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Watermelon Utopia: One World Government

Sideshow Bob Brown has delivered the Green Oration to assembled watermelons and his subject was?

You guessed it, One World Government.  From the news report:

The Greens' hero was met with a standing ovation when he delivered the 2012 Green Oration, which called for a single global and democratic parliament.

"Let us create a global democracy and parliament under the grand idea of one planet, one person, one vote, one value," he said.

Senator Brown said he would call on the world's 100 Greens parties to back his "earth parliament" at the third global Greens conference in Senegal next week.

The news report didn't mention if Bob still confidently expected to be the first President of the One World Government.  But he is leading the charge according to him so head honcho would be on the cards no doubt.

It may be a minor point for the Watermelons who are not known for their maths or for being practical, but if it came down to one vote one value Australia wouldn't even get a part-time representative in the 'world parliament' and would be ruled by the more populous nations.  Bob is not thinking of that though, not in the euphoric green mist of a Watermelon knees-up.

Only in Tasmania.


For any of you thinking members of the populace.  Let me tell you about the one thing that Communism & Democracy have in common.  They are both unreachable utopias that only truly exist in University classes, taught by unrealistic Professors who learnt from predecessor Professors that taught from a text book written by some other Professor who was taught by some Nun who was educated in some Christian Church.  Typical example:-  Everybody knows that Chinese people live on rice!!!!  Except they DON'T.  There is no such dish as curried prawns & rice in China, which we imported from New York.  You will very seldom be offered rice with a meal in China unless you request it.  One World Government represented by one individual, one vote, one value is an idiotic idealistic dream.  Total crap.  If Australians were half as smart as you give them credit for, we would never have had a preferential system of voting which credits your vote with the person that you don't want to elect.  As some wise person stated:- we get the Government we deserve.  Has anybody ever worked out why the average IQ is a little below 100?????

I would like to see the Greens wiped out, starting with the Queensland election.

While I am on my soap box, let me tell you idealistic unrealistic idiots that if the people really rise up & get rid of all the real wealth, we will be left with the Rupert Murdochs & the Packers as the democraticaly elected chiefs of the Socialist Democracies.  before you get up in arms & decry my accusations, would somebody explain to me why a female solicitor who was a brilliant courtroom lawyer defending the Union movement, would want to give up a great job & partnership earning over $225K P/A just to become a Democratic Socialist leader on a salary of $500K & live in a dump in Canberra worth around 6 or 7 $M & travel in limos & travel the World with her lover in 1st Class.

If Russia were to become truly Capitalistic, do you really think that Putin would be working on a production line in a factory?  NO, he would change his name to Murdoch or Black & live in the same oppulance.


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