Xmas Spirit


It’s that time of year again when all atheists hide behind darkened doors and refuse to answer to the call to alms of the christians.


I don’t mind christians, either individually or collectively. Most mind their own Christian business on a daily basis and don’t inflict their ideals on other, more or less plebeian souls such as myself. They dare not least they will be set upon by my indignation at any suggestion I might not have my own code of ethics which, by the way, excludes the admiration of any god or recognition of thought as a crime, although the consideration has crossed my mind from time to time to mentally lust after a neighbours wife as a candidate for a tempestuous dream sequence.


The  end of December and the preceding weeks does appear to be a time when every member of every faith, excluding the obvious, press upon the rest of us how important it is for us to be aware of how Christian they are. I can only say to them: “Didn’t you do this last year? Why is it necessary to remind me again and again?” After all, we atheists don’t have a public awareness campaign once a year. Perhaps it’s like The LGBTQ Mardi Gras or Mental Health Day or Fathers Day. I don’t need reminding I am not LGBTQ. Nor do I need reminding of my persistent insanity or my claim to parenthood.

Once is enough, thank you.


As my Old Man would have said: “I’ll tell you once, Tommy. Then I’ll tell you once more. I won’t bother a third time.” And there I was thinking I had at least 9 chances. After all the cat got that many.


Yet there’s no escaping Xmas. The festivities infest every part of our lives. I’m not sure of the relevance of most Xmassy regalia. Snow seems a bit pointless on the streets of Darwin. The closest we come to a Xmas tree is a banksia or capok. Reindeers aren’t prevalent. And the fat man in the red suit usually requires resuscitating from time to time from heat exhaustion or intoxication.


I’m told all this is symbolic. Love is the main theme. That seems quite a nice thing to do but surely not loving everyone. Can’t I pass on a few? Better still, how about I make a short list; say, 5 or 6, a backup list of an even dozen and the rest of the population can buy their love elsewhere. 

Then I ask the christians when has it been a thing to be reminded of loving those on your list? Surely my day will do.


Mind you, there are the faithful, the churchgoers, the devout, to guilt ridden and the socialites, who gather in their domains and sing and pray as they did last year. I should note at this point that the churches are less patronised for the other 364 days of the year, suggesting that, for some, Christianity is seasonal.


 There are expectations as well; demands, on our time, pocket, diet, patience, hospitality, to name a few.


“What are we doing for Xmas?” I hear the call from Others. I recoil, then hide, and pretend I didn’t hear. 

Others are persistent.

“Don’t be like that,” Others demand. “It’s Xmas. It’s that time of the year when families get together and we express good will to others”. 

What others really mean is we buy unwanted gifts for people we might not like or see from one Xmas to the next, who then turn up to every bbq,  eat, drink and be annoying, have sex with their best friends mother-in-law, park on the grass and run over the cat as they leave. There also appears to be one child left behind in the rush to get to the next party. 


At that point of inquiry into my Xmas intentions I curl into the foetal position and wait for the earth to open up and swallow me; whole or chewed, it matters not. On the way down the oesophagus of Mother Earth I would like to express out loud some discrepancies in the goodwill thing, but refrain. All would fall on deaf ears and I would be accused of being less than I am: a temporary sociopath.


It does seem strange and peculiar that the death of a black Jew 2000 years ago would influence my life so much. As someone more famous than I once stated: “if my wife told me she was having a baby and god was the father I could only assume she was lying or forgetful”.


Meanwhile I’ll wait for my own birthday to arrive. Perhaps some Mir will be forthcoming although I have no idea what use it will serve me. Probably as mush use as the wooly socks I got last year at Christmas from a well meaning relative who had forgotten I love in the tropics.





Image result for cathy fisher painting of jesus

New research by Joan Taylor suggests Jesus may have been an average height, with short black hair, brown eyes and olive-brown skin.

(Image: © Painting by Cathy Fisher, showing shorter clothing and hair for Jesus, in accordance with the new results.)



'He' was either a clone of his mother, hence female or carried half of gods genes.

Do gods have sperm?

Good to see you back T D :)

Im never far away, Suze.

Xmas can be anything you want it to be. You do not have to be a Christian to celebrate Xmas. And the word Xmas does not mean Christ out of Xmas. Most celebrations have their roots in paganism or other sources anyway. Christians do not own Xmas. It belongs to everyone.
People of other beliefs also like to celebrate Xmas.  They turn up to the carols and decorate their homes and give gifts.

Christians have no right to be precious about Xmas saying it has only one meaning because it does not. 

"Xmas can be anything you want it to be."

How about non-existent, or Leave me Be Day.

now tell that to my relatives who expect me to be jolly. 



