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We are over the moon

Peter has been on very high blood pressure tablets for a long time but all of a sudden it has come down to a much better result each day and we have done nothing different other than take a Yakult every morning for the last month.


We had no idea Yakult could change blood pressure at all until I Googled just more for a vague idea it could be that, but not expecting it to be a wonder drink at all,  but it seems wonderful and we are very happy with it and will have that little bottle of Yakult every morning forever :) Might just help someone else :)



Phyl, I've been drinking Yakult for over 8 years now and only 3 years ago was diagnosed with high blood pressure.....didn't help me, wish it had.....I'm pleased it has for you.

Yakult is recomended for bowel disorders as it contains digestive ingrediants and I have not known it to reduce blood pressure

Did you talk to your Doctor about it ........his advice would be good .........

You haven't cut up the David Jones card by any chance?  Because that has been known to dramatically relieve men's BP, simple creatures that we are.

I have just returned from a full medical.  I asked my Dr., about Yacult & he told me that it is great for the digestive system but would have little or no effect on my blood pressure.

We are all different but all I can say is  "Peter is amazing re his reduced blood pressure and off shoots of being on a low dose blood pressure tablet instead of two" :)


I have been reading up on cholesterol and Yakult so hopefully because I just make to much and not what I eat, it will have the desired effect on this also, but we will see at my next blood test :)


Plenty of good reports if you want to surf. I just wish we had realised years ago as although every now and again we had 5 days of Yakult just did it spasmodically but now will always have it for brekky on an empty stomach.


Good things really do happen most days. We all can choose which is good but at least with Yakult not a dangerous drug if you feel like having a go :)

That's great for you Phyl, Hubby has been on high dose blood pressure tablets now for some time, he has been losing a bit of weight lstely (working hard at what we are eating), and his blood pressure has gone down drasticlly as well. He often use to drink the Yakult but doesn't anymore.  Might try it for myself but I have trouble drinking it. LOL.

Peter has just taken his pressure Deanna and where it was always high even first thing in the morning it is good >>we cannot believe it ourselves and very happy.


I think the "light" is good - we cut a straw in half and just poke a hole in the bottles and walla IF you really do not like the taste one big slurp lol but we like it to be honest. Probably have to take it continuously for awhile to reap results to cut Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. I am only hoping with the cholesterol until I have a blood test but 99.9% it is a miracle for us and reducing blood pressure.


Crow crow crow  >>>sorry

We are all different in our  reactions to foods and even medications.

Maybe Phyl, as his general health has improved by taking the Yakult, that has helped to bring down BP.

Anyway, it certainly does no harm to continue.


Yep ......a good diagnosis koko and I reckon you are spot on ...........