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We are losing out on healthy home grown food......

We are what we eat folks my old Gran told me so I try to eat well and stay healthy like most of us I am sure.

So I find myself having to check each and every label these days in order to see where the food was grown or imported from and of course with so many saying imported and local meaning more then 50% is imported they dont say where from now do they?Even local and imported is not 100% safe is it.

I dont want to eat food grown in untreated human waste (sh5t) from China along with - when sent for investigation - found to contain banned cancer causing chemicals like DDT, Dildrin and also being infected with E Coli from the human waste and then the chance of other diseases which have no 'barrier' to jump as when our farmers use organic manure from animals or other fertilizers. And our containers are no longer even 5 in 100 examined at the ports coming in because the front line troop numbers of the Customs have been cut right down to help budgets but of course not the top bods they have expanded as usual. So we are wide open to drugs and bad food and products like kids toys which always seem to be dangerous but get in anyway. 

We all read of allergies kids are getting, adults too and wonder why how etc. Some of these can be from additives and preservatives used even in frozen foods but some can also be slotted back to imported foods. Contaminated Milk from China which their own babies died from due to cutting corners and ours could have, and when our dairy herds supply enough to be able to export our own milk and by products.

So trawling through local village Woolworths was astounded and saddened to find only Bird's Eye Baby Beans, onions and Hash Browns grown in Australia and even in the large bulk hash browns they have added preservative!! Frozen but need this when not in cardboard packet of 6?  

Most of the rest of the frozen foods were from China or New Zealand and these days as New Zealand has a FTA with China if they dont source their own home grown they use Chinese. So cant trust New Zealand any more these days.


Trawling through Coles Freezers they do have a choice of their own Coles Aussie Farmers veggies covering all types of veggies which I buy and taste wonderful but came across bulk packs of rasberries etc from Nanna's pies and was so sad to see that these were all from you guessed it China. Meaning now I cant ever buy Nanna's pies again as they will most likely be Chinese not Australian grown fruit. So looking at other brands some say imported too! Make my own okay but then have to source the fruit! Not always in season.

Trawling the shelves of both above for tinned etc is not any picnic either. All say imported or local or local and imported meaning the larger amount in the tin is Australian but is it the water added to fill out the can one become cynical when doing these sorts of hour consuming time just buying food


Coles are making an effort to source Australian in their own brands always have most of their own were already Aussie like their cheese usualy Devondale Coca Cola is pepsi and so on used to Coca Cola but they got too busy. Do find the odd can with Chinese - found strawberries which was a disappointment to me as I like food and out of season by canned or frozen and right now out of season buying McCains 4 berries or 3 berries all sourced from Chile and delicious but why cant they freeze our own for winter etc one asks?  

We all keep asking for labelling with country of origin and the government  keep resisting or so it seems. And they are in bed with New Zealand on Food standards which includes labelling and Labor wanting to have a FTA with China also wothout any disent from the Coalition - I ask why when it seems to me China already export far too much to us and inferior to what we grow and manufacture where we still do and we need to get back our jobs in manufacturing as well as keeping those now and our farmers on the land and owning it or at least owned here.


The worry is if we dont all buy what is grown and manufactured here when it is available even if it costs a bit more then in the future it wont be available and we will not have much of a future ourselves by way of jobs for families growing up and needing work which also leads to not enough working and paying the income tax which makes up the bulk of collections so not enough coming to pay out for those not working because all of our jobs gone overseas. 

Then the fact that is all our farmers walk off the land we will not be able to feed ourselves so will have to import all our food and then guess what - anyone who wants can walk in and take the place over if they want to and why not all of our defence forces placed arpund the coast of the continent would be around 5 miles apart to guard from invasion by sea - maybe the Yanks would come but then maybe since they are downsizing their armies whilst China is upsizing theirs - who knows. Are we a choice place to take over - well one only has to tot up our mineral wealth to say yes.


Lots to worry about and here we are discussing at political levels gay marriage and how can we stop the boats and the invasion ongoing from Islam etc when the solution already there but those who wont see because makes a fool of them altering the very thing that stopped the boats, Temporary Protection Vouchers meaning cant bring in the family and have to go back home etc were reversed which started the boats but not admitted to is it?


Meanwhile once again Ford and Holden bad figures and we only make the Falcon and the Commodore 100% here but that means hundreds of jobs  lost if they go off shore too.

