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Whatever next? Crimes


Sexual assaults by adults on children.

Stranger, 54, 'who sexually assaulted girl, 7, in a public toilet after snatching her from a dance class


Makes me feel sick.

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Well in the old days they used to not be so holy!   went to war and had mistresses.


An American friend has sent a media site with all the info to me last night. 

But if we have a media blanket I guess I cannot put it up.

But it is all in the Washington Post.


My late father used to say much the same Plan B.

The times I have been to Rome I have only visited the Vatican once, that was enough, the riches that place has and can sit and see the starving followers makes me sick.   Husband went into the Vatican in 1997 I went elsewhere, he came out with the same opinion as me.



.... you can't be serious Celia?  ......   "if we have a media blanket I guess I cannot put it up"?  

...    :-)  

Well it sure is up on the internet for everyone to read.

I guess after the verdict anyone can read it.

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