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When is assault acceptable?

Woke up this morning to see most TV channels condeming a mature man who when confronted by a youth smashing an object into the back of his head, gave the offender a couple of jabs to the head.  

This mature man is a politician who seeks to gain notoriety by extreme right wing views on immigration, to the extent of blaming the most recent victims of terrorism for their own deaths.

Who should be charged for assault in this case?  Was this disgusting individual entitled to hit back?

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Just saw an interview with EGGBOY, he was contrite and admitted that his actions were wrong in attacking another human being to make his point, stated he would never do such a thing again.

Seems he has more maturity than some people four times his age.

I am glad I was wrong about this young man, maybe thre is still hope for our younger generation.  

That is impressive exPS. Didnt see it myself.

How is Fraser Anning now? Is he OK?

Just a thought? If Fraser Anning were to die as a result of the attack, would the "Egg Boy" (I dont think his name has been published?) be charged with Murder or Manslaughter? And if, after the death of Fraser Anning would Egg Boy continue to be seen as intelligent and heroic by those same people? If not why not? What makes the act so different given a different outcome? 

And another thing.. are those(including MSM journos) who think this act of cowardice is heroic, prepared to do the same thing themselves? Or does their lack of courage not permit them to be anymore than a cheer squad? Encouraging children to do what adults are too afraid to do themselves is morally corrupt in my opinion. Students wagging school to protest about climate change have 3 demands, Stop Adani, 100% renewables by 2030, no new coal or gas. Follow the money trail behind these demands and you realise our kids are being used as useful idiots not so much differently to child suicide bombers. Is this simply shameful child abuse? Seriously, there are other ways our youth can participate in politics.

Yes I understand that injury due to shell fragments can be fatal.  But it seems the fault is with the supporters, not the young man involved, he has admitted his error, the victim is not interested in pressing charges, if they can resolve the issue it is not up to anyone else to stir the waters.

I would consider a clip round the ear as just punishment considering the contrite response by the assailant.

OK, if not that scenario, how about this? We change Fraser Anning for Bill Shorten. If it was Bill Shorten getting attacked by Egg Boy would the assault be viewed differently?  

Not one bit.

I see? I think? Nope, I'm finding your views are hard to believe. I doubt you would have put up this post if it were Bill Shorten getting egged. You only put up the post for two reasons. To generate discussion and to attack the Senator, whose politics you oppose.


The idea of putting up a post to generate discussion, what a novel idea, its a wonder no one else thought of that. If you can get someone to read my posts to you again you will find that although I don't like the views of the politician involved, I at no time even suggested that the boy was in the right.  You really need to change your reader they are not telling you the truth.

I actually defended the idiot, as I would if it was Bill or even someone like Abbott or the new bloke.  Maybe one day we will actually be witness to your actual views instead of constant party propaganda.

Five pages of comment, seems I have actually generated some interest, how much comment do you generate with your words of wisdom.

Listen here exy old boy. I'm not here to generate discussion. My job is to keep you bastards honest! By the way, which idiot are you defending?



The future of any country always lies in the hands of their youth and that’s why it’s vital we listen to our youth..encourage them and support them. Sometimes they make mistakes.. but it makes no sense for the older generation to keep wagging their finger and chanting the well worn phrase “in my day” probably made worse mistakes!

Will Connolly is one such youth..I don’t know him but he reminds me of two of my own grandchildren (no they never egged anyone), who teach me something new and exciting every time I sit down to have a conversation with them. People say youth of today are leaders of tomorrow..why wait until then..if one has a goal for tomorrow..surely, today is the time to start planning.

Some of the most successful history making movements were orchestrated by youths. The civil rights era was a youth movement. Many of the historical stands against unjust policies were initiated by young people.

Will Connolly is a good boy..a boy who knows he took the wrong action and admitted it. He said he listened to Fraser Anning for almost an hour hoping he would say something to make him change his mind about “egging” didn’t happen.

I hope one day this young man and others like him, replace some of the “useful idiots” we have in Parliament at the moment.

It appears the term “useful idiot” is becoming a new buzz word in recent posts. In political jargon, a useful idiot is a derogatory term for a person perceived as a propagandist for a cause of whose goals they are not fully aware and who is used cynically by the leaders of the cause.

Mmm..sounds a lot like rusted on far right Conservatives..

Agree with everything you say Sophie but would add, the useful idiots are rampant in far left too. When it comes to rust even acid won't get rid of the stain.

PS. the thugs who tried to kill eggboy are all union bullies, a stain on democracy.

Union bullies?  Tried to kill?  Sounds like another comment from a useful idiot, the big question is, useful to who?

The big danger to democracy is deliberate lies and misinformation.  If an arguement can't be won with the truth, it is not worth winning.


It has been established that the men who held Will Connolly down are members of the “militant CFMEU” including convicted criminal Neil Erikson.

Yes..I agree with you Reagan.. several burly heavies holding a defenceless lad down in a chokehold is akin to “trying to kill.” A chokehold is having a tight grip round a person's neck which restricts their breathing.  We don’t have to wonder what the man on the Clapham omnibus would think..we have already seen the global support for Will Connolly.

Now we come to “truth”and “democracy.” Rather a shaky argument since there is a large school of thought that democracy itself is always based on uncertain notions of truth. Democracy is about reason and rational debate..truth on the other implausible. What is truth? Who’s truth are we talking about? Do we need truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to have an actual democracy? Perhaps someone who has concrete proof of "truth" can enlarge on that.

