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You MUST Do This For Serious Weight Loss

Regardless of weight diet you are on if you do not have a serious exercise routine to go with it you are going to have a hard time keeping the weight off over the long term. I tried diets with no luck until I started jogging with a friend. Well, actually I had to walk at first I was so out of shape. However, much to my surprise the weight started coming of. I found if you burn the calories you eat for the day you will not gain weight. I don' t even really diet anymore. I just eat a healthy low fat diet. For anyone interested this is the best place for jogging advice.


That's fine if one can exercise, but not everyone can.

I know you are trying to help Healthnut and thank you but not everyone MUST do many things with weight loss  as are there are many components go into it. People should always find out from their Doctor what they should be doing.


I am an exerciser but also believe in counting calories whereas many experts advise eating at certain times of day and even one now says fruit is too high in sugar and we can put weight on just eating bananas later than breakfast so if we listened to everyone we would be in a real muddle. I had a friend ended up in hospital because she went on the "Limits" diet quite a few years back now and also many now just relying on Health Shakes (which are great for one meal a day if they suit a person)


As Koko says many people in our older bracket cannot, and in fact must not, exercise, unless a Doctor says it is o.k. There was a report on tele. saying Older people should never run to catch a bus. (I would think IF they have not exercised for some time) as people drop dead with too much exertion too quickly.


True, exercise and eating right is fantastic but be careful and remember ( my humble opinion) we are all programmed differently and no blanket covers all, over 50.


On saying all that I would not advise anyone to do as I do lol.

Hello health nut,

jogging is not the best form of excersize when you are mature it, really is bad for your body!!!in the long term.

Also many joggers do not know and are not taught how to run correctly. 

And it also depends on how often and how far.

I understand your enthusiasm in discovering jogging,it gives you a real high!!

I started running when I was in my forties I ran one marathon, many half marathons, and I cant even count the fun runs.


I loved every minute of it,but it got to a stage that I had to stop,as it was effecting my health,too many I took up walking  and let me tell you its harder to walk 10kms than run that distance.

It also depends if you were brought up with playing sport or doing some sort of excersize,but you are right just eat less and eat healthy you do not have to be a fanatic.