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We quit, say Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have effectively resigned from the royal family.

In a statement they said that after months of “reflection and internal discussion” they were separating from the broader institution.

“We intend to step back as ‘senior’ members of the royal family and work to become financially independent, while continuing to support Her Majesty The Queen,” they said.

“It is with your encouragement, particularly over the last few years, that we feel prepared to make this adjustment.

“We now plan to balance our time between the United Kingdom and North America, continuing to honour our duty to the Queen, the Commonwealth and our patronages.

“This geographic balance will enable us to raise our son with an appreciation for the royal tradition in which he was born, while also providing our family with the space to focus on the next chapter, including the launch of our charitable entity.”

The couple have been subjected to intense press scrutiny throughout their relationship and Prince Harry is suing two newspapers.

“I've seen what happens when someone I love is commoditised to the point that they are no longer treated or seen as a real person,” he said at that time. “I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces.”

Prince Harry has also confirmed a rift with his brother William, saying the pair were on “different paths”.

Buckingham Palace responded to the couple’s announcement with a statement. “Discussions with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are at an early stage. We understand their desire to take a different approach, but these are complicated issues that will take time to work through.”

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Prince Harry, who has never even met his father-in-law, with Meghan in Auckland in October 2018 

Prince Harry, who has never even met his father-in-law, with Meghan in Auckland in October 2018 

Pages of a defence document submitted to the High Court reveal the inside story of how the relationship between the Duchess of Sussex and her elderly father Thomas Markle has been shattered and how loyalty and family trust have all but disappeared. 

They provide an account of the deep undercurrent of resentment and harshness not just of Meghan towards her own family, but also of Prince Harry,

Who has never even met his father-in-law. These are extraordinary times for the royals, but this new twist threatens even to overshadow the

Developments of the past six days. Ignored calls, acid accusations, the ghosting of her father and smouldering silences — all are mentioned in the court papers.

The background is the bitter fallout between father and daughter in the run-up to the royal wedding in May 2018. Mr Markle and the Duchess have not

Spoken since before the ceremony at St George's Chapel, Windsor.

But now Mr Markle has handed over previously unseen messages and letters from him which set out his attempts to mend the relationship with his daughter after heart surgery forced him to miss the wedding.

His only contact from her has been in a handwritten letter sent to him in August 2018, three months after the ceremony, in which she accused him of 'lying' and inflicting 'pain' on her and her new husband.

That letter is at the heart of a court case in which the Duchess of Sussex has accused the Mail on Sunday of breaching both her privacy and her copyright after it published extracts.

The newspaper, which is the sister paper of the Daily Mail, was given the letter by Thomas Markle after five close friends of the Duchess gave anonymous interviews to a U.S. Celebrity magazine attacking him and which he said were false and had left him 'devastated'.

The new details are contained in the defence document, lodged with the court by the Mail on Sunday, which paints a vivid and disturbing picture of the deterioration and breakdown of the relationship between Meghan and her father, a retired Hollywood lighting director.

For the Royal Family, this is another unwelcome move which looks certain to lead to the extraordinary spectacle of Thomas Markle giving evidence in the Queen's court against Her Majesty's granddaughter-in-law.

These are uncharted waters for the royals, who have for generations avoided courtroom dramas. No wonder informed sources say other family members, while sympathetic to Harry and Meghan's predicament, are 'queasy' about the developments.


I can't say I blame them, there is NO way I would want to be mixed up with the Royals, bowing and scraping and all the absolute rubbish that goes on with them.

Maybe this is a way to get the minds off Edward and his slimy behavior

Think it is hard to live on tram lines all the time especially in a gold fish bowl, I don't envy any girl that takes on a royal prince.  But looking at the documents that have been published I think that this royal bride was prepared to go back to her career somewhere along the lines.

Not 'Edward' Plan B, it was Andrew who is in the dog house for his behaviour.

OOOOps thanks Celia -- me wrong


I see no similarities - but have heard comparisons  between Meghan and Wallis Simpson's impact on the royal family.  

However saw an SBS or ABC doco on the abdication some while back, and all in all think Wallis Simpson got the rough end of that deal.  As I understood the doco Wallis Simpson was quite prepared to be just another one of Edward VIII's flings, seems he had a bit of a thing for married women - but think she was divorced at the time of their affair, but believe she had thoughts of returning to her ex-husband.

 Anyway  the upshot was it seems she would have been only too keen to be just another fling, fully accepting and expecting both she and Edward would go back to their usual superficial aristocratic  jumping into and out of beds with whoever same 'ol same 'ol.

But it seems  Edward VIII stuck like glue to Wallis and couldn't be shaken off - with as the doco alluded to - Edward threatening to kill himself if the relationship ended.   And given the bloke couldn't marry a divorcee and be King at the same time she was lumbered with this 'Edward VIII - Man-child' for the rest of her life, as well as being demonised by the world  as the selfish immoral woman who almost destroyed the monarchy and changed the course of the British royal family forever.  

Anyway found the doco interesting and it was the first time I'd ever heard anything resembling a Wallis Simpson perspective of this slice of history.

But as I said see no similarities between Wallis Simpson and the Meghan and Harry situation.  




Prince Philip's view on the situation.

 Prince Philip calls it a lack of respect towards the Queen amongst other things.

Image result for photo of Prince Philip


Mmmm  Phillip was not back in having HIS little flings --- but keeping it hidden, 

I say good on these young ones and I hope it all works out for them.

