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Watch out for these top five tax-time scams

Seems tax time is a purple patch for scammers, with a report on explaining all the typical scams you may see come your way aorund 30 June.

How do you spot them and how do you avoid them?

Cyber security expert Ashley Wearne says treat all emails and SMS messages with scepticism.

“Believe nothing, open nothing,” says Mr Wearne.

“Whatever the format you receive them — SMS, email, whatever, never click on anything.”

“Never click on a URL. Never click on a link. And if you have already, never, ever provide passwords or confirm details.”

“Because contacting you or your business by SMS or email is just not the way legitimate bodies like banks, the ATO, ASIC (the Australian Securities and Investments Commission) or MyGov communicate.”

Basically, if you receive some random communication about your finances, or your identity, assume it’s a scam.

“Not all communications are bad, but the key is to be vigilant. The best place to check if something is safe is to log on independently from your browser and check for official communications or notices from the source’s website — a trusted source,” said Mr Wearne.

Watch out for these top five tax-time scams

Watch out for any emails asking you for a renewal leter you need to submit or a fine you must pay and especially don't click on any links.

Before you click on any MyGov links, check the URL. It should end with NOT .net.

As if CommBank wasn't dodgy enough, scammers are also using it as a front to extract your personal information and banking details. Carefully check any links and URLs and don't open any attachments un til you are absolutely sure it is from your bank. And it's not just CommBank customers being targeted – all financial institution communications should be treated with caution.

If the ATO wants to contact you, chances are, it won;t be by email or SMS. So be dubious about any ATO communications.

If you receive an email or text asking you for your credit card details, do not send them! This Netflix scam is especially cunning and sophisticated enough to fool many subscribers into hnading over their credit card details under the guise of renewing a subscription.


All very true thanks Leon

Thank you Leon for the timely warning

Never give out credit card numbers to anyone.

Got a robo type phone call this morning saying it was Centrelink, and that despite numerous phone calls, emails and leters to me I still hadn't answered them. They went on to say to me that due to me having been underpaid in the past they had money available to me, and since all transactions of this type are now being handled by the head office in NSW can I please contact them on the following number. As I do not receive a pension from Centrelink I knew the call was a spam to try to get my banking details. I am posting this in case anyone else gets this robo call. Hang up if you do.

THank you Leon for your early warning. I would like to Recoveries Corp as a possible sources of scams.



H Breik


The ATO has a Scam Alerts page at:

From the ATO page above.

If you are unsure about a request for information or the validity of an ATO interaction, phone the ATO Scam Hotline on 1800 008 540 or visit

Theres a new one around now from supposedly Chemist Wharehouse and the Advance card which claims they have been trying to ring you and there is something wrong with your phone. click on this link to claim your new phone. Trouble is I dont shop at chemist wharehouse, nor have an advance card with them nor have I ever entered into a comptition. They claimed i purchased something from them which is what alerted me to this scam. Never have, never will. Curiously on the same day I got another 15 emails from them with the same content and other from various Australian Organisation all claiming the same thing. Yes I was spamed big time but thank goodness I have the ability to mark them all as spam and block them from contacting me again.

As if CommBank wasn't dodgy enough, ..... ????????

what an inflammatory and highly inappropriate and unprofessional comment 

disgusting !!!

They, and the rest of the banks haven't exactly covered themselves in glory over the past years, have they?

Highly inappropriate and UNPROFESSIONAL? Which bank? (Commbank deserves all the approbrium it gets!!)