Chinese food market at the epicentre of deadly virus outbreak was selling KOALAS



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Macquarie Group own 49% of Cubbie Station and Chinese Co Ruyi own 51% as per purchase agreement to reduce holdings to 51%.

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Don't much like the idea of eating koalas either but guess in the context of say starvation and if you're hungry enough humans at some stage in history would have eaten just about anything...Think at some time in the past I've eaten beef, pork, chicken, fish, turkey, magpie geese, rabbit, buffalo and realise that's not all that extensive, but some people do have cute cuddly rabbits as pets.  But am roughly vegetarian these days through no real moral or conscious choice, it just sort of happened.

 Similarly Australians raise entire herds of beef cattle to be consumed yet in India the cow is considered sacred and treated as a member of the family, much as we treat our dogs and cats etc.etc.

Also been having a bit of a read about this new Coronavirus and the way I see it is that it's basically a new strain of a type of influenza...And  realise it is a serious concern, but quietly wondering if it's any more serious than say any other influenza, which from what I can gather can be fatal to vulnerable people and on occasions even to those who are not vulnerable.  

So have to ask are the major concerns with Coronavirus that 

- it is a new strain of an influenza type illness?

- that there is no vaccination or treatment for it?

- that it is extremely contagious?

- is it any more concerning than any other type of influenza???

I'm just sort of getting the impression that it's being seen as a new bionic plague, a certain death sentence, a type of wiping out of two thirds of Europe type scenario, almost as though ANYONE AND EVERYONE who will get it will die! 

Yet in saying that I don't trivialise how deadly influenza pandemics can be to unvaccinated populations ie. 1918 influenza pandemic.  But have to also ask in 2020 are we better able to medically handle such a situation?

The Chinese seem to take delight in serving up food that is still alive -- and eaten in a VERY cruel way -- like the Monkeys they did -- maybe still do tie up and the people had a small hammer that was used to hit the head and eat its brains -- that's the thing that the Chinese think is good to do --

(this happened to friends of mine many decades ago while they were in China and this was supposed to be a posh sort of meal)  they walked out.

Plus the way a lot of Asian counties skin dogs alive to eat them ---- I find this deplorable/disgusting/heartbreaking/evil

Plan B,

I've never heard of the monkey brains and skinning and eating dogs alive  before and of course agree these are hideously cruel and disgusting practices...



Shetso1,  yes hard to believe isn't it that anyone could be so darn cruel but yes it happens mostly in Korea -- see below but Cina serves many critters ALIVE -- says a hell of a lot about them!


See here also





Sorry meant China not Cina

Chinese "Yulin Festival" is one of the worst atrocities on this planet!!  Sickening to the core!



You can add to that these retards boil dogs alive. They tie them up and hang them and use a blow torch to burn off the fur.

There are just too many Chinese over there, but honestly I would like to do that to them, gag em so they couldn't scream and burn them the same way. Leave them severely scarred for life or dead, don't partically care one way or another.

When a country like Australia hears about our native Koalas being eaten, the rotten Government should cease exporting them. In fact, loan them to the Chinese as the fuckers do for us with their Pandas. Any bred in captivity is still owned by them and we pay handsomely to have them in our zoos. Our backward Government need to do identically the same thing and charge big money and claim ALL offspring. It would be the only way to stop it.



Yes it is the most horrid thing and hard to even think that anyone could do such things



I didn't knnow our Koalas were being exported anywhere , this should be stopped immediately as now we have lost so many because of these fires. The Chinese also boil cats alive, I remember reading about someone going to a market and a woman kept pushing the poor cat back into the boiling water as it ried to get out, Barbaric.

... China has quite a successful breeding programme re our loveable Koala's....I'm pretty sure China has the largest population of them outside of Oz?


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