - For a terrorist or a stupid malcontent seeking personal publicity that the idiotic media always gives them :(   

The last mentioned has happened a number of times and caused very serious disruption (remember the strawberry and paracetamol scares).

Thanks for letting us know about this milk batch contaminated with cleaning solution Leon


I never buy supermarket brand milk, I stick to my local dairy and organic.

I stick to 1 of 2 local dairies who do pasturised only . Does cost extra - shouldnt as homogenizing is for the benefit of the dairy or so I was informed - keeps it fresher longer etc. And its a porkie that it can also be low fat as the process I was also told, sticks the fat to the protein.

I hope those unfortunate to have consumed the milk before the alert are safe.  This is terrible news.

Safer and healthier not to drink the stuff. Don't know why humans are the only animals in the world that continue to drink milk after infancy.

More milk brands recalled in Victoria and southern NSW because it contains e-coli.


The recalled products are:

Coles Full Cream Milk 2 litre bottle

7-Eleven Lite Milk 2 litre bottle

Gippy Full Cream Milk 2 litre bottle

Gippy Lite Milk 2 litre bottle

Maxi Foods Lite Milk 2 litre bottle

Pauls Professional Cafe Crema Milk 2 litre bottle

Pauls Smarter White 2% Fat Milk 2 litre bottle

Rev Low Fat Milk 2 litre bottle

Rev Low Fat Milk 1 litre carton

I cannot understaand why there are so many recalls on primary foods like eggs and milk

.... what happened to the basic hygiene ??

Most likely cutting back on staff and less inspections happening these days. I avoid buying packaged food as much as possible, eating out of plastic is not healthy either.

So the saga continues as per ACCC recall email today

Photograph of Lactalis Milk Products

The list seems the same that Robi put up lat week except for the Coles Full cream milk which was not listed

.... how can you have repeat offenders like that ??

Surely it must be costing the companies money

... you would think that they would clean up their act ?

I always buy the dearer milk and I hope that the Farmers are getting a benefit -- so far I have not had contaminated milk -- as I am in Mid NSW -- did get contaminated eggs a while ago -- from a local farm -- that had got them from a Kempsey farm a long way from us

Just proves even if you buy your produce from a local farm, you still do not know where they procured the produce.