The Meeting Place

We want to hear from you

Spending in retirement is a balancing act. No one has a crystal ball, so no one knows how many years of retirement need funding. You’ve worked hard to get this far, so you’d like to enjoy these years. But you’d also like to know you have enough to see you out.

The December issue of our Retirement Affordability Index™ is themed ‘A balancing act’ and we would like to include two scenarios from you, our loyal members.

We want to hear from a confident spender, someone who believes they have worked out how to juggle the finances in order to enjoy life for as long as life permits, someone who is happy to share their lessons learnt with others who are less confident.

We also want to hear from the frugal spender, someone who is hoarding their retirement savings and living a very economical lifestyle for fear they will run out of money.

If you are happy to be involved in this project, please email janelle@yourlifechoices and put ‘spending’ in the subject line. More information will be provided once two members have been selected. If anonymity is important, that will, of course, be respected.