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Wil Anderson arrested for being disruptive on flight

Comedian and television host Wil Anderson was arrested on the weekend for allegedly causing a disturbance on board a flight to Wagga Wagga.

Mr Anderson allegedly refused to follow orders from the Qantas crew on Flight Q400, prompting staff to notify police.

Mr Anderson, the host of ABC program The Gruen Transfer was arrested by police as he left the aircraft.

In a tweet since deleted, Mr Anderson took aim at Qantas late on Saturday afternoon, saying: "A big f--- you to the crew at Qantas for their no help today. Sorry Wagga if I can't walk when I get off the plane today."

Mr Anderson later attributed his arrest to a "misunderstanding" with cabin crew, telling WIN News that he was "just trying to stretch out my back".

"I have a sore back and I was up and about pacing and there was a misinterpretation in the intentions of my pacing," he said.

A decade ago, Mr Anderson was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, a condition that reportedly leaves the comedian in a near constant state of pain, and makes it difficult for him to disembark from planes.

Do you suffer from osteoarthritis? Have you ever had this problem while flying? What do you think about the situation?



My Sister suffers from Osteo in the spine. When it was time to disembark from the plane she couldn't get out of her seat without assistance.. Along with two elderly ladies who had similar problems, Qantas had to get a cherrypicker to unload them. She said she felt very embarrassed as her husband, who went ahead of her to collect the baggage, wondered what had happened until he saw the cherrypicker coming across the tarmac. She said, "There we were, 3 old fogies  bumming a lift". We had a good laugh. 

With regards to Will Anderson, I think Qantas may have been a little too eager to call Police, maybe Mr. Anderson had a few drinks and may have been abusive.

OMG, I have had osteoarthritis for over 30 years and I can tell anyone how debilitating and painful it can get.  Those with that condition just need a bit of consideration.  It's amazing how you have to do the rounds of medications and special exercises and at the end of the day, it often makes little or no difference.  Lighten up Qantas, my guess is that if the staff had given him the opportunity to explain himself, things might have turned out differently.

There have been several occasions in the past prior to the present one when Anderson has been rude and made racist comments...

I have travelled numerous times with Qantas and have always thought them excellent...without having been on the plane myself..I would certainly give Qantas staff the benefit of the doubt...

There are TWO sides to every story, we have heard ONE side here, impossible to say anything really untill the FACTS are reported on rather that what might have happened!  Speculation at best, but, here's a clue, I only travel Virgin and their partners lol

I have Osteoarthritis plus fractures and yes it is VERY painful 

Osteo is painful yes, but that's not a good enough excuse for this goon, he is noted for rude and uncalled for behaviour.

Remember the tweets he sent about John Mayer anyone??

No I know nothing about  Tweeting at all -- please tell

i also suffer from osteo in my back and legs,    and yes,  it is very painful,    at the end of some days,  i could weep,     but as for will anderson,      he should have been thrown of the T,V, scenes years ago,     the most UNFUNNY man i have ever heard,      along with ROVE MC MANUS,     two great bores,  


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