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Where else should mobile phones be banned?

The announcement this week that the Victorian State Government will ban the use of mobile phones in state schools during school hours may not be universally popular, said State Eductaion Minister James Merlino but was the “right thing to do”.

The ban aims to curb cyber-bullying and classroom distraction.

Phones must be kept in lockers, unless the child needs it for medical reasons, or it is mandated by teachers.

"Teachers are constantly asking kids to put their phones away. This is common sense," said Mr Merlino.

“It's not going to [absolutely] resolve cyberbullying but it will make a big difference. We cannot stamp it out. It is going to occur. But we can take some real steps to reduce the level of bullying."

The bans are not enforceable in private or independently funded schools.

I think this is a great idea. It also got me thinking, “where else could smartphones be banned?”

For one, music concerts. Another could be art galleries and museums, unless they are being used to take photos of artwork. Should phones be banned in libraries?

I’m all for bans in these places. Either that, or much of the public could use a little smartphone etiquette training. I was in a small gallery in Melbourne on the weekend and had to listen to some obnoxious person have a half-hour conversation with her partner on speakerphone, as he helped her decide which artwork to purchase. Maybe I’m a stickler for the sanctity of these places, but I found this gross and detestable. I really wish she checked her phone at the door.

Anyway, enough of my ranting, where do you think mobile phones should be banned or at least restricted?

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pedestrians crossing the road are the worst offenders ! 

If any one is within earshot and using a phone and I can hear the conversation I just get my phone out and start shouting into it, they usually move away.

Definitely during school hours. Also I think it's really rude to be making any sort of retail transaction whilst using a mobile.

Agreed Nanna71.


Ha, ha, this topic reminded me of an old 'The Shovel' story about a man who had to watch an entire concert with his own eyes because he had left his phone at home. 

Here 'tis ...


I used to say to my students if I see I take it. Keep it silent and out of sight. When I did take them I always returned them at the end of class. They are the property of the students, leaving them in their lockers is another method because they should be allowed to use them at recess and lunch and before and after school. Contrary to common opinion kids do relate to each other at school and they do play on the oval and basketball courts. It is when they are still and fidgety they reach for them. 

They are a wonderful resource and I have no issue with them. Distract and entertain and people won’t be bored and reach for them, I never hear them at the theatre. We cannot judge someone’s need to keep in touch with family and they are an amazing safeguard for kids and women and everyone.

Glad I did not live before all this technology. It is wonderful. The odd time it is not, who cares! 



Where should mobile phones be banned just about everywhere. Although, the phones aren't the problem, the ignorant people using them are. They should be banned on trains, buses, restaurants, library, idiots riding push bikes, driving cars, walking up the street, crossing the road, and one of my pet hates, poker machine areas. And all of us seem to speak at 150 decibels while using a mobile phone,  which exacerbates problem. No doubt I've missed some places that really annoy others, so let me know your pet hates. Cheers Jacka

Phones don’t bother me as much as they did when first impinging on society. I think I have become used to them and people are pretty good about switching them off in cinemas and similar places.  I do worry though about how technology is impacting on the future of my grand kids. I worry about addiction, bullying and social change. There are positives and negatives to technology but I fear the negatives outweigh the positives. I’m not sure that instant global news and connection is good for us and I know a lot of older people my age are starting to shut off. I wonder about the future which I will never see and whether it will be beneficial for my loved ones.

Yes, it is so darn rude when people are on the darn phones all the time -- sure they are darn handy but FGS you don't need to be checking them all the time.

Proposed changes for Queensland

The Queensland Government's planned crackdown on distracted drivers would introduce a $1,000 on-the-spot penalty — more than double the current fine of $400. Those caught for the same offence a second time could be stripped of their licence altogether.

Queensland Transport Minister Mark Bailey said the measures were necessary to deal with the scourge of distracted driving.

Full story.

Current fines
SA $534
Vic $484
ACT $470
Qld $400
WA $400
NSW $337
NT $250
Tas $326

.....have said this ages ago...$1000 fine and take away their licence for 3 months!!!!!!!

I'm very much against banning mobile phones anywhere, how else are people going to take their selfies???

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..must be the only one in oz who has never taken a selfie...

It is a matter of civility. There would be few areas where use of phones may be excessively dangerous to others. Driving is one of those...though there could be rare emergencies where I would not hesitate regardless of law. There are plenty of areas where they can be considered rude. One night stands in the bedroom being one...which may have highly limited impact on most of us I expect.

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