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Zucchinis and Sex

I've had a very weird season with my zucchinis here in Melbourne's outer east.

I've planted around five batches, some from seed and some from store bought seedlings.

Each batch has tended to have either almost all male flowers or almost all female flowers, making fertilisation near impossible.

Been growing zucchinis here for over 40 years. This has never happened before.

Any explanations?

Any solutions?


I think  your  zucchini has lost its sex drive Barak! hehehehe

Image result for male and female zucchini flowers making love cartoon

I apologise in advance, BUT I must ask, what does the vagina of a female zucchini look like?

Barak why don't you phone up the Diggers Club they may be able to give you an answer? You are lucky having the Diggers Club in Victoria a great place to visit and get seeds from for us less fortunate not to have such a place in our State.

The zucchini is a very "mixed up" plant innes  as you can see from the pic below


The female has no vagina

The best things in life are reserved for humans.

I am not going to comment, because, well, just better not, but .. i am VERY interested in all the replies, didn't know gardening was such fun !! 

Hey Barak, did some research for you, can't find a link though, but think this will help your zucchini. A new  product called "Plant Vigra", tell me if it works mate.

    Image result for plant viagra

I saw two lezbians buying Zucchinis and Cuecumbers in Coles and no lettuce or tomatoes.

It might have been for the harvest festival maybe.

Seems to be a matter of poor pollination.

To encourage natural pollination ensure you have other flowering plants in the garden that atract Bees by

providing lots of flowers all year around.

If you have both male and female blooms reaching their dehiscense you can do it manually by breaking off the smale stems and pealling the petals to reveal the stamen. Then apply the Stamen to the female stigma.

Refer to Ray's diagram to differentiate the male and female blooms

Always do the job erly in the morning as once the male bloom is open the pollen rapidly loosens its virility.

If  however the male and female blooms  do not open together

... collect male flowers the day before anthesis, store them on moist blotters in a sealed container in a refrigerator until the female parent flowers

.... then keep them at room temperature for an hour to induce dehiscence.

Crosses can be made between plants flowering up to 2 weeks apart in this way.


Quote Abby: Always do the job erly in the morning as once the male bloom is open the pollen rapidly loosens its virility.

Hope you take this good advice Barak!

My ladyfriend prefers a battery operated zuchinni