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What made you SMILE :-)

This topic came to mind just a few minutes ago (Wed. 5th. March 9.45am) when I opened an email from Woolworths Online Shopping that was headed 'We have a Birthday surprise just for you" ! My birthday is not til the long-weekend...but hey - doesn't matter....

Woolies have given me a large "Birthday" chocolate mud-cake FREE and $10 OFF my next online order!  Excellent PR obviously but made me SMILE........  :-)

 Kinda makes up for me "bagging" them on that particular topic lol I thought - there probably is "something" that does make us smile daily but we just don't recognise it as we too busy being "pissed off"! 

Let's try and have a "Smile a Day".................  :-)

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Smiling Objects - Cherries by mondspeer on DeviantArt Smiling Objects - Cherries by mondspeer on DeviantArt Smiling Objects - Cherries by mondspeer on DeviantArt

This is what made me smile today :) when I went to the supermarket

Yay!!! They had cherries, my favourite fruit and natural antibiotic

Loveeeee cherries - were they from California? and probably like $12.99 k ... yeah?

Try $7.90 per 300gm Ouch!! ... almost the price of the local ones at Xmas

They were fromm USA ..somewhat early.

Maybe just maybe the season may get extended when th Californian ones come around :)






...I had 2 x "smiles" early this morning .........

1.  The massive wooden Kookaburra (almost the size of a house!) that a guy in Townsville made in his workshop to keep him busy during "lock-down"!  He did an amazing job!  Eventually put in on a huge trailer and brought it home to sit in his front garden!

Yes -  nice even lovely -  one might think - however - it is programmed to do a few genuine Kookaburra calls every 30 mins!  Arghhhhhhhhh ....... imagine being his neighbours! 

                                               *     *     *     *     *     *

2.  The cool and hip "elderly" surfer guy who rescued the dog on the Gold Coast who was disorientated and paddling out to sea the wrong way!   ...(fell off a capsized kyak apparently).  Guy had a motorised surfboard and scooted out to get dog...wasn't sure how he could manage to get dog back to shore - so laid on surfboard and dog instantly scrambled on top of him (onto guys back)  - put his paws around guys neck and hung on for dear life til they got to shore!

A real "fuzzy aww aww" moment!   :))))))))

Both of these stories/video's -  are online (YouTube)  - if anyone interested ..............  






Haha ... knew I could count on you :))) - well was kinda' hoping you might drop by and put a link up. Thanks! 

I just think that Kooka is sooooo cool   :)  Wonder if Townsville will be become known as the "Giant Kookaburra"?  I mean there are banana's - prawns - bulls - sheep etc. in other regional towns ......?

As "they say" in the classics RnR - "ya' bloods worth bottlin'"    :) 


LOL Foxy. Cheers.

Saw those two stories on the TV news, Foxy.

I think that bird is just amazing!  How clever.

Yes they were both "nice" stories for a change to start the day!  :)

This made me smile, LOL


Emu GIFs | Tenor


               Now, there will be new emojis including hijab, breastfeeding ...


I've got your meal planning covered! | Homeschool Lovetenor.gif

...... my "last nights" smile .......

My son and his partner were coming for dinner here on Sat. night son called "Mum guess what?  We are booked into one of our favourite hotel Bistro's for dinner at 7.00pm Sat. night! Yay!"   Exciting!

I was in shock   haha ...."How did you manage to do that?"  He said that although pubs/restaurants were open as of June 1st. lots of people were maybe not going out yet?  Not really sure?

He tried to get into our favourite Seafood Rest. but that was booked out and has lists of bookings for the next few weeks!  So no go there until of course they can fill the place! 

Be interesting to see what is going on re dining out and how things are "managed" at this early stage!

Lovely surprise!   :)))))  

Hungry Clipart Faces | Free Images at - vector clip art ...     Glad you enjoyed it !!!

Lol - not sure yet - we are going Sat. night!  We have been before tho' and the meals have always been great!  Will let you know how it al went ....      :))

Emoji You Make Me Smile GIF - Emoji YouMakeMeSmile Excited ...

Well how did it go ???

........   try Page 4 - "R.A. of K & General Chat" Topic ...... it somehow morphed onto there lol      :)  

OK Found it.. thanks

30/6   8 pm - .....just opened an email from our favourite "Seafood Rest." all longterm diners a "Welcome Back" 1/2 price Seafood Platter of Cray/Crab/King Prawns/Oysters ....nice!!!!  PLUS a bottle of free champagne!

For the month of July yayyyy .....looking forward to that!   :)   made me smile .......

:) Wow ... yummo!!

Sounds delicious and where is my invite ?   Now, there will be new emojis including hijab, breastfeeding ...

lol - well firstly you have to enter the "Virus Vault of Vic." haha ... and secondly don't get tooooo excited as their "half-price" offer is $99.00 (for 2) ...normally $200!  

You'd think seafood would be a lot cheaper now given that China are currently refusing imports from Oz.  I remember in the late 1970's to early 80's could go to a Seafood restaurant and get a 1/2 Cray for $12.99!  

As the song goes ...  "Those were the days my friend ......"     :))

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