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Would you fly long haul with no perks?


You get what you pay for may have more meaning if you’re planning on booking an Emirates flight soon. The popular airline, which enjoys a code-sharing arrangement with Qantas, has flagged the possibility of offering passengers a cut price fare if they’re willing to forego ‘luxuries’ such as food and luggage allowance.

The move is designed for those passengers who may fly regularly and have it down to a fine art, travelling with only a backpack and sleeping all the way through and have no need for an inflight meal or baggage allowance.

It’s not the only move being considered or planned by the airline.

Windowless flights and the introduction of premium economy from 2020 (Emirates currently only offers, economy, business and first) highlight that the airline is seemingly all over what its passengers want moving forward.

What about you? Would you happily fly long haul for less if it meant no luggage or inflight meal?


These days I would not even consider flying ANYWHERE

No windows ?

imagine flying for 15 hours with no fresh breeze blowing in your face - awful 

My Sister and Husband have just come back from a 16 day cruise. They were in the centre of the ship with a virtual screen on the wall to make it look like you have a window. Apparently the screen shows the ocean outside and you feel like you have a room with a view. Don't think i'd fancy that, I'd rather pay a little more and have a balcony and the cool breeze. 

No food? No windows?

Then I would want a bed and a good book. 

You'll enjoy this one,LOL

Van Gogh's Ear - Audiobook

That looks like a good read Reagan.

Sounds pretty ridiculous Kaye.  Longhaul flights of 15 hours require passengers to have a meal and a drink.  With the new era of long range aircraft which do not need to stop to refuel 15 hours likely will become 20 hours.

Charging extra for luggage is what Jetstar does but these are not longhaul flights.

If these sort of impositions take hold next it'll cost to use the toilets and sit of a seat.  Where will it end?

The reality is travellers will vote with their feet.  If the fares do become significantly cheaper then expect people to arrive with eskies full of (proper) food and drinks.  I for one won't be travelling under any such changes.....which will never happen because the airline which brings them in will be out of business within a year, as it should be.

Good story Kaye.

"Would you happily fly long haul for less if it meant no luggage or inflight meal?"

No I would not..when I travel I like all the perks..good food..a window seat..everything!

I agree with you, Sophie.  Let those who want to fly cheap book with airlines not offering these perks.  Everyone has a choice. 

I think it's great to have options. Well done to them. Emirates offer a minimum 30kg baggage allowance (plus carry on) so if someone isn't using that, they should have the option of a cheaper fare.

If someone doesn't eat much on board and there's the option of purchasing something if you fancy some food, again.......why not have that cheaper ticket?

Probably not for me, but if I wanted to cut costs while staying with a major airline, I'd definitely consider it.

A lot more to that argument.  Airlines need to weigh passengers and luggage and have a magic figure after which you pay more. I can just see all the overweight Australians calling on the human rights commission to reverse the rules, for them.

It's a wonderful concept.....but this is all about profits and ways to enhance them.

That would suit me. I hardly eat on the flight anyway, I travel light and I don't need a window. I could make friends with someone and share theirs if needed!

A little different when you are on a Oz to Europe, America or Canada flight.

No windows on a plane is a bit like no windows on a ship.  The coffin effect.  The mind is a wonderful piece of equipment but occasionally it malfunctions.

Nah Reagan, I need a window mate otherwise I get a bit claustrophobic and I don't care to go without a gourmet meal while in business class,and what about a couple of glasses of vino, must have that! 

What is the point of having a window when one takes off after dark and lands before sunrise? That is the long haul between Singapore and Heathrow.  All you see are the lights on the ground.   The new planes are single seating by the windows anyway. We opt for centre double seating so we can speak to eachother.


SKYPE has replaced the hours of flying unless unavoidable. 


Is Skype a new airline? Can't say I've heard of it.