X-ray or skan

In our town, the difference in having a simple X-ray or a more specific scan is determined by how long you have to wait. For a simple X-ray, you join the queue, which starts at 8am each morning - they don't make appointments. For a scan - you need to make an appointment. It may well be sometime in the next three weeks, depends on who orders them. A specialist surgeon can have the appointment made the next day, but a GP - get onto the waiting list. No matter who orders them, you have to come up with between $50 - $100 - paid before you walk in the door. Makes it a bit difficult, but so far, by careful management, I've come up with the money. Don't know how much longer I can do it though. Last two weeks have cost me over $275.


Do you have scans or xrays weekly ?

Why do you have them often ?

I have never had to wait more than a day or so for Xrays --Scan or MRI ordered by my GP

Had a few problems lately - had to have a couple of scans, MRI, and a couple couple of x-rays. Had to wait 3 weeks for the first scan and then another 10 days before the results were sent to my doctor. When the specialist ordered a scan, I was given an appointment the next day. Each time, I have been asked for extra money - a gap payment, though I have received the cheques from Medicare, to forward on, showing that the X-ray people are being paid quite a substantial amount from the government.

Jorja I do hope that all is well soon

I'll be fine now that what I think is all the scans and so on have been done. Just have to wait and see which is the most important part to fix first! So much can go wrong with our older bodies, and it usually does. Just hope I don't have to pay out too much more - it's eating into my savings.

Yes it doesn't take long when something goes wrong for it to send you broke thats for sure and so hard to save up again when on a pension too

Seggie. The gap between what specialists charge and Medicare sometimes can be large. At the moment, I can just manage Medibank but that may not last much longer. Had to see a specialist privately who ordered an MRI the very next day at a public hospital which cost nothing. Another MRI ordered by local doctor cost well over $400 with nothing back. I was quite surprised that Medicare do not offer anything back, nor do Medibank which costs me many hundreds of dollars every year. No wonder people opt out of private cover and go public.

I guess many would be like me. When one reaches a certain age, you get scared when thinking of giving up your hospital cover that the minute you do it, (like insurances), something

will happen and you will be sorry you did it. Damn. Where is that winning Tattslotto ticket!