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Whatever next? Crimes


Sexual assaults by adults on children.

Stranger, 54, 'who sexually assaulted girl, 7, in a public toilet after snatching her from a dance class


Makes me feel sick.

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What NZ tried to hide away from the Public. WARNING: The following story may be distressing to some readers. I thought you would be interested in this story I found on MSN: Ogled, groped and locked in a cage, Mariya speaks out against NZ Defence Force for 'protecting' rapist

Desperate hunt for man accused of assaulting his pregnant partner and a 10-month-old child - before kidnapping toddler and threatening 'to do it harm'  a large bridge: Police pursued the vehicle along the Monash Freeway (stock pictured) and lost sight of it shortly after 1pm© Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited Police pursued the vehicle along the Monash Freeway (stock pictured) and lost sight of it shortly after 1pm

A major manhunt is underway after a man allegedly assaulted his pregnant partner and a 10-month-old baby before kidnapping the child and threatening to do it harm.

A high-speed police chase was sparked when the man took off in an aqua-green Toyota Yaris in Mentone, Melbourne's south-east, on Tuesday afternoon.

Police pursued the vehicle along the Monash Freeway and lost sight of it shortly after1pm. 

'It is believed a man has assaulted his pregnant partner and a10 month oldchild,' Victoria Police said in a statement. 

'The man has left the scene... stating he is going to harm the baby and himself.'

Witnesses said several police cars were chasing the vehicle along the Monash Freeway. 

'It looked like they're chasing a car because there's a little car zigzagging in and out of traffic,' one told 3AW Radio.

Another told the station: 'I'm right behind them. My heart's really pumping at the moment. It shocked the c**p out of me.'

Anyone who sights the vehicle, with WJQ334 registration plates, is urged not to approach it and to contact 000.

1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732)

Lifeline 13 11 14





Yesterday  .... .....  violent home invasion by 3 Sudanese teens!  Police release photo's of 'em- .... (as known already to police!!)

...  road rage - motorist gets out of car with metal pole to attack motorcycle rider - rider snatch's pole and starts hitting guy in legs with it ....goes on for a few minutes .....  (filmed by bystanders....)

...  guy bashed/stabbed in head for mobile phone and wallet .......

... just another day in Melbourne -  the world's "once" most livable city!!

it is getting worse,   only way to deal with them, in my opinion,  if migrants,   first plane out of hear,  and passport cancelled,  if born here,  and australian citizens,   a LENGTHY jail time,    that goes  no matter what race you are,     our laws needs updating,    and  lengthy time given to ANYONE found guilty of these bashings,   NO EXCEPTIONS,      AND,    no excuses that,      ;diminished responsibily,   or  under the influence  of drugs,  or anything,   JAIL,    and HARD JAIL,    at that,      bring back chain gangs in neccesary,      a strong message has to be sent out,  maybe a couple of lashes with the whip,     enough to frighten them off,    i guarentee,   if they carried it out just ONCE,     others may think twice about  ganging up and  bashing ./ friighnening people,  

Cats the trouble with putting them in prison for long periods of time is the expense on the taxpayers like $100.000 each per year per prisoner for the incarceration.   Think the US have some good ideas with camps out in the desert! Wearing pink shorts and pink t shirts they live under canvass.

Our system has no deterant.  I think a lot of the criminals enjoy their crime spree to have a comfortable bed and 3 meals a day and a roof over their heads.

The site below is even better!


Like your comment  Cats and agree with Celia about prisoners made to live out in the desert wearing pink clothes. No air-conditioning and tasteless food, the prison warden who runs the place says you very rarely see reoffenders back at his prison. 


And what do we do with the women prisoners ? They wont mind wearing pink underwear

we wouldnt commit those kinds of crimes Lothario,    if they did,   same treatment,    different camp,  of course,  


To answer your question Lothario, I suggest women prisoners under canvas wear canvas clothing.

CELIA.    HOLA,   agree with all you say,   if they can put them in the middle of nowhere,   so much the better,   im all for putting them in the desert,  and leaving them to rot,   [these are serious offenders ,  we are speaking about,    but something drastic has to be done,    and soon,     

Found this interesting.  I think graffiti should be cleaned up by the little darlings too!



Child thugs as young as 10 who hurled rocks at trams are made to clean up the vehicles as punishment 

Five youngsters aged 10 were responsible for throwing missiles at three passing trams at Failsworth, Manchester, during the summer holidays. One passenger was left with minor injuries and the line had to be temporarily suspended. The children carried out the cleaning work as part of a 'restorative justice programme', which aims to reform those who commit anti-social Behaviour. The children also met up with two drivers whose trams were damaged during the incident. And now an image of their punishment has been released as part of a public report to councillors. It shows the youths wearing high-viz jackets and wielding buckets and sponges as they clean trams during their half-term break.

Child thugs as young as 10 who hurled rocks at trams are made to clean up the vehicles as

About time that they were made to clean up their mess


News last night:   Soooo -  another super tall Sudanese youth walks "free from sentencing" after bashing a cop on the head with a rock during a "stand off" with police in a neighbourhood brawl!!

