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What made you SMILE :-)

This topic came to mind just a few minutes ago (Wed. 5th. March 9.45am) when I opened an email from Woolworths Online Shopping that was headed 'We have a Birthday surprise just for you" ! My birthday is not til the long-weekend...but hey - doesn't matter....

Woolies have given me a large "Birthday" chocolate mud-cake FREE and $10 OFF my next online order!  Excellent PR obviously but made me SMILE........  :-)

 Kinda makes up for me "bagging" them on that particular topic lol I thought - there probably is "something" that does make us smile daily but we just don't recognise it as we too busy being "pissed off"! 

Let's try and have a "Smile a Day".................  :-)

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Hmm ....... maybe this will have to do?   I tried to get it to the next page  lol ... never mind ....  :-)

... came across this over the week-end ..... thought it may be worth a "smile" .......

It's a shame nothing is built in the U.S.A. anymore.  Just bought a TV and it said "Built in Antenna".  

I don't even know where that is?                   :-)  

Foxy I think it meant it -- the TV had a built in Antenna  -- so you may not need any other



hahaha - see you were fooled initially -  it's a "play on words" ..... i.e. like a country/place?  Like:  Built in China etc.  

Sooooo - who has ever heard of a place called "Antenna".?? ....took me a minute or so to see the funny side ......   :-)

You bugga you Foxy -- you were jjoking  : ))


Sophie,  I DID NOT put those pictures up -- --there has been a mistake somewhere -- this thread went down a while ago and I did report it -- maybe it got mixed up then when they got it back online -- but I swear I DID NOT put them up -- PLUS if I make a post I always wait to see it come up right,  as it is possible to make a post twice if the thread is a bit slow -- but if at any time that has happened I have edited and deleted.

I also want to thank those that stood up for me --I  thank you all very much!

PlanB..I stand by what I said further up the page.. no one can fiddle with your joining date..the only people who can is the YLC IT department...and why on earth would they do so? A glitch perhaps..maybe they'll let you know if they consider it of importance..

I have no interest in what you or anyone else puts only concern was you and Foxy insisted a member or members did it..

I am not saying you are lying at all..but I feel quite sure you did put up the first post and forgot about it ..

I shall now put this to rest and hopefully Foxy will be reprimanded for accusing people of interfering with members' avatars...


Sophie, you can stand by what the hell you like but I am also pulling you up on another thing you stated>>>

my only concern was you and Foxy insisted a member or members did it..

I never said that at all and I doubt if Foxy did either,  and as far as memory is concerned mine is pretty darn good -- for IMPORTANT things.  Of which this is NOT

You say you aren't calling me a liar then I do not know what you would call it,  you are demanding that YOU are right and I am WRONG



... Well well ...

I tried my hardest to "bump" the Topic to "move on" and leave the ugly mess that was created by this insidious person .... .....not so!

"Hopefully Foxy will be reprimanded?"  Really?  What for?  For calling you out with your  accusations regarding PlanB?  I never "insisted" anything!! Stop twisting people's words!  

.. ...   you are outnumbered here by a lot of incredibly nice people - must annoy you tremendously yeah? 

BTW did you pop into Woolies for the "super special"?  They still have some left or so I am led to believe?  lol 


Plan B have a word with the Site Master and see what they say!

I know you are clever but I don't think you are able to hack into this site.

You are also straight as a die.

Thanks, Celia -- it is such an insignificant matter I wouldn't bother them -- I will leave that to Sophie,  as it seems to be such bother for her

I'm glad to see they didn't run you off PlanB, always appreciate your posts. 

Why would anyone want to "run PlanB off" Leonie? 

You tell us Sophie 

youve done it to a few others 

My power is endless Pete ...

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Have a nice day more and don't sweat the small stuff or you'll be wet all the time!!

Haven’t got the decency to apologize to planB

typical from the nasty old girl 


Once again thanks to all

This made me smile today!!!

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