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You won’t believe Australia’s favourite celebrity voice

She’s a former Hollywood star and now British royalty, but the voice of Meghan Markle is a turn off when it comes to which celebrities Aussies would choose to be their voice assistant, according to a new study.

While the Duchess of Sussex ranked as having the least favoured voice, the soothing southern drawl of actor Morgan Freeman topped the list of celebrities Australians would choose to be their assistants.

The study called ‘The Voice of Us’ is the most comprehensive ever undertaken in Australia and included the online research of more than 2000 Australians aged 15+ overlaid with census data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, to gauge the increased popularity and use of assistants and smart speakers including Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana.

The second most popular celebrity voice assistant after Freeman was Ocean’s Eleven star George Clooney, with the Scottish brogue of former James Bond actor Sean Connery third.

Australia’s own Nicole Kidman - the only woman to make the top 10 - ranked as the fourth most popular voice, with the dulcet tones of global treasure and environmentalist David Attenborough at five and Samuel L. Jackson at six.

The voice of US President Donald Trump was rated as the seventh most popular with Aussie heartthrob Chris Hemsworth coming in at eight. John Cleese and The King, Elvis Presley, rounded out the list at ninth and 10th respectively.

In addition to the Duchess of Sussex vocal assistant turn off, Aussies also least wanted to hear from PM Malcom Turnbull (second), Kardashian star Kylie Jenner (thirrd), convicted sex offender Bill Cosby (fourth) and British footballer turned model David Beckham (fifth).

Freeman’s voice topped the preferred voice list for both men and women, but for men the voice of Darth Vader, James Earl Jones, was second; Arnold Schwarzenegger (third); Samuel L. Jackson (fourth) and George Clooney (fifth).

For women, Sean Connery was second; Nicole Kidman (third); George Clooney (fourth) and David Attenborough (fifth).

Do you have a voice assistant device? Which celebrity voice would you use for your assistant?



My All-in-One PC has a voice assistant called Cortana

Feel sure I would like to hear George Clooney :)

Trump was rated as 7th most popular??? That’s hard to believe.

You might be surprised if you could block his image from your mind LOL

Are you saying you like his voice Suze? It is dead in tone, bereft of range and infused with arrogance. And my evaluation of it has nothing to do with his image.

I watched him on Apprentice and did not find his voice objectionable .. typical American voice .... actually I rather enjoyed the Show.

Sorry but TRUMP - not at all a pleasant voice to hear regularly - I get enough on the News!!

Yes, for Geroge Clooney and David Attenborough.

My pick for number 1 voice would be Dennis Cometti, smooth, beautiful enunciation and better still Australian. I miss his unbiased commentary on football, if only Foxtel/Channel 7 could have cloned him so they could get rid of some of the clowns they have commentating nowadays.

This is WA's favourite celebrity voice, hahaha

Shame how the Don has let himself go ABE. Trump in his younger days looked great and did have a great speaking voice. As a matter of fact I admired him a lot.