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Woman's best friends felled by fouled dog food


Several reports of family dogs falling ill has led to an Australian pet food brand being pulled off the shelves.

One Perth woman said her two golden retrievers became sick after eating Black Hawk Pet Care’s grain-free salmon variety, Yahoo7 reported.

“Probably for about two days on the food, they both had really bad diarrhoea, and then blood in their poo,” said the woman identified only as ‘Rach’.

“So we took them to the vet … and I said, ‘something’s telling me it was the food they’re on’, as it’s the only thing that had changed for them.

“The vet said it would be best for me to put them on boiled chicken and rice for a while, and whenever it started to clear up, start reintroducing the food.”

Rach followed the vet’s advice but said the same symptoms reappeared almost immediately after reintroducing the same brand into the dogs’ diet.

Sean Duggan, chief executive officer of Masterpet, the parent company of Black Hawk, confirmed the brand has ceased production of the salmon product, and quarantined all remaining stock while it investigated.

“We have recently become aware of a small number of dogs suffering symptoms of an upset tummy. We take these reports very seriously,” he said in a statement.

He said the company recently broadened its network of suppliers of salmon meal, and the additional supplier had been through “extensive testing” and passed its high quality standards.

“All tests to date have come back well within normal ranges. We are continuing to test to ensure we can identify the issue as soon as possible.”

Has your pet ever fallen ill because of contaminated food?


I do not have pets these days -- but a Friend who has 2 wonderful and dearly loved Labs -- has had a problem and it sent one of them blind -- they are now so very particular of what they feed them and in fact the diet is mostly Vegetarian 

I don't feed my two companions commercial pet food for this very reason, instead they are fed on mince steak (human grade) with added vitamins/minerals etc.   That way I know EXACTLY what their meal contains and don't have to rely on what pet food companies claim is suitable for pets to eat.  

Human food from Aldi for our dogs. Drumsticks / mince / bbq chops and it's cheaper than dog foods.

Why the misandry .An insult to other genders 

The heading should read “Man’s best friend ...” or “Person’s best friend...”

A foolish comment. The story is based around a particular woman's  particular dogs.

AGREE JIM,   sounds like what i feed my pooch on,     i did read about a week ago that they have FINALY bought in a regulation board into  animal food,    i cant understand why there wasnt one there already,  

dont you staart Lothario,     we have enough on here about the HIS,    HER,   THEM genders,    its getting over the top,  lol,  

Really sad for pets that they have to eat the crap from the supermarkets, and they end up getting diseases like humans. There are many recipes on the internet to make your own dog food, much safer and they do not need so much if it is more nutritious.