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What is China up to?

A map of south east asia showing the path a vessel took travelling from china to australia

A high-tech Chinese research vessel has been detected mapping strategically important waters off the Western Australian coast where submarines are known to regularly transit.

Key points:

A Defence official said the ship was mapping waters used by Australian submarines to get to the South China Sea

A Border Force spokesperson said the Xiang Yang Hong 01 had stayed in international waters

In 2018, the Xiang Yang Hong 01 was found to be operating illegally within the Exclusive Economic Zone of Palau


In January and February, officials closely tracked the movements of the oceanographic ship as it conducted deepwater surveys in the Indian Ocean near Christmas Island and the Australian mainland.

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I just fell off my chair reading this!!!!!!!!

Britain gives aid to China! really, how stupid of them.

I doubt the money is spent where it was intended.


The colossal aid sums were buried in the Department for International Development's annual report which was quietly put out this week as MPs go on their summer holiday 

The colossal aid sums were buried in the Department for International Development's annual report which was quietly put out this week as MPs go on their summer holiday


That is insane, China is a rich country, they can afford all these things, look at how much they spend on defence. What is wrong with Britain? Makes you wonder if other countries are donating. Or maybe it is not a donation rather an investment disguised as donations?

Some of the donations are a joke, promoting human rights and tackling illegal wildlife trade?

People complain about Australia giving money to foreign aid all the time but less than 1% is pathetic.

Yes UK need to rethink their donations.

Chinese diplomats start burning documents after State Department orders immediate closure of Beijing's consulate in Houston 'to protect American intellectual property'  


The U.S. abruptly ordered the closure of China's consulate in Houston, Texas on Tuesday night - leading to Chinese diplomats burning documents and papers in trash cans in its courtyard


Why are they burning documents? Obviously have something to hide.

Apparently it's common practice I read somewhere.

Australia makes a big move in its ongoing dispute with Beijing as it declares controversial islands AREN'T Chinese territory - just days after Aussie ships were confronted by China's navy in the hotly contested areaAustralia makes a BIG move as it declares controversial islands AREN'T Chinese territory

Australia filed a declaration at the United Nations in New York on Friday and rejected claims made by China to parts of the South China Sea (pictured). The move is likely to further inflame tensions with China, after Prime Minister Scott Morrison (bottom left) called for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus.

I think China is not that stupid that they did not think what they were doing was illegal, they just don't care, they will do anything to get what they want.

I saw on TV ABC news tonight saying the first case of the virus came from Wuhan China into Australia, I still think they sent it out with their people all over the world to weaken the rest of the world, when this war is over we may be facing another one, scary but I hope not.

China rockets to Mars: Tianwen-1 launches on seven-month journey to the Red Planet in space race with US - three days after the UAE's first mission

The five-tonne Tianwen-1 spacecraft is expected to arrive at Mars in February 2021 after a seven-month, 34-million-mile voyage. Engineers and other employees cheered at the launch site on the southern island of Hainan as it lifted off into blue sky aboard a Long March 5 - China's biggest space rocket. Site commander Zhang Xueyu declared the mission a success on state broadcaster CCTV.

Everyone wants to go to Mars apparently.

There are currently 6 craft orbiting Mars.

12 July 2019, 14:27UTC+32179 The Planets by Prof Brian Cox: The Actual Best

The coolest physicist of all time has come out with a new documentary series that travels through space and time to tell the mystifying story of the Solar System. Our verdict? Mind-blowing, mind-boggling and breath-taking, with a side of first-class entertainment

Credit: BBC Earth

The Planets begins on a very high note with A Moment in the Sun, an overview of space would-have-beens, a poetic, but at the same time profoundly scientific, essay on the wondrous role of chance and circumstance in the formation of our Solar System and the fate of its inhabitants. Together with our sagacious guide Prof Brian “Brain, More Like” Cox, we hop from one planet to another, marvelling at the stark contrast between the “small, tortured world” that is Mercury, the “sheer vision of hell” that is Venus, the stillborn “little sister of Earth” that is Mars, and our own planet, a verdant oasis in an otherwise dead and barren corner of the Universe, abundant with water and life and what have you. 


I like Brian Cox, he explains things so well, hope they show this on TV or I will have to wait until it is on DVD.


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