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What made you SMILE :-)

This topic came to mind just a few minutes ago (Wed. 5th. March 9.45am) when I opened an email from Woolworths Online Shopping that was headed 'We have a Birthday surprise just for you" ! My birthday is not til the long-weekend...but hey - doesn't matter....

Woolies have given me a large "Birthday" chocolate mud-cake FREE and $10 OFF my next online order!  Excellent PR obviously but made me SMILE........  :-)

 Kinda makes up for me "bagging" them on that particular topic lol I thought - there probably is "something" that does make us smile daily but we just don't recognise it as we too busy being "pissed off"! 

Let's try and have a "Smile a Day".................  :-)

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. hahahaha - just had the best laugh ..... a "floating website" asked me "Do you want to see what's inside Princess Charlotte's lunch-box"? .....damn - couldn't help myself (yawns) ......anyway ........there was NOTHING in it .......   

Why?  Well there is a bunch of top chefs in a state of da' art kitchen at the school preparing..salty squid pasta on a puree' of  pea mash blah blah etc. etc. - there are beautiful mango desserts to choose from .....fell off chair laughing so website just "floated on".... so -  didn't get to see the rest of the "Day's Menu" ..... hilarious! ham sangers and choc. brownies for these kids!   The menu is amazing ..... haha.... funny

I think it’s sick myself. Why can’t the kid eat vegemite or Brit favourite, marmite, or peanut butter sandwiches like every other kid? 

Ps. Not smiling :(.   Stop mollycoddling the royals and let them be like every other kid who eats crap.



.... whoaaaa - a "Princess" eating Marmite sangers?  No way!  (teasing)  mind you what kid wants to eat "salty squid on a pea puree' mash"  for lunch at the age of 4?  BLECH ........ to find the "floating site" to see what tomorrow's menu is! hahahaaaa.....

..then off to watch the drama on HomeTown week on the Bachelor! (another big laugh!) .....can see I'm in for an "intelligent" night ....      :)

Nooooo Foxy. Stay with us....we can give you an intelligent night far exceeding The Bachelor. YLC forum is much more fun......isn’t it?

... found it .... they also have: organic milk -special bottled water - an assortment of fresh fruits - on colder days - chicken/veg.  or french onion soup and also leek and potato pies topped with puff pastry....chilli con carne' - bolog. pasta loaf....ohh and every day - a delectable choice of freshly baked breadsticks and french pastries - also an assortment of organic cheeses.....nice! lol 

They'll all be super obese soon......   :)


yeah true - it used to be ...maybe it still can be - nice to see you here for a change .....come backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ... sick of "holding the bloody fort" lol   ....... 

I record "Bacthie" anyway - flip thru the ads. - show only goes for like 40 mins when you do that ....

It’s sort of obscene. Still not smiling :(((((

.. hey - look on the bright side - at least it's not our taxes paying for it! lol

Royal food, that is obscene.

I’m back...can’t stay this place so much....maybe, not sure, thinking about it, perhaps sufffering a psychotic delusion.... perhaps crazy?


......nah - still a few nice peeps here - wonder what happened to PlanB?  She been AWOL for weeks now?  She did have comp. probs awhile back but then apparently they were fixed?

Not like her not to "stick the boot" to ScoMo for weeks? haha   Hope she's ok ........

Yeah, I have been wondering about PlanB. Others I liked too seem to have dropped off - ex PS, Leonie etc. Really worried about PlanB though because she was always so consistent for so many years. Hope she is ok.

Yes, I too have been wondering about PlanB and hope she's OK.

Hopefully YLC will bring back PM/Private Message so we can connect with each other without having to put your private detail like your email on the web.



..... anyone see the lovely story about the group of 4/5 'hunters" that were on a Deer Shoot (somewhere - not sure where?) anyway....first night they lit a campfire .....beautiful huge Elk wandered thru' scrub up to it - sat - yep - literally bedded down in front of fire with them!  

Hunters were amazed!! Let it stay!  In morning Elk still there so they gave it some food (grass they pulled from surrounds etc...)  and it followed them around that morning!

They went out looking for deer to shoot - none around .....Elk still trotting along with them!.....Hunters had a "meeting" that night - all had "bonded" with Elk - decided to pack up and go and vowed to not shoot deer ever again!!

Moral of the story?  Who knows? Was Elk "sent" from a "higher force"? (well ya' never know? haha) .......just me being "silly" but ......................... hmmmm .............strange ..............

