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Where is the money that is donated to bushfires going?

I've heard a rumour that the Red Cross take 20 per cent for administration costs. Does anyone know anything about this?

Also Celeste Barber's $30 million donation will be going to the RFS which is the NSW Rural Fire Service. Apparently the donations are held in trust for the RFS only.



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Tonight on Chanel  it was said the Red Cross is keeping the othe 2 thirds of the donations and drip feeding them out over the years. Fire victims are up in arms as they are still waiting for help, some have received nothing so far, NOT GOOD ENOUGH IS IT.

Drip feeding, what the, that just seems like they will just keep it in the bank earn interest and just keep doing what they normally do, I think we need more transparency on how they spend all this money.

Oh nooooooooooooooo!!!  Seriously?  Well - hate to say it but the majority of us didn't trust what would be happening with these mega donations!

Aren't the Qld. flood victims from a few years ago still waiting for total compensation?  This is beyond a joke!!!

Wait 'til all the Insurance Co's start finding "clauses" etc. etc. like "Act of God"  blah blah as an excuse not to pay out!  Outrageous! 


Yes it is disgusting, I think we need to hear more from the victims of past disasters and see who got what from all these donations and also keep an eye on those victims now and see if they really do get the help they need. It worries me that there will be some people pocketing this money meant for the victims.

You would find this interesting then:

The advice I wish I knew before my house burnt down




Oh wow Stewie - I read your link - thankyou!  How disgusting!  The last sentence of it was particularly poignant ....although did manage a wry smile at the "Virgo" bit ....funny that!

People who lost their homes/livestock/businesses/cars/machinery etc. -  should have all been given $2 MILL. into their bank accounts immediately - no questions asked IMO .......these poor folk have been thru' hell and back!  I cannot even comprehend losing half of what they have lost!

Also - I hope I have got this wrong - but - I thought I heard that when the Govt. gave families the $6000 emerg. relief -  that $3000 was to be repaid back after a period of 2 years???  Surely not?

This whole "donation $$$ scenario" will get more sickening by the day...especially when panels of "people" on local Councils are supposedly to be set up to "determine" people's applications and whether they are applicable or not etc. etc.   Pathetic!   I cringed when I heard that - trust local Councils - no way - what a joke!!!   




I donated to the one that has the least, I feel I trust that Wildlife Victoria will spend wisely, I am not sure about some of the bigger charities. Even Saturdays tattslotto this week is a bush fire relief, saying they are going to donate all the money, I wonder. I think there will be some people who will do well out of donations and will claim it went on administration. Once we hear more from the victims who are being helped we may understand how much help they actually go from charities.

Yes, thank you, Stewie, what a disgrace -- and I bet there will be a hell of a lot of that happening this time ---


I donated to the earthquake overseas via Oxfam and then they pestered me for months asking me to make it $50 a week or a month -- when I told them where to go and to take me off their books --  I have heard that so many of these donations go to the people that run them -- not those that deserve them -- this time I went to  I also did one for our Koala place here and also Birdlife I do hope they are all fair dinkum ass it makes you want to donate directly to a person that you KNOW will get the lot --but we need to make sure that all these wonderful donations are done the right and proper way.

Birdlife is a wonderful organization, have been on a few bird watching outings and they take care of endangered species, fight to protect birds and their habitat, and write submissions to the Government etc. Your money will not be wasted. Have a look at their website and go on a local walk it is really educating and a great way to be in nature.

At an emotional press conference in Batemans Bay, Member for Bega Andrew Constance came out swinging against the Red Cross, Salvation Army and St Vincent De Paul for taking too long to distribute money.


These charities have made a very bad mistake by trying to pull a swift one, next time, they won't be so lucky.

Well, St Vincent is the Catholic church -- as are the Salvation Army

Someone said the others were also belonging to churches -????



..... saw the "youngish" looking CEO of the Red Cross being grilled by Karl Steph. on the Today show this morning!  

Bumbled his way thru' with excuse after excuse as Karl kept at him!! A liar too!!  Went bright red at one of the questions from Karl much for the Red Cross eh?  RED FACE more like it!!!  

Really makes a person want to donate - NOT!!

Glad I donated direct to the Koalas!!



These organizations better get their act together and show us what they are doing or they will be doomed.

Foxy did you take some gum leaves to the koalas? lol

What we can do personally is take out all non-native tree's and plants and plant natives for our wildlife in our yards. Leave out water too.


No - did you? I am nowhere near Koala's!  Why the sarcasm?  > "lol"


I have mostly all natives in my garden -- and often have Koalas in the trees as well.

I like them as I have so much birdlife with the native flowering plants they are quite deafening in the spring.

I have half logs of timber for the Blue tongues etc to take cover under-- and always much water around as well.



Foxy just having a friendly dig at your comment that you donated direct to the koala's. I knew what you meant.

Plan B: Poor darlings need all the help they can get, we used to see koala's all the time in my area, now it is very rare.






Ahhh ... all good musicveg  


From the Red Cross website


Red Cross can write anything they like on their own web site.  It is in their own interest to put something "out" to try to diminish the criticism they are getting from media and the general public.

All they appear to be doing is talking about pending "support"!  People need CASH NOW ......

"expert advisory panels"??  -  "announcements will be made"?? .... pathetic!


The rumour that started said they were taking 20 per cent, but now we see that it's actually 10.

Please sign this petition, they are still wanting to clear koala habitat.

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