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What made you SMILE :-)

This topic came to mind just a few minutes ago (Wed. 5th. March 9.45am) when I opened an email from Woolworths Online Shopping that was headed 'We have a Birthday surprise just for you" ! My birthday is not til the long-weekend...but hey - doesn't matter....

Woolies have given me a large "Birthday" chocolate mud-cake FREE and $10 OFF my next online order!  Excellent PR obviously but made me SMILE........  :-)

 Kinda makes up for me "bagging" them on that particular topic lol I thought - there probably is "something" that does make us smile daily but we just don't recognise it as we too busy being "pissed off"! 

Let's try and have a "Smile a Day".................  :-)

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HAVE A BIG smile at the moment,   eldest daughter rang me earlier,   she is taking me to the QUEEN concert,    ticket for my birthday,     birthday is not until aughst,   and concert not until february,   but something to look forward to,     i love queen,  

How wonderful Cats. Enjoy!!!!

Cats - I'm sure you will enjoy the concert. My friend here in Sydney has her heart set on seeing the show

as well. Loved all their music especially the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody. 





That's great news Cats!  I thought about it but can Freddie Mercury ever be "replaced"?

Imagine replacing Mick Jagger? haha -  never happen!! (ok ok - dyed in the wool Stones fan here...... :-)

Feb. is a longgggg way off - I was surprised tickets had to be booked so far in advance, 

I saw Ben Elton's "We Will Rock You" -  the Queen stage musical at the Regent Theatre in 2003!  Whoever played "Freddie" was amazing!  

Hope you have a blast - else you'll be "Another One Bites the Dust"! haha   

P.S.  I'm waiting for the musical "Tina" to arrive from the U.K. where it is playing now - (the life of Tina Turner)  ....I am definitely planning to go to see that!  Yay for "Nutbush"   :-) 

YA,    THANKS ALL,    i certainly wasnt expecting it,   not with the price of tickets today,    gone are the days where we went to every concert going,    FOXY,   it is ADAM LAMBERT who plays FREDDIE,     daughter says he is very good,    she saw  the last show they did,     said he was great,      i love QUEEN,     have managed to get some of there stuff on dvd,                       HOLA,   i wasnt that wrapped in the movie,    mainy,   i didnt like the actor who played FREDDIE,      he may be great in some other movie,    but FREDDIE always gave the impression of being larger than life,   that actor was to small and weedy looking to be freddie,   but just my opinion,   the dvd was a sell out,  so someone liked it,   YEAH FOXY,   the TINA TUURNER SHOW should be good,   but i hate  to say it,   im not a fan,   BUT,   i DO like JAGGER,       news is,  he is doing well after his op,     which is good news,    so hold onto your ticket,          

FOXY,   they sell the tickets now,   but just imagine the intrest that money makes for them,      all those $1000s siting in the bank,    the money would double ,  with what it earns,    also,  i suppose they can tell by how the tickets sell,  how many concerts they can do,        just waiting for my ROD STEWART to come back,   [he will probably be in a wheelchair ]      think his days of touring are over,   sadly,  love a bit of ;tonights the night;   lol,  

another show coming up,  is TODD MCKEANY,    he is doing BARNUM,     he would have to be damn good to be as good as REG LIVERMORE,   who did the shpw  a few years ago,     best australian artist,  ever,     adore him,  REG,    not todd,   lol  

Cats - We had the privilege of having Reg Livermore come to our house for a segment of Burke's Backyard. He was a lovely man and thank goodness we have the video of it. They came at six in the morning and I served all the film crew scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast. 

OH,  HOLA,    how i envy you,   i was in love with REG,    saw ALL his shows  some several times,    when he did SACRED COW,    i saw it 18 times,   would book again every time i saw it,    i wrote to him once,   wanting some information on a record he had made,    from when he did NED KELLY,    which only showed in ADELAIDE,     it was a flop,   so never got to melb or anywhere else,    HE answered me,   with a nice lond letter,   with the info i needed for the record,    i then got to meet him,  [very briefly]    after one of his shows at the PLAYHOUSE,     the male friend i went with  got me after the show and took me backstage,     REG came waltzing out,   and DAVID [friend went over and started chatting,   called me over and introduced me,    i couldnt speak,      we all ended up laughing,   he kissed my face,     and i swear it has never been the same,lol,    can you get a copy of the video,    i will pay you for it,   please, please,    


Hahahahaaaaa ....... logged in to see a pic of one of the funniest cat pics I have seen in ages  ......... Zusammen.......gave me a great "smile" ....

... the wonderful story of the dog that was found at sea and clinging to the bottom of the iron structure of an oil rig in the middle of the ocean?

Was spotted by a passing cargo ship who in turn stopped to throw a rope and somehow managed to rescue it by dragging it to the freighter!  Shivering bedraggled and soaking the dear per didn't even make a sound as he was dried off - fed - cuddled and subsequently taken to a vet when the ship docked!

The guy who saw it/rescued it - is now it's new owner!!

Beautiful "fuzzy" feel-good story and well worth a SMILE .....      :-)  

READ /SAW THAT FOXY,    happy ending,   he looked a nice dog,    glad he has a new owner,  

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