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Wishes and Resolutions for the New Year 2015... e-cig to kick the habit

What resolutions have you made for 2015 ???

What would you like to see happen in 2015 ???


May 2015 be filled with Health, Hapiness and Laughter

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Big tobacco seems to make out that e-cigs are harmless but:

"Cigarette smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, and among those, 69 are known carcinogens [source: American Lung Association]. But it's not only regular cigarettes that are toxic to our bodies; e-cigarettes, too, come with health and safety concerns. The problem? Liquid nicotine.

Liquid nicotine is extracted from tobacco, but unlike tobacco leaves, liquid nicotine can be lethal. It can cause harm when it's inhaled, but it can also be harmful when ingested or absorbed through your skin. Only a small dose is dangerous -- less than one tablespoon of many of the e-liquids on the market is enough to kill an adult, and as little as a teaspoon could kill a child) [source: Richtel]. The number of calls to poison control centers regarding e-cigarette nicotine-infused liquids rose sharply every month between September 2010 and February 2014, from just one call per month to as many as 215 " Source

The biggest problem as I see it with e Cigs is that people can mix their own potion and iclude whacky backy or whatever into the e-cig.

There are many substances available on the market if you use incorrectly that can be lethal.

There are nicotine gums sprays and patches available on the market to assist with giving up smoking - I would consider the e- cig in the same category.

Our Health Dept, Cancer Council and Supreme Court don't agree with you Abby. It is a bit bizarre I agree that real cigs remain still remain legal in WA but is now heavily curtailed in Public places anyway.

If they made the real cigs illegal ...a ot of people would give up smoking

but I guess that it is unlikely as it raises too big a revenue.

We have the most expensice cigarretes in the world.

Wat cheep nasti grog are ye suppin thar abbey....look at ya text

Need to get a new keyboard ... keys are sticking

Thought of undoing it but it may stop functioning altogether.

So have to wait with that until I get a new one.


I notice I have a tendency to spell backwards in the morning but improve as the day wears on.

An early hour dyslexic it would seem.

I am not game to touch my keyboard, I think there be wee critters living beneath the buttons. I am a bit prone to snack whilst using the PC, there should be some well fed beasties, albeit a wee bit dyslexic, that are being fed from a crumb or three from my munchings.


Think my keyboard has breadrumbs with honey and peanut butter in it.

Even my dear $eth is complaining about my typing :(

I lost a few kilos before December then all the festive fare put some of it back on. New Year‘s resolution is to get back to a healthier diet.

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