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You could be eligible for for a NBN refund

According to The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s recent findings, 13 per cent of Australian's connected to the NBN are now getting the speeds they are paying for.

Customers not receiving the speeds they arepaying for may be eligible for refunds from their provider and they should contact them as soon as possible to fix the issue.

“We encourage customers who aren’t getting the maximum speeds to contact their internet service provider to ask whether the problem can be fixed or about moving onto a cheaper plan,” ACCC chair Rod Sims said.


Hmm, my ADSL2+ gave me 0.6 down, 0.7 up yesterday. 2.0 down 1.1 up today. 

Who fixes that? And why am I paying for ADSL2+? What is + anyway? I was doing better on ISDN 15 years ago.

Will Telstra refund my Netflix?

Contact you Internet Provider, they will help solve the issue. This is 2019 the vast majority of people have internet that runs fine the majority of the time. You too most likely should be able to get a faster speed and it may well be very simple.