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What is China up to?

A map of south east asia showing the path a vessel took travelling from china to australia

A high-tech Chinese research vessel has been detected mapping strategically important waters off the Western Australian coast where submarines are known to regularly transit.

Key points:

A Defence official said the ship was mapping waters used by Australian submarines to get to the South China Sea

A Border Force spokesperson said the Xiang Yang Hong 01 had stayed in international waters

In 2018, the Xiang Yang Hong 01 was found to be operating illegally within the Exclusive Economic Zone of Palau


In January and February, officials closely tracked the movements of the oceanographic ship as it conducted deepwater surveys in the Indian Ocean near Christmas Island and the Australian mainland.

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IAN BIRRELL: The hideous crushing of Hong Kong's freedom is a victory for despots over democracy 

IAN BIRRELL: Thousands joined the territory's annual rally to mark the anniversary of its handover to China in 1997 with hundreds of pro-democracy protesters seized by police.


HUNDREDS are arrested in Hong Kong crackdown as riot police clash with protesters over draconian new security law imposed by China

  HUNDREDS are arrested in Hong Kong crackdown as riot police clash with protesters

The protests and arrests came on the eve of the 23rd anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to China from British administration and reverses promises made to respect its citizens' freedoms. Protesters initially found themselves outnumbered by riot police (pictured top), with groups of officers stationed at every major junction. Then thousands arrived to defy tear gas (bottom middle) and pepper pellets (pictured bottom left being fired by an officer) sprayed their way. Over 370 people were arrested (bottom right) on other charges, including unlawful assembly and possessing weapons.

 Chinese Communists are total control freaks. 


Yep nothing is going to stop China making Hong Kong are part of their communist country, what they have been planning all along, it is worth a lot of money to them being the centre of world trading and shipping. I feel sorry for the young people who have to live with losing their democratic rights, they are very fearful of their lives too. The British should never had handed it back to China IMO.

I find it hard to swallow any idiot would go to Hong Kong for a holiday they would need their head read.  I wouldn't lower my standard going to the rest of China either. Much as I love travelling, they are more interesting things to visit around our own country.

The same goes for purchasing that rubbish in K Mart made in China and other shops that have purchased items to retail in this country, I hope it all goes rusty.  If we don't say no, the kids of this country will feel the war that will develop, but I guess their parents didn't learn from their grandparents so it will be a hard battle for Australia.

I agree Celia, we need to avoid war because with them being one of the top countries having the most nuclear warheads, bombs and weapons it will all be over for our children and their children, anyone who survives will suffer a nuclear winter for several years and food will have to be grown under lights to survive.

A friend of mine went to China many years ago and all she said was it was filthy, so put me off, you can look at it online and travel via google maps these days who wants to go their and smell it and it is so crowded and polluted.

Simon Cheng (pictured) is the first person to have been granted political asylum by the Home Office in relation to China’s crackdown on the Hong Kong anti-government movement after he was allegedly shackled, beaten, forced to stand for long hours in secret detention in China 

Simon Cheng (pictured) is the first person to have been granted political asylum by the Home Office in relation to China's crackdown on the Hong Kong anti-government movement after he was allegedly shackled, beaten, forced to stand for long hours in secret detention in China.

What is a British National (overseas)?

Hong Kongers could register for this special status before the 1997 handover. They get a UK passport but no automatic right to live and work in the UK. You cannot apply to become a BNO.

How many of them are there?

As of February, there were 349,881 BNO passport holders. The Government estimates that there are around 2.9million BNOs currently in Hong Kong.

What is Britain offering them?

A path to citizenship. BNOs will get five years 'limited leave to remain'. They can then apply for 'settled status'. After 12 months with settled status, they can apply for citizenship. Their close family will also be eligible. 


The Government offered three million Hong Kongers to relocate and live here The UK also granted asylum to Simon Cheng, a former British consulate worker   'Hundreds of thousands' from the city might follow his footsteps, Mr Cheng said Scores of Hong Kong citizens expressed online their desires to move to Britain




How are they going to fit all those people in that little country? (Britain that is).

As I have said before the Communist Party are a bunch of control freaks.

I don't know how they are going to fit into the UK, it is crowded enough, mind you Hong Kong from what I hear is pretty crowded so I guess they are used to it.


Riot police (L) deploy pepper spray toward journalists (R) as protesters gathered for a rally against a new national security law in Hong Kong on July 1, 2020, on the 23rd anniversary of the city's handover from Britain to China 


How UK and China have clashed over 5G, Covid-19 and human rights 

In October 2015, then-PM David Cameron told Chinese state TV that Britain and China were entering 'something of a golden era in our relationship' - but those ties have since been thrown off course by a series of disputes. 


Beijing has been angered by Western fears that Chinese tech giant Huawei could be used as a front for Communist Party espionage. 

Huawei has long been lobbying to help build Britain's 5G mobile network, but some politicians fear that Beijing could commandeer the technology to tap into communications.    