Trouble is they should have given more time to think things out and get British/Canadian legal advice not just announce this Plan B.  It appears that Meghan has been more reliant on US Law, which isn't going to work as the story pans out.  Like many things there are two sides to a story.  Especially the Tax situation.

Apparently the staff have been given the boot at the Frogmore Cottage, some have been given work in Buckingham Palace.  This sort of thing causes ripples through the system and some people get hurt.

I think a lot of the royals have 'flings' but they keep it quiet.

Yes they sure do have a LOT to hide Celia -- I can not understand why they are held in such high regard

I thought you would be interested in this story I found on MSN:   Meghan Markle and Prince Harry told they're 'not welcome' in Canada  

Meghan Markle in a suit and tie talking on a cell phone: Canada's Globe and Mail has warned Meghan and Harry the country is split on the royals 

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted over Christmas the pair were "always welcome" as they spent the festive period in Vancouver, the newspaper has said the government's response should be a "simple and succinct: No".

The Globe and Mail went on to describe the Sussexes' plans to move as "vague and evolving" and "not something that Canada can allow".

"But this country's unique monarchy, and its delicate yet essential place in our constitutional system, means that a royal resident – the prince is sixth in the line of succession – is not something that Canada can allow. It breaks an unspoken constitutional taboo," the article said.


I will never break the confidences that members of the Royal Family have occasionally shared with me 


I will never break the confidences that members of the Royal Family have occasionally shared with me

Back in 2006 I was on my first visit to Lesotho to learn more about the work of Prince Harry’s new charity, Sentebale.

Sitting at the side of a dusty field on which a new school for Aids orphans was being built thanks to the charity, frantically

Tapping out my story on my laptop, I became aware of someone looking over my shoulder.

It was Harry.

‘Just wanted to see what you were saying about me,’ he said with a cheeky grin. ‘I always want to know what people are saying about me.’




...saw them both in vaious bits of news today - both looked super happy!

Harry -  at his last official engagement - smiling and happy.

Meghan - in Canada -  driving to airport to pick up her best friend- smiling and happy!

First time she had been able to get back behind the wheel to drive herself since marrying! 

I never thought of that aspect - how awful just to be "driven" everywhere!  No life whatsoever!!

Also she can wear what she wants!  No beige or black shoes anymore - stockings and below knee dresses!  For heavens sakes it's 2020 - the outdated Royal protocol and "dress code" -  is pathetic!

 ....... also - as I said earlier - "No ones business but theirs"!  They have escaped a boring controlled horrible lifestyle!

Best thing they ever did!!  :) 



Good for them taking a step back if the royal's way of life and responsibilities are not for them as a family. However, I think they could have gone about it a different way and not drop the bomb on everyone. If they really want a quiet life and for the media to leave them alone, they should stop exposing themselves to becomes news headlines, keep a low profile and go about their plans quietly.



Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to drop 'royal highness' titles,

the couple will repay some $4.7 million of taxpayers' money spent on Frogmore cottage renovations.


Good on them!  what utter rot all this royalty hoo-hah is.


Plan B hi!    Did you ever see the comedy movie 'King Ralph'?   There was not much to watch on a flight to Melbourne years ago, it had to have been around 1991 or there abouts on an ANSETT plane.  I watched the movie and it was so stupid it had most of us in fits of laughter.   It sort makes me think of a situation if young Arche gets to be King of England.   Peter O'toole was in it.


No never saw that Celia,

I just find that all the hoo har with the jewels and the pomp and ceremony is just over the top -- when there is so much struggle in the world same as the amount that is spent of warfare etc.

It just makes me wonder why,  also why so many people worship them -- after all they are the same as you and me.

Very true Plan B.  I don't worship them, I look upon them as part of history of which I enjoyed.

I do think it is time that Australia concentrated on having their own Head of State, instead of keeping on putting it on the back burner.

I even remember Prince Charles saying something like that ages ago when he was making a visit.

We  as a nation should really do something about it quickly.

But the film was so funny, it took the micky out of the system.

CELIA,   you have reminded me of that movie,    i have it here somewhere,    i shall have to dig it out,    it was/is funny,    and i loved PETER O TOOLE,    i think that was why i got it,  in the first place,  

Hi Cats!

It took about $52,500 m in profits Cats!   It certainly reminds me of the what could happen in the RF.

I think William and Catherine should now fly in separate planes with their children for safety reasons.

I can hear you laughing from here Cats!  LOL

Yes I would like to see us out of the Royal grip too BUT I wonder how our leader would be chosen and if it would just be another JOB FOR THE BOYS -- OR get some wacky footballer or such in the job, we would need a very HONEST FAIR DINKUM person in there that is not just lining their own pocket.

I would like to know a hell of a lot more about this before we do it

You won't find me bowing and scraping to royals. It must be the Irish in me. It is a lot of hoo- ha. The sooner

they leave the better. 

"want to be financially independant"...tommy rot...Charles is still going to be handing over $4million plus a year to them.  Financially independent is just pay YOUR own way! 

People have been talking about the Duchy of Cornwall, and the large income in brings  for the Prince of Wales.There was a documentary last month about it.  


I guess they have never heard of the Duchy of Lancaster which brings in a bigger income for the Monarch, so whoever is the Prince of Wales and becomes Monarch they leave the Duchy of Cornwall's income to the next Prince of Wales when they become monarch and then take over the even more wealthy Duchy of Lancaster!   

Talk about luck of the draw!

Sure would hate to have the Markles as part of my family

... what a nasty lot they are.

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