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Charismatic personality, powers of persuasion.  Great leadership style, natural diplomacy with a lot of the larrikin thrown in. Many important social advances during his time in office, including Medicare. Will be missed, will never be forgotten.

Rest in Peace Bob, I’ll have one for you.

GREATEST    leader  that LABOR PARTY ever had,   or is likely to have,       i had the pleasure.  [many years ago]   of meeting him,    a really genuine human being,    R,I,P,   BOB HAWKE,   

Hope Hawkie voted Pre-poll, it's the only legal way for dead people to vote.  He will be greatly missed. RIP.

Regardless of which side of politics you support. Bob Hawke earned his place in Australian political history.

R.I.P. Bob Hawke.

With out a doubt the best Labor leader in my lifetime. A strong union man but at the same time often displaying an acceptance of all Australians. He was an Aussie who called a spade by it's right name. Sadly those days are gone. RIP Bob.

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Thank you for putting this thread up Ray. I had the pleasure of chatting with Bob on a couple of occasions. What impressed me most was his hatred of racism and bigotry. His father Reverend Clem Hawke, told Bob that if you believed in the Fatherhood of God then you must also believe in the Brotherhood of Man. RIP Bob Hawke.

RIP Bob.

One of my favourite photos of the man at the top, for some strange reason.

Bob was an absolutely brilliant prime minister. He touched every leadership base you can think of. He had a very strong sense of policy direction, he was an excellent communicator to the public, the world at large, he was charismatic to go with it and he was a terrific manager of people. —Gareth Evans, former Hawke cabinet minister, ABC.


I will remember Bob Hawke for these special achievements - increases in the proportion of children finishing high school; as a South African myself his role in helping to end apartheid in South Africa, and his successful international campaign to protect Antarctica from mining.

Rest in Peace Bob Hawke.

Yes he was a leader that also had the common touch -- he was one of the best along with Gough




Rest In Peace Bob Hawke 

The greatest labor Prime Minister . Floating the dollar , removing tariffs , embracing globalisation introducing the franking credits (imputation) system to avoid double tax and privatising tne banks were amongst his greatest achievements 

He would have made a great Liberal Prime Minster as well - lol 

An adopted son of Western Australia. Bob went to Perth Modern School where I spent a few years and while I was there all I heard about were his achievements and they were many. Then I went on to spend two years at the University of WA before going abroad. Bob also attended UWA and here again his praises were sung.

Bob Hawke rest in peace, you have been an inspiration to many.

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