An interesting idea but I wonder why it is necessary to take a potshot at just Christians. Surely as an atheist or agnostic or just a non-believer having a potshot at all forms of religion would be fairer? Religious celebrations such as Christmas, Easter, Ramadan, Day of the Dead, Hannukah or even the Arapaho Sun Dance are not compulsory so if one doesn't like to join in then one has the right to quietly go away.

I'm not sure what is expected on a birthday, is it a piece of a Russian space station (Mir) or some fragrant resin (Myrrh).

Give me time, Horace. I'll get to the rest when the time comes.

actually, we don't have any rights per sa. We have requirements like food, water, shelter etc.

rights are what others let us have from time to time.

in my house I have few rights. I'm the minority so they pull the democracy card on me: majority rules. The last time I was a majority was when my mother stood me in the corner for a day and then left the house. I was then over-ridden by a coup. The dog bit me on the arse.

Christmas has only one meaning, i.e. Christ's Mass which is known as the Lord's Supper (Eucharist). 

The abbreviation Xmas also means Christmas. The "X" is from the Greek word Xpiotoc (which means Christ). The word "Xmas" has been used for centuries. So if you are celebrating Xmas you are also celebrating Christmas. I find that very amusing!

No need to celebrate at all, no one is holding you to ransom. Call the season the "holidays" instead like the Americans and have a drunk party instead!


                             Image result for christmas angel animated gif

It may have one meaning for you and that is fine.

For me, it is about family, food, gifts and kindness but I no longer believe in a deity but happy for others to have that comfort.

People have no right to tell others how to have their Christmas, live and let live.

Merry Xmas.

You misunderstand what I am saying Paddington. I am not telling you what Christmas means to me or how you should celebrate this event. I am simply explaining to you the historical meaning of Christmas.

Have a look at this link..it might make it clearer.


Have a happy Christmas/Xmas :)

I have only one Bah! Humbug!

And that is why does everyone insist on calling every Christmas themed song a carol! A carol is a hymn (religious song) about Christmas e.g. Away in a Manger, Hark the Herald Angel Sing etc. White Christmas, Last Christmas, Santa Baby etc are NOT carols they are simply Christmas themed pop songs, film songs etc not remotely connected with Christmas or religion!

No matter what they are related to, KSS, they (carol or not) are annoying when played more than once, or just once. 

There are some weird comments here; no doubt some of you will regard mine as weird...I don't celebrate Christmas for its supposed birthday of Jesus; never-the-less I do enjoy the fellowship that Christmas brings. Meanwhile, at age 90, and after lots of study over the years, allowed Jesus into my heart as late as 2003. Living alone, I regularly pray to God through Jesus for all my many blessings. I often have prayers answered.

Sen, whatever spins your top.

soinds like you're a contented person.

im content as well, knowing I don't have anyone looking over me all the time, other than my wife. And if I prayed for the things I was I'd have Reagan's Harley and the body of a 20 year old (or is that a 20 year old with the body of a Harley).

whichever, I just count on my own abilities to get what I need or want. It doesn't always work but that a significant  margin on praying.

Me? I love Christmas. Love going to church and singing out of tune at the top of my lungs. Love the day, having the rellies over, we fight a bit,  but hey who doesn't, love the feeling that someone is watching over me who is not the tax man. I get on my Harley and deliver gifts to the kids. If you don't like these things, I suggest you buy a plane ticket to Iran and spend time with the mullahs, they don't like Christmas either LOL

Image result for santa riding a motor bike animated gif 

Gudonya Reagon.

I don't ride m/bikes anymore, used to have a Matchless 500 many years ago. 'The Dingo' in this column feels he's OK without the love of God and Jesus; ah well as he says "whatever spins your top" I'm happy with my beliefs.

Sen.Cit.90 if Dingo had God in his life, he wouldn't be so miserable. 

He used to be my new best friend, but had to drop him because of his being a misery guts.

So fickle, Reags. So very unchristian of you as well, according to your rules.

im not miserable just because I complain a lot. I enjoy having a whinge. It cheers me up no end.

I gave up having invisible friends years ago. Come to think of it I don’t think I ever had any invisible ones. 

As for love, are we talking about the same god who, if he keeps an eye on us and loves us all, why does he kill off so many each year with a dose of famine, a plague or two, maybe throw in a tsunami and finally drown a few refugees?

perhaps he sleeps in on those days, or plays golf.

as for the odd miracle or wish come true, isn’t that a bit shallow? 

Even my doctor, in jest I hope, suggested I hope and pray my hip doesn’t get any worse than it is. I do expect more from my doctor and fuck all from the invisible man/woman in the sky.

youd probably be surprised at how content us atheists are and how well we manage without faith in a god.

Why do westerners worship a Jew cos he was cruified by the romans? He was a jew by birth and it has nothing to do with europeans surely.If you want to worship some deity surely europeans should be going for the norse gods Odin, Thor etc.

