The Meeting Place

Who are the Moderators please

How do I get in touch with them--as the posts are now appearing way way to wide for the page--



I've just sent an e-mail to the "Contact Us', which appears at the bottom of the page. There, they ask for both positive and negative input regarding this site. Maybe, if you can locate it, you could send an e-mail too. There seems to be travelling "bugs", which strike at random- some things, some people have reported, I haven't suffered from until this week. They are darned annoying when they do strike.

I can still only get in using Internet explorer on firefox or Internet Explorer itself and I loath it and slow as a snail mail and cannot ajust the size of the fonts on either - plain dont work.

I have IE6 and IE7 bugged up my whole computer as it has for several friends - seems some programs are probably not compatible for somesuch - mind you M$ is not the best at de bugging. ROFL.

I have found I can log in on Meeting place page which couldnt before. Maybe new fix?

Most forums when you click onto email link and have kept the cookie protected which I have in CCleaner - clear out cache daily but keep those cookies I want - automatically log you in but this site does not for some reason - also using IE even on Firefox I have to manually put in my user name and passowrd - Firefox does it for me and you get used to that.

Thanks Val the page seems to ok now--but I can't get into the "Fast Reply" will email the moderators--thanks again

Seems that we are merely a "sidebar" to the whole concept. Haven't recieved a reply to the e-mail I sent. Plug away folks - battle your own battles - don't expect any help from any quarter.

I have to use Internet Explorer only as it is impossinle with Firefox to get on here as get the Ad and email bit on the right hand side.

Even with original IE have to go back to meeting place to get back as cant get onto the say Hot topics thread. So slow.

No webmaster maybe?

Click on someone's name and all you get is an advertisment now - looks like profiles have disappeared.

Maybe the interest in this site is income from paid ads.

Hi Plan B & Bev G and everyone else kind enough to alert us to this problem.

Our apologies for technical glitches - we believe this has now been resolved, but please let us know if not.



Thank you for fixing the problems

Not fixed for Firefox and any browser other than IE and even that is a bit dodgy. Gets stuck and is sl slow then aftr a while have to click onto go next to address bar and it goes to the next page.

See Firefox on this topic. Gerry has found the problem all you need to do is find the webmaster to fix it.


Please.....................pretty please:)