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What would Hollywood films look like without the special effects?

Back in the day, what you saw on the sceen was generally what was filmed at the time. This is especially amazing when you consider films such as The Wizard of Oz or Ben Hur. Think about he monumental effort, along with the types of people, skills and craftsmanship required, to make those impressive stages and mass together the casts for those films. Wow ...

Nowadays it's all done by computer. Even films with what should seemingly be simple backgrounds are often filmed in front of a bluescreen and sprayed with computer generated special effects afterwards. Sure, it's a different type of skill, and this type of work requires a lot of 'manpower' to make it happen, but it's a lot less impressive than the filmsets of old.

Here's a taste of the types of tricks used by Hollywood producers these days.

Do you appreciate the effort required to make movies today, or do you miss the look and feel of older films?



Have to say, I am a fan of old films but am also in awe of today's special effects, especially when I take the grandkids to the movies and see their reactions.

I love seeing 'behind the scenes' films of the movies made with tiny models

I like some black and white films. Black and white imagery is much more about the balance between the light and shade and I think it can help convey story points a lot better than some colour movies.

Having said that, the special effects today are a totally different ball game. Immense talent behind the scenes. Love them.

LEON,   some of the kids films are a great example of these  animated films,    the effects they make are amazing,      films like AVATAR,    are just a small example,  

I love watching Hollywood movie a lot. Of course, there are some effects. Many movies out there which won't have many effects but they are very effective movies. One can watch all latest movies and TV shows for free on Cinema app. Download Cinema HD apk and enjoy all latest movies and TV shows for free.

The special effects are very clever and no doubt the people doing them are very talented but I have to admit sometimes I find them more than a little overdone.   Sometimes the movie is more about the special effects than the plot, it's there purely to show off the special effects. 

I wonder what actors really think about that.  I remember a movie, 'Gravity', that was more or less a one actor movie.  George Clooney was there for a little while, but for most of the movie, it was just Julia Roberts and a couple of hours of outer space special effects.

I suppose special effects have been with us as long as film has, the day someone said, "Let's not build an actual house, we can use a backdrop" it started."

What I can't abide is computer genrated characters that sit between real life and animation, neither fish nor fowl and to me very hard to watch.