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William Tyrrell new search

40 police will be involved today in searching the area near where William went missing.  Seems strange to me that they are going to be digging up soil in the vicinity of where he was last supposedly seen.

One thing that comes to mind is maybe the story we have been told about him playing with his sister, grandmother goes inside to make a cup of tea, and then he is gone;  is not true.


If someone was going to abduct a child (in my opinion) I would think they would get as far away as possible.

Time will tell but I certainly hope there is an end to this mystery and that little William can be found and put to rest.  I do not believe he is still alive.


  Sadly if they find William in the bushland they are searching,  it must be expected to lead to an inquest into the little boy's death.

I’m a bit hazy on the details now but I remember the foster father was away somewhere supposedly shopping ? when William went missing. What I can’t remember is whether the foster mum and grandmother reported him missing before or after the foster dad came home. I think it was after but not sure. Does anyone else know? Could he have died at home (maybe even accidentally) and the foster dad was disposing of his body? I have always thought it very strange that an abductor just happened to be waiting on the road at the precise time that little William just happened to go down to the road. 

Robi, just had the tv news on and the reported used the word "presumed" abducted!

We will just have to wait;  like you I just cannot understand that someone was just waiting to abduct will all come out in the end I am sure.

One can only hope that at least they find him.    We can only speculate of course on what actually occurred. Hopefully in time we'll know.

So many bad things are happening to children.....  tragic.

Yes Darcie

Just to mention a few

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Yes, very sad.  Tialeigh Palmer also comes to mind, one that the foster system let down badly.


An 11-year-old girl was walking to school through a park in Adamstown Heights on Tuesday morning when she was allegedly sexually assaulted after being threatened by a man who claimed to have a knife.

She was then allegedly held captive for five hours after being forced into a car and driven to bushland where she was allegedly attacked again.

The child walked 1.5 kilometres home after she was released by the man at Kotara Railway Station at 2.15pm.

Police and detectives from State Crime Command's Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Squad made a breakthrough on Saturday afternoon when they arrested a man after stopping his vehicle on Beaumont Street in Hamilton

Police are expected to charge a 47-year-old man in relation to the alleged sexual assaults at Newcastle Court today.


It seems a VERY strange case to me

IN my heart,  i hope they find him alive and well,   but i doubt it,   unless whoever took him dissappeared to another country  ,  i cant imagine how they  would hide him for so long,     and unless it was a pedeophile ring,   why would they want him,   there was no ransom asked for,  and apparently everyone that was close to him has been interviewed,   and APPARENTLY cleared,      a very strange case,     hope they find something positive,  


... thinking his extended "bogan family" had something to do with it!??      Bizarre case ...............


Like Darcie said: “We can only speculate”. Who knows really, what happened? Just hope the police find out one day. Strange though that they are suddenly searching the bush opposite the foster grandmother’s home. I wonder why they are doing that? Do they think someone coerced him into the bush there?