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"LIVE STREAMING NOW" - Amazing Zoo Animals - Melbourne!

Animals at Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo are being live-streamed for the increasing number of people stuck at home - and whom are animal lovers!

Cameras are relaying live vision of snow leopard cubs, penguins, giraffes and lions etc. via the Zoos Victoria website.

Thought I would put this Topic up in the hope to help alleviate some of the angst that is happening to not only us but the rest of the World right now! 

ENJOY!!!   :))

(you have to move cursor slowly along line with red dot span whole habitat of animals)



A lot of us at YLC - watched in awe late last year as the Peregrine Falcons and their Chicks were "live streamed" from the skyscaper at Level 33 - 367 Collins St.  Melbourne.

There were happy and also sad moments as we watched "Mother Nature" during the 3 months of the chicks hatching - feeding and finally learning to fly!  Beautiful!

Streaming live now are:  

3 Snow Leopard Cubs - growing up under the watchful eye of Mum "Miska"!  ...and the recent arrival of the new Giraffe "Klintun".  

...and heaps and heaps of other animals!


:) Thanks Foxy.


Just thought it may be something that's a bit of fun .... no doubt you realised it wasn't me who actually put the link up  I just typed the "blurb" ....

So far haven't seen much - however have only looked after dusk today so probably not the best of times.  Will check in on them in morning ...see what's going on .......


I have problems with my NBN ... Fibre to the Node

.... when it is raining streaming does not work :(

Oh that's a shame Suze  :( .......  I got FCC here ...still slow as tho' - pathetic in fact!




Hmmm...well ....Amazing Zoo animals alright!  Amazing if you can ever get to see or find any?   lololol .....

Zoo's site definitely NOT what it was cracked up to be?  Disappointing ....will keep trying til I see one!  

Old saying:  "Peserverance Pays"  .....    :)




LOL ... tried all of them and spotted two blurry zebras LOL.

:) Like you Foxy, I will persevere.

More luck at my place today LOL.

• Mad blue-faced honeyeaters dunking themselves in the pool
• The lovely dove still wandering around
• Crazy peewits attacking the window screens, looking for insects I guess
• Lorikeets in the bottlebrush bushes, as per usual
Early am listening ...
• The whipbird in full cry down the back in bush, have never managed to see it
• Possum growls close by
• Lots of kookaburras in a dawn chorus, near heard so many together before.


Oh wow ... fanatstic you have all of those birds!  Lucky you!

I have flocks of Rainbow Lorikeets every morning 6.30 ish?  Screeching in the tree tops..... will move on soon - passing thru'

Kooka's were here but haven't heard them in past two days?

Problem:  2 x large black crows have turned up?  Think I may have mentioned them before?  Taken over the back birdbath (always sitting on edge) and bullying my butcher bird family! Also Maggsie's are very wary of them?

Never heard of a whipbird??

Possums still thunder along metal decking roof at night lol

Peewits? Black n white birds?  Is there another name for them? 

Doves are "up town" birds   :)  the Billy Joel type lolol

...least you saw the zebra's ...better than me! 



LOL Foxy ... hope your crows depart soon.

Whipbird calls video ...

Peewits = Magpie-larks

Loved the links - ta

What a beautiful little bird the Whipbird is - sounds a little like a "Bell Bird" ...come to think of it haven't heard one of them around here for awhile - a Bell bird....?

Yep - Mudlark - know them well - didn't know they had the other names tho' - see learnt more new things today!   Always something to learn ............. lol 



YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!    7.50 AM. TUESDAY (today)   FINALLY .....

I am excited! haha .... I just saw the Tree Kangaroo eating out of it's bowl for breakfast and looking around in between mouthfuls!!

Looking at the comp. screen - he was in his tree house and eating from a silver bowl in the front left hand corner of the house!

Which means - they probably get fed at approx. the same time and might be there again tomorrow.

Was starting to think the whole thing was just a photo and "Fake News".    :))))



...finally worked it out!!! You have to move ya' cursor along line with the red dot!  It then shows the whole habitat!!!  I just saw 2 tree kangaroo's in tree's and  1 on ground below - fantastic!!  :)

Time:  3.00pm (Tues.)

7.55 AM  - WEDNESDAY 1st. April

Wowwwww... this is the time to see them "up and about" - (yesterday same) .........

Saw 2 x tree kangaroos hopping about and then moved the cursor more into the enclosure and there was the biggest fattest Echidna ever wandering around some logs!

This is really so cool when you actually get to see them!!! 

I'm impressed!     I thought the site was a bit of a "dud" til I figured out how to "work it"!!  :))

7.45 AM - THURS.

No animals - just ther silver bowls (empty) - they must all be inside as there were shocking storms here last night and it is still drizzling rain outside now!   Humidity 90%.

FINALLY  ... (and one week later)  ...I decided to take another look!

Thurs.  9th. April - Time:  11.25 am.  

Ohhhhhh WOW!  Noojee the Koala from the Healesville Sanctury "Cam" is sitting in his tree branch eating!!  Wonderful shot of him!  Lovely sunny day here in Melbourne so no wonder!  Awwwwww

I'm not going to give up looking now lol 


Nothing but still background for me 11.56am

... but plenty of action on

Robert Irwin's virtual Australia Zoo tour!