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What have rabbits got to do with eggs?

I understand the symbolic nature of the egg over Easter but where the hell did the rabbits come from? It must be ploy from the retailer's to sell more chocolate. Maybe it comes from America where they never get anything right.

If anyone knows please enlighten me.


The boat is hitched up and we are off to Port Albert to get our Good Friday fish.  BYE.

Just another Pagan belief very much like Xmas these days

I couldn't give a toss whatshape it is if its chocolate its good

Yes Tadpole but I don't have to wait for Easter or Xmas to have whatever food I want--

The Rabbit is a symbol of Fertility.

I always remember my Mum buying a huge bag of broken Easter Eggs after Easter when growing up in Colac. Such a big bag and many eggs just had a crack in them.


I am being strong and just having a small box of candied inside and a bit of liquor and bottle shaped chocolates. Yummy I say but not everyone likes these but I am waiting for Easter Morn.

Have a Happy and safe Easter folks.

Off to have our Blueberry smoothie for dessert.

Thanks for your replies and it is good to see you back on line Phyl.

We caught a nice sized gummy shark just out side the entrance plus 4 good flathead and 8 whiting.

New fish cake recipe posted in food section. 


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