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Veterinary costs

I took my dog to the vet yesterday - he has a couple of nasty looking, weepy sores on his head. They were diagnosed as "hot sores" and I was given a small tube of antibiotic cream and 45 antibiotic tablets for him. I received great service and gentle and considerate treatment for my dog.
I was surprised at the cost however and when I got home, I looked up both products on the internet. The cream which cost me $25, I could get for around $12 on the internet and the pills which cost me over $80 for 45, I found priced at $10.70 for 56 of them. Now, every business needs to make a profit, but I think that if I can buy these products for these price, a vet should be able to do better. I felt decidedly "ripped off" and left feeling also that some of these people are really taking advantage of the love we have for our pets.
As a pensioner, it seems to me that I am coming to the point where I cannot afford the quality of medical treatment my little buddy deserves or even worse, I just cant afford a pet.

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you're right, planb. cats are hunters. occasionally at this time of year, my cat brings me the gift of a baby scrub turkey, which is frightened but unhurt. i put it into a bucket, with air available, and after it recovers from the shock, drive away and release it into a bushy park nearby. its far enough away so that my cat would never go there. they run off and seem to be ok.

i have a dilemma - do not agree with animals being imprisoned,.e.g. zoos, chicken coops, factory farming, pets kept indoor, etc. however, i try to compromise by keeping my cat inside at night. he also sleeps for about three quarters of each day. of course, he has a bell on collar, is well fed, and i am usually around to make sure all is well.

so, i do the best i can, but i won't have another pet and do not look forward to that time. i love all animals. its a privilege to have the love and care of an animal.

kika, I had a look at the raw meaty bones site.

Could I talk you out of giving your cat [b]any[/b] raw meat.

Cats get toxoplasmosis from eating raw meat and if the cat deficates outside it passes Oocysts into the soil. (grass)

Cats can live with toxoplasmosis.

A native animal eating that grass can get toxoplasmosis which causes it to go blind before dying a painful death within about 7 days.

I have seen wallabies with toxoplasmosis and by the time there is any sign they are affected it is usually too late to save them.

Please look at

I wish I had a good solution for our cats teeth.

Rushed a cat to the Vet dead of night chocking after eating chicken

Up to that time we always gave our cats raw chicken wings

but never again. They so easily swallow too big a chunk

and can die BUT although ours get dry food plus people's steak and

chicken and Fancy Feast and Dine cans they do not really get enough

chewing food but what do we do?


Do you believe our steak and chicken breast is also a worry Fwed?

Do you believe our steak and chicken breast is also a worry Fwed?

Nothing wrong with steak as long as it is cooked.

Chicken bones are dangerous for a cat or dog as when broken they get sharp edges which can catch it their throat which causes vets to get wealthier if you are lucky.

Cats can usually eat fish bones but not dogs.

We do not cook the streak or chicken just cut it up fine.

Our cats are SO fussy and seem to have lost the art of

chewing darn it.

Really should cook good steak we eat Fwed for the cats?

and chicken breast?. We have not been cooking it but will

if we should.

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