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Western Australia concessions

My query is as follows... Why do people on Disability Payments get 100 per cent rebate on the Vehicle Registrations whilst those of us on Aged Pensions only recieve 50 per cent? On a registration for my vehicle for three months it is $60 difference as a person I know with the same vehicle for three months is $60 less than mine. He pays $120 while I pay $180 for three months which is a big difference. Why the discrimination between pensions?



I would think the answer should be obvious. Would you like to have a disability and have to struggle through life? You're lucky to get 50%..,I get nothing!



Well in NSW on the aged pension, we get rego for free and our license-free but we have to pay for 3rd party which is about $400 or more.

I also think that anyone on a disability should also get the same as the aged pension as they are both very needy,  sorry you in WA don not get the same as we do here in NSW

What else do you get an allowance for on a pension in WA?

Sophie do you not get a disability pension?


Plan B I was being a little sarcastic to Bill (sorry Bill).

I am not on a disability or any other pension. I am not even a retiree. I won’t be entitled to an Australian pension ever because of assets. I am entitled to a part British pension when I eventually retire, regardless of how much I have in Australia though.

I have no idea why the different categories in WA.

Thats ok I forgive you. LOL I was a Campus Cop in the USA for 12 years so am used to cheek. Used to get plenty. I enjoyed my time in the US and also got to go back to UK and see where I was born before Moses chopped down the trees for the ark. Mose is also the first to use a tablet and download from a cloud. Anyway I used to be on a disability pension but when I came home they automatically stuck me straight on to Aged Pension. I am now entitled to my Australian Aged and my US pension not to bad.


:) good on you Bill..I'd better mind my Ps and Qs now that I know you're a Campus Cop!

Hi Bill,

Glad to hear you're back home. Get in touch some time.

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Stop whinging about discrimination, discrimination about this discrimination about that. If you're lucky enough to be on a pension or unlucky as the case maybe, you should be very appreciative of what your receiving, I certainly am. I receive a small part pension and with the benefits included, it helps a great deal. Contrary to popular belief, it's not an entitlement, it's a gift from the hard-working taxpayers of today for the hard-working taxpayers of yesterday, in most cases. So glass half full not glass half empty, appreciate what you have not what you haven't got. Regards Jacka.

I would think that if you have a disability you would need vehicular transport more than someone on an aged pension who might be able bodied.  The differences between states are a puzzlement too.  For instance, I've just moved from Queensland to South Australia.  In Queensland, as an aged pensioner, I had free ambulance transport in an emergency.  It seems that here in SA I will have to pay big bucks, so need insurance.  Which is the same price as if I were earning a big salary.  Doesn't seem right.........


The joys of Federation patti.

Dont forget Jacka that us workers paid for our pension, 7.5% of our taxes that went into a Pension fund, hijacked back in Malcom Frasers time into consolidated revenue and now anyone who gets a pension is made to feel like they are on  'welfare'!  Grateful for the extra discounts but they are necesary as the pension is not sufficient to cover these high cost items.

Just a small point but it was Bob Menzies who put the accumulated pension finds into Consoldated Revenue.

I know someone on a disability pension and the fact that despite her wanting to work was unable to concentrate for long and

her cognitive skills were impaired which was totally frustrating for her. She could never drive a vehicle and therefore has to rely on public transport or others to get anywhere.  She lives alone but never complains. I reckon she deserves a medal let alone every dollar the govt are prepared to give her.

Pension discrimination between states is more frustrating. In NSW, registration is free for all pensioners, though they pay 3rd party insurance. In Queensland, only one pensioner per household gets discounted registration and it's far from free. The discounted cost is several hundred dollars per year more than a NSW pensioner pays. A couple who need two vehicles pays full registration costs for the second in Queensland. Also, in NSW there is a $125 per annum gas rebate for users of bottled gas, and a $250 per annum prepaid Visa for all pensioners to buy fuel for motoring or pay public transport costs.

I don't know about other states, but Queensland pensioners certainly suffer discrimination because of where they live. There's something else for pensioners to whine about, since some of them seem to love to whinge. SFRs get none of these concessions, despite the fact that many of them have incomes far lower than any pensioner receives. Of course they have savings they can use, and then they have to go on the pension and cost the government a great deal more than it would cost to simply give them a bit of a helping hand to remain self-sufficient.

Discrimination has nothing to do with it. These are State jurisdictions and they make the rules. Welcome to Federation!

The $250 Regional Seniors card is only on a 2 year trial (2020 & 2021), and is for persons living outside the Greater Sydney Metropolitan region, Wollongong & Newcastle areas.  Here's the URL for card information -

It is called a Seniors card and states are differant and i can use my WA card in any state,so if you have a SC you get 50%of your driving License and 100% if you also have a Commenwealth seniors health card