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Why do old folk go into aged care before it's necessary?

Some people need to be in aged care - but there are many who are there largely to please others. Picture: Shutterstock

Many of the old people in Australia's nursing homes, where they are at such high risk if the virus gets in, should not have been in any nursing home at all.

So why are they there?

Some were blocking beds in acute hospitals; some were a worry to their children; some were alone in the world; some had a catastrophic illness.

Too many old people are not safe by themselves - they might fall and not be able to rise, they might leave the refrigerator door open, they might burn the toast, they might set off the fire alarms, they might let bathtubs run over. Such people need to be in care.

But too many people are forced to go into residential care against their own wishes. Their transfer represents the wishes and decisions of the children or the hospital social workers, and not the wishes and decisions of the older person themself……………..

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HI PHIL.    good to see you back posting,   hope you are well,  also ZAPOT,     did you manage to get your goodies, ?    i thought the euthanasia laws had been passed,  ?      

The question was  'Why do old folk go into Care before it is necessary  '?

Think there are many reasons, some families are not caring and don't want to spend the time with their seniors;

Some cannot do it for their own health reasons, some seniors are loners and don't have anyone to care for them as they are alone.

While others wish to go into care for companionship.


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What a frightening prospect for those in or about to enter aged care in 2020 ...

• The national snapshot shows there have been 580 aged care residents in Australia who have died with COVID-19 and 2,082 cases among staff.
• All but 29 deaths were in Victorian aged care homes

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia says the chairman of the Melbourne nursing home at the centre of the nation's most-deadly aged care COVID-19 outbreak has stepped down.St Basil's Homes for the Aged in Fawkner in Melbourne's north has had 183 coronavirus cases and 44 deaths.

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