In the meantime..I shall go with Einstein”s “evidence” that accepted “truths” are false.

..and Reagan..I stand corrected. Of course "useful idiots" come in all shapes and sizes and belong to any side of politics.

In which case I apoligise, I find it difficult to comprehend an alliance between Union officials and an organisation such as Frazer Annings.  Or were they just Union members who just happened to gravitate to this cause?

I still think that the boy got what he deserved.  Actions incur consequences.

Has anyone else seen a link between CMFEU and the egging incident, I have searched the internet and can not find anything, I really would like to see the original entire story.

It has been established that the men who held Will Connolly down are members of the “militant CFMEU” including convicted criminal Neil Erikson.

Interesting Sophie. Can you please provide a link to this.

I thought the likes of far right activists like Neil Erickson and ultra-nationalist Ricky Turner (who did the chokehold) were usually opposed to the union movement.

e.g. Why is Victoria the far-right protest capital of Australia?

"The far-right and fascist little grouplets have been trying to build a toehold in Victoria."

"This state, historically, has been very organised via the left and the union movement and movements generally like LGBTQI advocacy and Indigenous Australians.

"The right is trying to break that militancy."

Oh dear, have I been had, did Sophie apply her own interpretation of the truth?  I surely hope not, it would be so demeaning for her to be caught out.



My exact words were “it has been established”..I did not stipulate where it was established and that sort of information will not be on the least not at this stage.

Had the matter gone to Court..then it would have been common knowledge. I thought by now any sensible internet user would realise the internet is not the sole purveyor of news.

Caught out? I think not!

Have youselves a good day.

Ooops I may be guilty of premature apoligisation, never mind, I will be more careful in future. You have actually made my day.

"I thought the likes of far right activists like Neil Erickson and ultra-nationalist Ricky Turner (who did the chokehold) were usually opposed to the union movement."

OOPSY DOODAH. Looks like people dont fit into the left rught boxes? Oh, dear? What a headache. LOL



OOPS! Glad I "made your day"!

I will most certainly accept an apologization not your "apoligisation." 



"Including" should have read included. What a difference a punctuation mark and unhurried typing would have made.

Glad you see you are on the ball!


ROFL, glad you made the cop's day too!!



.... "Bully Boots Trollgal" at it yet again?     Y a w n s ..........  

Who gives a rats what you may or may not think?

When you can validate all the convoluted nonsense you write on here - then start picking on others!   



I thought this thread might have a chance to continue before the UGLY TROLL showed up. Need more help old gal?

Does the Excop and RnR need an idiot to growl on their  behalf?? If they do, it's not looking too good on their intelligence spectrum.

The tabloid media including those morning 'entertainment' shows might claim 'global support' for Egg Boy, but they do take their news (polite cough!) from sites like Twitter and they have a vested interest in sensationalising anything to make it controversial to appeal to the sector of the public that impulse buys rubbish to boost their sad egos.

Twitter activity is no indicator at all of public opinion, the recent NSW election results prove that.


BTW, what is Rosie Batty's opinion on the incident?

Interestingly, it seems that there is a difference in the types of violence. Apparently some cowardly attacks can turn one into a hero?


I think everyone is agreed, assault is never acceptable ... Never.

I also think that society sees the instincts of  Will Connolly to publicly confront this man were laudable.  

Fraser Anning had been spruiking his hate speech for an hour, without any interjections from the hearers.  I find this extra-ordinary.  Were they too intimidated/cowed to say anything?

Yes, Will Connolly did do the wrong thing ... no-one will deny this.  However, he did hault the flow of vile rhetoric, even if momentarily, indicating that not all shared Anning's vision.

I also suspect that Connolly was aware, on some level, that there would be a reaction against him.

Personally, I would prefer to be egged by a 17 year old, than  thrown to the floor and held down in a throat-hold by thugs.    But then, I am no doubt considered a silly old woman.


What you have just done is rationalised and sanctioned violence as a legitimate means of resolving differences, in this case political disagreement.

Or is violence by young men OK where it suits a woman's dislikes and politics and maybe even encouraged and directed by a woman?  If he was a she or gay or of indeterminate gender would that have made the coward's punch from behind even more politically correct and 'heroic'?  The (political) end justifies the means?

What would Rosie Batty and her supporters be saying about that? -That some victims of attacks deserve it and the attack is excusable, even 'heroic' so forget Australian law on assault?


Has anyone read Banjo's post of a few days ago when he wrote about Assault in Self Defense.

Read it, you will learn something.

I am sure everyone has read it Abe, but there are so many armchair lawyers on this thread, the mind boggles. 


I can't credit that you wrote this.  I have not sanctioned violence.  Indeed, I have condemned it on both sides.

lf someone I admired was egged, and his/her minders over-reacted the same way, I would be equally appalled.

Indeed, if I had been egged, I would be p...o.  Egg dripping down one is never a good look, certainly no fashion statement. 

But if my minders over-reacted like Annings, I would have had an enquiry ... and very likely dismissed them from my service.

Violence is never right.  But disproportionate violence has evil intent.



Why the constant reference to Rosie Batty? How can anyone compare an egging with a father who murdered his 11 year old son? The day after her son’s  murder, Rosie Batty gave a 24-minute interview. Not many grieving mothers would do that in my opinion.

Almost a year before he killed his son, the father threatened him holding a knife to his throat. Luke told his mother. What did she do? Could she have prevented her son’s murder? I have my own thoughts on this and no personally, I would not be interested in her opinion.

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