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Working past 65

Josh Frydenburg may think this another band aid to save money from

welfare,but alot has to be taken into account,yes some people continue working past 65yrs of age,but many just cannot be it a health

issue,just unable to find work because of their age and it also does not

help the younger people looking for work,welfare is there for people who are getting to their twilight years,illness,difficulty finding work and

several other issues.If Josh Frydenburg is looking at this in a positive

manner,or just as a money saving grab to increase his surplus,rethink 

what your whole agenda is about Josh.


Read somewhere recently that former Governor General Peter Hollingsworth gets a $357,000 pension per year plus travel perks and office expenses!!!  But of course we see this sort of taxpayer funded wastage all over the place.  

Surely though time is long overdue to cut back on these sorts of excesses long before expecting 65 year olds, many of whom have worked in manually labour intensive occupations for years, to retrain - particularly when faced with the employment reality where 50 and 55 year olds are flat out getting a foot in the door for job interviews.

After my Husband suffered his 3rd heart attack and couldn't work in his regular job and had to go on the Pension, he was faced with a young lady from Centrelink who advised him he could be retrained to do other work. My Husband snapped back, "Yes, that sounds interesting, maybe I could be trained as a Brain Surgeon". She gave him a filthy look and said Centrelink would be in touch with him shortly after he filled in the appropriate papers. He did get the pension.


Glad to hear your husband got a pension Hola,hope he's doing okay.There so many other people out there

that struggle to get a pension with illness,this you can be retrained to do other work is a bit of a of joke

older people just get fobbed off even if they complete training.This seems to be an excuse to keep these

job services open and get public from the Govt to do a job Centrelink could do.