Just oneof the worries which never seem to stop do they? Heinz Vic going now to New Zealand and one woman journo on Sunrise said well they make Ketchup instead of sauce! They make both. But of course chinese tomatoes cant be sold around the world - Italy was importing them and canning them as Italian but we stopped buying or rather the most of the rest of the informed world did and I hope you all did too. Now cant buy Heinz Ketchup or Sauce as sure will be Chinese tomatoes and their farmers better be worried and are if truth be known I bet! Greed says will make higher profit with cheap Chinese rather than home grown and this is only one of the food processors on way or already in New Zealand. Not a lot left here today.


And who took off the tarriffs in the first place Labor and who agreed Liberals. Whilst back in these other countries all sorts of tarriffs like Japan on our produce up to 60% go on and then agricultural subsidies Europe and America and what do we do?

Nothing -  let in all the food and even allow in contaiminated or diseased food which may well devisate our own - and why because the left have sewn up the organisations and our pollies like to strut the world stage instead of standing up for Australia and it people. 


All in all I get so fed up with this and them.


Dont You? Honestly.


Governments could do something - put back tarriffs if made here to compete and sav our jobs and/or charge higher company taxes on imported products where once made/grown here - say 60% bet that would bring some back at least - what do you say.


The government of China is communist and not elected or democratic like others.

The Army own most of the wealth of china and business enterprises - no foreigner in allowed to 100% own a Chinese anything but has to be partnered etc.

They have cities which make certain items just about - like socks or shirts etc and the factories can be part owned by multi nationals etc or just buy off them or contract to have them make the goods cheap and then here anyway sell them at close to the cost of manufacturing them here. Which is why KMart has cut out the middle man and their Chinese made clothes have come right down in price - were same as made here so KMart losing some profit in the hope of winning volume.

Problem with these products as well as food is the quality control and even in designer clothes - say wedding dress costing $1000 they have fell apart on the day! Lots of companies watching this now but still bad fit etc as all piece meal made to targets for very little money so cheap but they have to keep machining up the parts and if one is missing for size 14 they grab from next door row on either side etc either 12 or 16. Happens as friend is a buyer who has seen wit her own eyes on checking bad quality etc.

I did a reply to Innes have a look as this board doesnt update the order if you reply late etc - old hat format - but Fwed like it so thats okay seemingly.

I have posted here with Firefox 10 IE8 and Chrome - Firefox still the best and fastest but hate the popups and Chrome cut and paste is slow. And on none of the above does the so called link thingy work for me. It is greyed out on all browsers so why Fwed can get it to work on Firefox beats me as same on 8, 9 and now 10 version.



Hey Plan B what happened with your avatar?

Hey Plan B what happened with your avatar?




Just went--and I can't see where or how to get it back Val

Listen to this


Big Val I totally agree with you and what you have to say about the food sitiuation.

I NEVER buy any fresh produce from the supermarket and especially any thing brought over from china.

Did you know that a large bag of chinese garlic is totally fumigated AND is grown and supplimented with human faeces.

Innes it seems to me that you have nothing better to do with yourself,than get into long winded debates

chrissy, why do you state that?  My last imput was 12 lines.  Is that long winded?  You state that you never buy fresh produce from the supermarket & especially anything brought over from China.  I believe you, but please tell me how you can tell what vegies come from China?  I take it from all I read on here that nobody buys vegies from China.  I take it therefore that if most fresh vegies come from China, they must all be dumped & not sold.  Reminds me of the USA joke.  No American will admit to drinking Bud.  Funny, it is the biggest selling beer in the States.

Seggie. That pure white (persil whiteness) garlic from China has been bleached. Yuk. Best to go to a Farmers' market and buy homegrown garlic. You can peel it and keep it in brown vinegar in the 'fridge. Or white wine vinegar. So far so good. Love to all.

Grow your own ya lazy buggers if you are not happy

Octopus (Davey) not very often you post something sensible but you seem to have done so this time.

Not everyone has the ability --because of mobilty--or the space to do this--we should be able to BUY fresh fruit and Veg in season from our own country NOT something that tastes like cardboard and has been stored for ages or IMPORTED from God knows where

PLan B you are absolutely correct we do not all live in the burbs some of us live in the city so we are unable to grow our own.

Speaking about garlic Australian garlic is now in season,it has a pinkish skin and is fresh!!!!!!

Thanks Chrissy will lookout for that Garlic

fwed. ( Fuctindahead) If you don't like what I post then don't read it.

Keep it simple stupid.

as I said, "not often you post something sensible".

You abviously do not have a lifeand mind your language

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