Have had a love/hate relationship with Christmas for years.

Mostly have had reasonably good Xmas days but a couple of shockers thrown in there as well.  Often think the familial expectations placed on people at this time are often unrealistic, and there must be significant financial stress for some down on their luck when they see Christmas rolling around...

Can’t help myself - still quite love Christmas Cards and particularly Christmas Cards with glitter with northern winter environments. Love Charles Dickens ‘Christmas Carol’.  Love seeing decorated Christmas trees with lights through a window.  Like gold, red and silver tinsel but not purple.

Not fussed on buying presents and always opt for the less is more strategy, even sort  of uncomfortable with heaps and heaps being given or accepted in the gift giving realm.

Always want Xmas to be cold but like all Australians usually spend the day in incredible heat.  I’m OK with nativity scenes and usually go to a Christian church at some time over the Xmas season.

Have to be in the mood or brace myself for shopping centres at this time, but from time to time don’t mind the atmospherics - all depends I guess.  

Left out ‘A’ in ‘Christmas Carol’

Why do those that don't have a religious faith feel entitled to insult and denegrate those that do?

Can't say for sure, but most of the people in my sphere of contact see Christmas as an oppertunity to catch up, drink a little more than is good for them and indulge in a bout of glutany.

A very small percentage of them put much religious significance into the event.  

We have been conditioned into accepting that version of Xmas by Advertising Exectives and the media.

But who cares, I have a good time feasting and roistering for the day as do my more religious friends who include a visit to the church as part of the day.

Can't wait till January when the Easter treats start to appear in the shops. We can celebrate the birth of the Easter Bunny. 

Why indeed, KSS. 

sometimes, in stating a considered opinion based on scientific evidence, we present a version of the truth that contradicts another persons beliefs.
of course, that person will take the comments personally. 

my intent is only to present a case for my discomfort during this coming weeks leading to Xmas.

in the process of such presentation I have mentioned those aspects which persist from year to year from which I have few avenues of escape.

i find the values of other inflicted on me through many channels but I don't in any way begrudge them those values. People of faith don't need scientific evidence to believe what they believe. And if their faith is strong they will take little of what I have to say on board.

nor am I insulted or offended in any way by their demands, thoughts, contradictions, ideals or beliefs or their opinion of me or my understanding.

feel free to call me what you like. It might even be true? But if it isn't, then I can rest in the comfort of knowing I know more that you. 

In answer to your last question KSS. Because the religious need to be woken up to the fact that they are fantacists and are being controlled by individuals who sometimes have mental disorders as in the priests/church people who have committed sexual abuse against children. How come some of those parents didn't believe their children? And why didn't God stop this evil? Obviously God has no power whatsoever but nature does and we do too if we pay attention, look for proofs in our belief systems and control our own thinking rather than following blindly. Nothing wrong with Xmas except it seems to encourage a lot of people to spend money they don't have and then get into debt and misery. I take charge of Xmas and enjoy the company of family and friends without the whoha.

 Hmmm, I'm beginning to get KSS's point.

1. “How come some of these parents didn’t believe their children?” 

2. “And why didn’t God stop this evil?” 

The answer to your first question surely must have something to do with the inherent dysfunction of the culture of ‘Clericalism’...which as I understand it is where the lay congregations of ordinary Catholics and other religions pretty much assume complete deference to Bishops, priests, nuns etc. in most things.

Which in those not so distant times  was not hard to do in the Church - given many of priests entered seminaries straight from school or as fairly young men undertaking years of priestly formation in an almost ‘isolated arrested emotional development system’ and then exiting from this training as people with an almost innate belief in their own importance and moral superiority.  

Thus NO CHANCE of a child being believed over a priest or other religious, possibly such a child may even face accusations of being evil or bad for even broaching the subject - just would not be believed!

Think the answer to the second question is linked to the fact that some of these people were completely out of control and possibly mad/bad, wallowing within a system that the only thing that counted was the church’s reputation.  

But really have no rational idea why ‘God didn’t stop this evil’.  

Looks like you are one of the "thinking" people Shetso1. As a bit of information, I read very broadly and extensively. Studies done on paedophiles within the church have shown that these men are attracted to these particular jobs due to the easy access to children and not because they are required to be celibate. If you remember correctly some years ago this was the case also with some people who applied for jobs in orphanages, hence the Blue Card needed to be created. Have a read of "Walking Towards Thunder" by Peter Fox and you will see how the Catholics (also in the Police force) stick together while evil is perpetrated against the innocent. Have a nice Xmas/family time and be thankful you have seen the light and do not belong to that group.

Why do those who profess to "have faith" need to control the lives and minds of those who don't with their mumbo-jumbo.

If you can get commonsense from a christian, there wouldn't be any around.

Just enjoy everyday, why wait a year.

Bah humbug.