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W10 watch out there is a new Anniversary build coming down

And its worse than original troubles. Freezing and all sort of wobblies due to bugs not ironed out as usual for M$ more so these days. Reported widely on the net.

And if you are running 7 or Vista still - dont take off GWX10 or else will still be forced into W10.


Make no mistake they intend all of us on the planet if not wary to run W10.


Answer to why is who knows but I suspect 2 things. M$ themselves are now infested with Lefties who just cant bear anyone to have control of anything if they can change it so they control it and you - they will and do.


Anyway money is root of all evil and today it stalks the land. Greed being rampant. M$ deny they can read the data on all W10 machines, but they can and if they can force you to have their OS then can do anything and lie like the left do straight faced.

Up to you.

I dont think they will bother with bank details etc but if you do bank on line be careful dont have passwords in your manager on line but keep on a flash drive and then delete history after doing banking or use VPN on its own or if you have Avast they have a VPN safe browser for banking.

Also do you know that having a WIFI keyboard they and hackers can read evry keystroke. Best to get a wired keyboard. One on E Bay for $8. So not a big expense to be safer.

Today greed drives every single action of all seemingly exceoft us older ones who grew up in a kinder safer world.

Basically because it was one where they hung those found guily of murder with intent.

First action in aim for NWO and Chaos by the Left was to ban death penalty.

And why we are in such a rotten world today as this was the one thing that stablilized criminals not to take human life. And kept the sentencing for other crimes in line. And why Justice if for criminals as lawyers too love the left as allows them to turn it around so they get more fees in revolving door of crime. Excusing bad behaviour to upbringing etc.

Be safe. 


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