The trade war with China continues: Beijing orders power plants to stop buying Australian coal - after announcing new checks on iron ore

Coronavirus: China bans companies from buying Australian coal

Chinese authorities have reportedly told state-owned power plants to buy coal locally instead of from Australia as the trade war between the two countries escalates. China earlier banned Australian beef and slapped an 80 per cent tax on barley in the wake of Canberra's calls for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic. Australia's coal industry, which brings in tens of billions of dollars to the economy, may be next in facing tougher restrictions. China's retaliation has sparked fears of a global trade war involving other countries who backed an inquiry, including Britain, although Beijing claims the changes are nothing to do with coronavirus. China's ambassador in Canberra has previously hinted at a boycott of Australian goods after Scott Morrison's government rallied global support for an inquiry angering President Xi Jinping (pictured inset).

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The vase was initially estimated to be worth between £500,000 and £700,000. But the winning bid was £2.23million, made by a Chinese collector over the phone.


The gold and yellow porcelain container was made during the reign of the Qianlong Emperor

The vase is decorated with lotus flowers and has gold enamelled dragon handles. It carries the emperor’s six-character seal mark in red on its base

Some people just have way too much money don't they. If they pay 4 times more than it is worth for a vase, you can imagine buying property and farmland is easy to outbid others.


As if anyone would want to buy tickets to go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't go to China: Australians are issued a chilling warning they could be LOCKED UP in hellhole detention centres just for setting foot in the communist nation


The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade released an update on international travel sanctions on Tuesday featuring a sinister message for Australian travelers heading to China.



A lot of business people travel to China to check on their factories, buy goods, arrange import/export etc. Going to make it hard for them. Also Technology shows are highly attended to keep up with the latest because China is way ahead of any other country. Also trade fairs/shows.


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