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What made you SMILE :-)

This topic came to mind just a few minutes ago (Wed. 5th. March 9.45am) when I opened an email from Woolworths Online Shopping that was headed 'We have a Birthday surprise just for you" ! My birthday is not til the long-weekend...but hey - doesn't matter....

Woolies have given me a large "Birthday" chocolate mud-cake FREE and $10 OFF my next online order!  Excellent PR obviously but made me SMILE........  :-)

 Kinda makes up for me "bagging" them on that particular topic lol I thought - there probably is "something" that does make us smile daily but we just don't recognise it as we too busy being "pissed off"! 

Let's try and have a "Smile a Day".................  :-)

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                                                     Have a beautiful day all...

WELL,   i did smile on monday,   went to safeway to pick up some things,  and CAROLS were playing,     they havent had them for the past two years,   as ISLAM  doesnt like them.   so good on the shops for not bowing in to them again,    

Wow thats good Cats ......I went into Mornington Woolies on Tuesday this week ....all they had was that "Woolworths the Fresh Food People" playing over and over again!  Ugh .......hideous!   :-) 

.... just had a laugh ....... I purchased a "Chattermate" ....a talking "Sloth" -  from the website Yellow Octopus here in Melbourne ........I have purchased some super-cool fun things from them over the years - for people who have everything and you simply don't know what to get ......... my email was a Xmas Card from them.......

"We wish you a Crappy Xmas - we shit you not" ......... lolololololol ........ bad PR or good PR? - Who knows?

Bit out there I know - but hey - made me smile today ..........   :-) :-)

This made my computer smile

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Hey Micha, this made me smile, LOL


now you've made me spill my very costly Coonawarra CabSav all over my pizza stained shirt!

This made me smile today.

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Emile Ratelband is just shy of turning 70, but he feels much, much younger. He reckons his age is holding him back.

"I feel I suffer under my age," he said.

So he brought on a lawsuit in his home country, the Netherlands, to legally lower his age by 20 years.

"We live in a time when you can change your name and change your gender. Why can't I decide my own age?"

On Monday, the court chucked out the case, saying it has no legal basis.

Hilarious, another dead beat lothario, LOL

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