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Where did the Coronavirus 19 Originate from? and anything relative to the virus.


Where did the Coronavirus 19 originate from? and anything relative to the virus.


Coronavirus is 'uniquely adapted to infect humans': Top vaccine scientist says it could only have come from an animal through a 'freak of nature' - and the possibility it leaked from Wuhan lab MUST be investigated 


Scientists have produced evidence that the pandemic virus is 'uniquely adapted to infect humans', raising fresh questions over whether its origins were natural or could have occurred in a laboratory.


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COVID-19 update Australia 9 August 2020

• 394 new from 41,416 tests, 49 linked to known outbreaks, 345 under investigation.
• 17 deaths, 10 linked to in aged care, 2 men 50s, 4 men 70s, 4 women 2 men 80s, 2 women 3 men 90s.
• Death toll now 210.
• 634 in hospital, 43 in ICU with 26 on ventilators.
• 7854 active cases, 1748 connected to aged care, 2758 possible community transmission.
• Total number of healthcare workers 1725, 994 active cases.
• 13,445 of total cases from metropolitan Melbourne, 889 from regional Victoria.
• 174 new from an unknown source in Victoria, total number of "mystery infections" now 2758.
• Victoria Police give out 268 lockdown fines Saturday, most in more than a fortnight, including 38 failing to wear mask, 77 breaching curfew, 13 at vehicle checkpoints.

• 10 new from 31,681 tests.
• New cases include:
— 7 locally acquired close contacts of known cases
— 2 under investigation with no known links
— 1 returned overseas traveller in hotel quarantine
• 111 cases being treated in hospital, 8 in ICU.
• A healthcare worker in the emergency department of a Sydney hospital has tested positive.
• Two Sydney schools have been forced to close following positive cases.
• Campbelltown Bunnings store are on high alert after it was revealed a staff member who later tested positive for coronavirus worked for three days last week while possibly being infectious.
• Anyone who attended a prayer group at St Agatha’s Catholic Church in Pennant Hills on August 3 between 7pm and 8pm have been advised to stay home until they are contacted by NSW Health.

• 0 new from 11,875 tests.
• 11 active cases, 4 in hospital, 0 in ICU.
• Current border rules — all Victorian, NSW, ACT residents are banned entry. Queensland residents returning from the declared hotspots, must now arrive by air and pay $2800 for two weeks of hotel quarantine, no more road entry.

COVID-19 update Australia 10 August 2020

• 322 new from 19,213 tests, additional 105 new "mystery cases".
• 19 deaths, 14 linked to aged care. 1 male 50s, 1 female 60s, 2 males 70s, 1 male 6 females 80s, 7 females 90s, 1 male 90s.
• Death toll now 228.
• 640 in hospital, 48 in ICU with 31 on ventilators.
• 7869 active cases including 1065 health workers and 1765 in aged care.
• 2863 cases may indicate community transmission.
• Victoria Police have issued 276 fines, 37 failing to wear a face covering, 25 at vehicle checkpoints, 74 curfew breaches.
• A new at-home testing system is being brought in.
• New advertising campaign featuring coronavirus victims' stories for TV and social media.

• 14 new from 19,920 tests, 5 linked to Tangara School for Girls in Cherrybrook, bringing a total of 9 linked to the school, 6 students 3 teachers.
• New cases include:
— 11 locally acquired close contacts of known cases
— 1 returned overseas traveller in hotel quarantine
— 1 Victorian traveller
— 1 under investigation with no known links
• 111 cases being treated in hospital, 8 in ICU.

• 1 new from 8,549 tests, returned OS traveller in hotel quarantine.
• 11 active cases, 4 in hospital, 0 in ICU.
• Restrictions can now be lifted on aged care visits in SE Queensland.

• Scott Morrison has declared his “hope” that COVID-19 border restrictions will be eased by Christmas but warned Australians it was unlikely that normal movement without any restrictions will be restored by summer.


Could your mask help SPREAD coronavirus? Scientists discover fleece neck gaiters MULTIPLY infectious droplets while N95s and cotton masks work best to protect you and reduce transmission

Researchers looked at 14 types of face masks and calculated how effective they were at reducing coronavirus infection risk N95 masks offered the best protection, followed by three-layer surgical masks and many homemade cotton masksBandanas and knitted masks offered very little protection from respiratory droplets Neck fleeces were the worst because they turned large droplets into many smaller droplets, thus creating more than not wearing a mask at all


PUBLISHED: 01:18 AEST, 11 August 2020 | UPDATED: 01:56 AEST, 11 August 2020

We've all been told to wear face masks to reduce the spread of coronavirus, but it turns out the material your mask is made of may affect your risk, a new study suggests. 

An N95 mask, which filters out nearly all particles both large and small, reduced the odds of transmitting COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, the most.

But some masks were actually worse than not wearing a mask at all because they turned large potentially infected droplets into smaller droplets than can linger in the air longer.

The team, from Duke University, says the findings provide evidence that not all face masks are created equally and can give Americans advice on what to and not to wear when going out in public.