...made me "smile"  ...........   :) :) 

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This Elvis fan made me smile ...... incredible

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We had a Pianola and my boys used to love to sit and sing all the lovely songs of the day. They were only 5 and 6 but knew all the tunes. It was great exercise as they had to pedal really hard to get the rolls moving. We had some of the best parties and everybody loved a good singalong. Gee I miss those days. 



PLAN B,    still not back?    do hope all is well,    SUZE,    hope to get puss this weekend,      daughter got a new one [from pearcdale[foxy]    a beautiful one,  4 years old,   big cat with long fur,   named GREYSON,    but she has changed it to TEDDY,   .


..oh cool - yes - always got mine from Pearcedale Animal Rescue -always heaps there (they actually put like 8 pics. in the Local weekly newspaper of cat's available)  ...... have been talking a long time Cats about getting an furbaby - why taking so long??  Hundreds out there   :) 

Hi Cats - My son had to have his beautiful cat put down a few weeks ago. She was nearly 18 and had many health issues. She was the only cat I ever liked., we usually had dogs. We all miss her and she was buried in the front garden where she used to love to sit in the warm sunshine Gee they break your heart when they are not with you any more. 

.... had my first Woolies Xmas Mince Pie today ..... not quite as good as the Aldi ones - but very nice!  

..made me "smile" - early I know but who cares lol

Image result for lol animated cat smiley gif

Cats - where are you?  Did you get your new cat yet?  Hope you not sick?  

HI FOXY,    SUZE, ,    sorry i have not been around,   well,    i have been HERE,   just not THERE,  lol,  have been pretty busy,,  plus my back has been really bad lately,   and i cant sit for to long in one spot,  i havent got ANY furbaby yet,  im sorry to say,     hope to in the next week or so,    i have seen a lovely dog i like,   but he still has 2 weeks to go before his adoption,   but my name is in there,   so hope im lucky enough to get him,    HOLA,    sorry to hear about your daughters cats,    ALL animals leave a great hole in our lives when they go,       it has been 10 months since T,T,went,   but i have a cry most days,    i have always had animals around me,   but i have never missed any of them like i miss her,    i really think my heart broke that day, she is in my garden,   and i talk to her every day,   onto more pleasant things,   i hope all are well,   and not feeling the cold,   it has been fairly warm here,     and i think we are in for another hot summer,     dear lord.   i hope not,     last yearr was a killer,        better get to bed,    market tomorrow,       


.... wasn't sure if this was a "smile" or a "stick in the bin" - however......

Vladimir Putin was pictured (yet again) shirtless!! he strolled thru' some bushland in Russia picking "wild berries and mushrooms" to celebrate his 67th. Birthday!

Spare me!!!  lolololol .......


Nike's new "Jesus Shoes" ........... $4,000 per pair!!      L O L  :)

Clear plastic around base of sneakers with "blue" coloured water in them and thick white laces with Gold Crosses hanging off them!!!    (Religious type......)  .......

What a joke!!!  People must be stupid.........made me "smile" today ......................

(Be great for all the "Nike Collectors" tho' probably.......) ....maybe double their money in another 10 - 15 years?  Who knows? lol

I will say this however  ........     CRIKEY NIKE'   .......  clever marketing or what?   :)


C'mmon RnR or Suze - you are the "picture Whiz's" lol - can u find one please??    :) :)

LOLOLOL - knew I could count on you for a pic. "holy water in the soles" yeah right!! lololol

What's that old saying "A fool and his money are soon parted"?   :)

BTW I had no idea whatsoever that "Christ" was depicted on the actual cross?  Wonder how the "religious zealots" feel about these shoes??  They will be demonstrating outside Nike next!  lololol   funny .............

... least ya' didn't put bare chested Putin up - picking his ridiculous berries n mushrooms! hahahaa ....good laugh today ..... lololol


Bus driver (Jack Aston) that went into the Montague St. Bridge in South Melbourne - released today from prison!!!  Yayyyy finally .......that made me "smile" today ......... long overdue .......  :)

yes foxy,  he was on the news tonight,   i hope he goes for compensation,    that sentance was the greatest miscarriage of justice ever,       why they havent done something about the bridge,  i dont know,   i only live 100 yards from it,   and there always trucks getting stuck,    lots more than you see on the news,     

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