Minimum sentence (according to media report) is 6 months for an assault of this nature.

When adjudication was handed down the Judge said -  "owing to the lack of hospital evidence and "lack of severity" of the cops injuries - he thought that given the extreme circumstances in which this youth fled Sudan -  that punishment in jail will only affect the "poor dear" (my words!) later on in life............-ohhh phuleeeeze what a joke!!

Would the Judge feel the same way if it had been a member of his family being attacked in the line of duty?

Who cares?  Apparently no-one ....  as this piece of "doggy doo's" is now free and walking the streets again  ...... nice!

You know Foxy the last few weeks I have been wondering if there is not something else going on behind the scenes in these sentences, something like threats to the justices of our courts.   I may be barking up the wrong tree here, I hope so.  But it does make one wonder what on earth is going on with our justice system.  

I wonder if a white Australian guy had done the same to a policeman, what would have happened to him?

Would he have got off so easily?



Yep agree totally - what gives me the "pip" is this:  Australia lets these people into the country - offers them a lifestyle like the "rich and famous" (compared to where they originated from ......) ...they get onto welfare - abuse the system and just about everything else Australia stands for .....

... they continue their "lifestyle of violence" here and the Judges feel sorry for them? Give them chance after chance .... (some of them)  It's BS!!!  

Trouble is deportation is a huge "question mark" 'cause some of them have actually been born here! 

Immigration either needs to be put on the back-burner for a couple of years OR maybe vett certain individuals/families and the countries they originate from -  more diligently .......? 

I think before they get here they need to read up about our country and it's values, they then need to ask themselves can I live in a society like that?

Look at those in detention for ages, the Government had ample time to put them into some type of learning process so they don't have a culture shock upon arriving in our suburbs.  It is not fair on them or us especially our own youngsters.

I remember some time back about a Muslim guy was charged with rape, why?  [in NSW]

Because he saw Australian girls walking the streets in shorts and T shirts and girls dressed like that in the country from where he came, if they dressed like that they were whores. So he didn't think he did anything wrong.  He was sentenced.

Both cultures are having issues with our system, our Government needs to do more to educate them before they are let into our societies.

They also need to learn not only about our values and culture but our history too.

They are coming here, we are not going there!!!




... you first paragraph made me smile - I truly get where you are coming from -  BUT - half of them can't even read - little own speaka da English!!!  :-)

Re the "Muslim rape case" ......well - did you see that woman that was thrown out of Parliament House yesterday for having "inappropriate attire"??  What a joke that was!

She had a nice dress on and......holy moly - ohhhh noooooo ..... BARE ARMS!!!

These bloody old fashioned moronic men in Govt. are making us more like the "Muslims" every about reverting back to the Dark Ages!  Wonder if any of them ever seen a "naked woman" (that wasn't a Playboy Centrefold?) .... lol

Media had great fun with that news yesterday - they dug up every pic. they could find of Julie Bishop/Tanya P.  etc. with bare arms .....funny ...... 



I used to do voluntary work for the Education Dept some years back Foxy, I held classes in conversation with new migrants, back then a lot were from Iran and Asia.  [I am talking 80s]  

You would be surprised how many are professionals and have a little knowledge of English, taught to them in their own schools.  [Men no ladies I guess the ladies were at home]

But yes I get your drift!    It is entirely up to our government to have a translator and another requirement is to learn English.

Even today there are many from old Yugoslavia and Italy that do not know a word of English.

[I took Croatian lessons]

My step daughter's sister in law cannot speak a word of English as she has never had any need to learn, so I am told! Grr.. she has been in Western Australia since the late 1960s.

Yes I did read that news item about the dress code in parliament!  I made a suitable comment on the Daily Mail about it too.

Did you notice how the next day Julia  [ex Foreign Minister] turned up in Parliament with a sleeveless, backless and split skirt dress on?  LOL  I think she was sending a message to the oldboys of Parliament!

Only a day after the scandalous incident former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has been spotted sporting a short sleeved pale blue dress with a thigh-high slit as she entered the chamber



I thought you would be interested in this story I found on MSN:    


Perth neighbourhood 'petrified' of nine-year-old boy


What is the world coming to?

First a 9 year old here in Oz now the children are rioting in France.


Astonishing video of police guarding the youngsters from the Lyce Saint-Exupry, in Mante-la-Jolie, some 30 miles west of Paris, was on Friday posted on numerous social media platforms

Then we have a high school in NSW in Lock Down!

A high school has gone into lockdown after a violent, out-of-control brawl was filmed  




The Sydney woman was the first person in New South Wales to be found guilty of the new offence of disrespecting a court - and sentenced to 75 hours community service in July (pictured outside court in February) I have never seen Allah so how can one stand up for him? These people should be deported they are not blending into the Australian society. 

This one takes the cake!He is an aeronautical engineer and he drives a Lamborghini and he wanted his wife to get benefits from Centrelink!    Hawli hold a degree in aeronautical engineering and would occasionally post photos of his Lamborghini  Why do we need the likes of this guy in Australia?

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