China has previously accused UK ministers of showing 'deep-rooted pride and prejudice' by raising fears about Huawei's involvement. Huawei denies any spying link. 

In January 2020, Huawei was granted a limited role in the 5G network after the government said it could manage the risks and would keep Huawei out of the 'core' of the network, limiting its role to 35 per cent. 

But US pressure has prompted a rethink in recent weeks. Ministers admitted this week that US sanctions are 'likely to have an impact on the viability of Huawei as a provider'.  

Britain is now studying ways it can cut Huawei out of its system entirely and build up an alliance of European and Asian providers that reduces China's dominance in the field. 


UK ministers have said that China faces a 'reckoning' over its handling of the coronavirus crisis, which started in Wuhan late last year and has killed more than 40,000 people in Britain. 

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said in May that China has questions to answer about how the disease was allowed to spiral out of control, amid claims that China covered up the outbreak in its earliest days. 

Britain was among the countries to back Australia's calls for a WHO investigation into the pandemic. China has responded to Australia's pressure with a series of retaliatory measures.  

China's state-run Global Times stoked further tension in May by saying the UK's response to Covid-19 was 'flippant and ill-prepared' and saying the UK needed a 'miracle' to escape the 'mess' it was in. 


Britain voiced concern about the crackdown in Hong Kong during last year's protests, saying that mass arrests and the use of live ammunition risked 'inflaming tensions'. 

In addition, Britain was one of 23 countries to voice alarm about Chinese human rights abuses in Xinjiang, where ethnic minority Uighurs have allegedly been detained in 're-education camps'.  

A joint statement signed by Britain said there were 'credible reports of mass detention; efforts to restrict cultural and religious practices; mass surveillance disproportionately targeting ethnic Uighurs; and other human rights violations and abuses'. 

Britain also urged China to give 'meaningful access' to UN investigators to assess the situation in Xinjiang.  


A London club packed with political and business elites was caught in a row last month after a book claimed it was being used by China to 'groom' Britain's elites. 

The pro-China 48 Group Club, which lists Lord Heseltine among its patrons, is taking legal action over the book which suggested that China sees the club as a channel for its lobbying efforts. 

The club denied being a 'vehicle for Beijing' and said it was an 'independent body' promoting 'positive Sino-British relations', The Times reported.  

Experts have previously warned about Chinese tactics of 'elite capture' by appointing prominent foreigners as well-paid advisers and making them 'more amenable to Communist Party aims'.


When it is put like this into one article, it is looking bad and more scary. China I think has been using many sneaky ways for awhile now and they are getting found out, what is also worrying is Russia has been silent on all of this.


Have to agree with you Incognito.

Think Putin and China are as thick as thieves have done for a few years.


China launched the final satellite in its global navigation system constellation Beidou earlier today - completing the network six months ahead of schedule 


China launched the final satellite in its global navigation system constellation Beidou earlier today - completing the network six months ahead of schedule.

The spacecraft was launched into geostationary orbit on top of a Long March-3B rocket at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center at 02:43 BST this morning.

Completing its own global navigation system will allow Beijing to reduce its reliance on the US-owned GPS system and boost its own power and reputation in space.  

An initial launch scheduled for last week was scrubbed after checks revealed unspecified technical problems with the Long March-3B pre-launch.

Experts in space policy say the drive to have its own version of GPS stems from the fear that if there was a conflict with the US, China could be cut off from the system.


'The Chinese military now has a system it can use independent of the US GPS system,' Andrew Dempster, space engineering expert, told CNBC. 

The third iteration of the Beidou Navigation Satellite System promises to provide global coverage for timing and navigation, offering an alternative to Russia's GLONASS and the European Galileo systems, as well as America's GPS.

The launch of the 55th satellite in the Beidou family, but the 30th active operational device, shows China's push to provide global coverage has been 'entirely successful,' the system's chief designer Yang Changfeng told CCTV.

'In actual fact, this also signifies that we are moving from being a major nation in the field of space to becoming a true space power,' Yang said.

China's space program has developed rapidly over the past two decades as the government devotes major resources toward developing independent high-tech capabilities - and even dominating in fields such as 5G data processing.

Beidou is made up of 30 satellites giving China military independence in terms of navigation and even messaging independent of the US or other nations. 



Look at the beautiful wilderness behind the rocket, think about the poor wildlife, yep China is getting more dangerous and scary, now they will be able to hide their military actions.

Chinese city issues epidemic warnings for the BUBONIC PLAGUE after herdsman is infected with the Black Death

Bubonic plague, known as the 'Black Death' in the Middle Ages, is one of the most devastating diseases in history, having killed around 100million people. The new case was found in Inner Mongolia.

I have heard before that it still exists in some of those countries nearby too. I hope that China does not start using that as a weapon.

China backs down to India: Beijing's troops remove structures from contested Himalayan valley following deadly battles with Indian soldiers


China's People's Liberation Army soldiers were 'seen removing tents and structures' in the Galwan Valley, an Indian army source said Monday.


That is good news, even though they will keep trying to gain more land, but will most likely turn to other easier places now.

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