What your cabin crew wish they could say to you

Being a flight attendant is a thankless task, so here’s how to make their life a little easier

cabin crew

If you find flying annoying, imagine what it must be like to be a flight attendant.

The 12–18 hour shifts (depending on the length of the flight) and having to deal with needy passengers and whiny kids would be an absolute nightmare.

An online forum led by author and former flight attendant Abbie Unger, Flight Attendant Career Connection, had plenty of comments from fellow cabin crew colleagues, listing the top things they would like to tell their passengers.

Here are some selected highlights:

Wasting time with the drinks cart
“You’ve seen me walking down the aisle with the drink cart for 20 minutes already.” – Facebook user Corinne Spring

Ordering with your headphone on
"You are screaming at me." – Facebook user Kimberly Lupo

Walking around barefoot
“Ewww!” – Facebook user Amber Nicole

Leaving rubbish in the seat pockets
“We walk through doing a garbage pick-up every 10 minutes!” – Facebook user Valerie Reiter Kennebeck

Touching your flight attendant
“A simple 'Excuse me' will get my attention." – Facebook user Abbie Unger

Using the toilet before landing or during meals
“You've had HOURS to do so.” – Facebook user Joey DiGregorio

"Seriously… you're in my way." – Facebook user Corinne Spring

Hanging around in the galley
“Do I come to your office to do yoga and hang around?!” – Facebook user Nia Monet

Complaining about connection times when the current flight is on time
“Just stop booking such tight connections!” – Facebook user Diana Hadley

Asking to borrow a pen to fill out forms
“I DON’T have an unlimited supply in my pocket, and no, I won’t give you one; A) because it’s my favourite and B) because I’m required to have it on me at all times.” – Facebook user Lorisa Maxwell

What do you think? Are flight attendants right to get upset about these things? Or are they too precious? What is some of the worst behaviour you have seen on a flight?



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    1st Nov 2017
    Yes flight attendants are allowed to complain but so are we, the travellers. I have encountered some flight attendants who are in the wrong line of work. They are arrogant and condescending and try to make you feel as if they are doing you a favour when they are just doing the job they are paid to do. In having my whinge I am pleased to say that those of whom I speak are very few although, sadly, they all work for the same airline.
    1st Nov 2017
    Let me guess - Qantas! As I haven't seen such an attitude on any other airline.
    1st Nov 2017
    They get paid more than teachers!
    My goodness I think a lot of teachers would love their students strapped in and virtually ignored for the duration. (Unless you are male in first class)
    29th Sep 2018
    Now you will understand why within the airline industry they are referred to as 'TARTS'

    1st Nov 2017
    Helloooo - youre a glorified waitress.
    Stop being so precious.

    Unless the customer is rude or totally unreasonable, do your friggin job and serve the passengers, or find your pilot or first class passenger to have you as his trophy wife
    1st Nov 2017
    I have always been treated well to very well OM even with screaming kids in tow. On Qantas too George. Just the same I have seen some irritable and aloof treatment of some passengers which doesn't make a lot of sense as there will be a response.

    It is just a job and doesn't appear difficult to me. I have only once or twice seen them pull the legal line threatening police intervention when landing but wouldn't be surprised if that stormtrooper response was behind the attitude you have seen.

    The alternative to the authoritive nazi approach, by the way, was beautiful to watch. On a short flight Melbourne to Albury in a Fokker Friendship about 40 odd years ago one stewardess and 3 passengers including myself. The other two were sitting futher back on the other side and drinking, probably all day but first from the aircraft supply and second from their bags. They soon became particularly boisterous and not much later lightly physical. The stewardess was slight so it seemed about necessary to intervene. She turned and in about 3 words measured, friendly but incredibly firm stopped them in their tracks. They sat up like good little boys the rest of the way and I didn't hear a word from them.
    1st Nov 2017
    What I would like to say to Cabin attendants: stop feeding your faces in the galley and go and see if you can help the solo traveller with her newborn baby and toddlers complete ONE meal. Stop plying already drunk passengers with more alcohol and cease whinging when one vomits on the passenger in the next row who complains and asks for helping cleaning it up. Don’t stand with your hands on hips to contemptuously tell a passenger who had a pre-ordered vegetarian meal (eye roll) Well vegetarians eat chicken you know. The last phrase was accompanied by further eye rolls! Don’t spend your time flirting with the business men and forget the needs of other passengers traveling with elderly parents or children.
    1st Nov 2017
    :-) Love it.

    We must have struck a special crew (Qantas/Jetstar) with a couple trips to asia when the kids were babies. They would take them off or sit down with us and give them a cuddle, begged to be able to give them a feed. (To some, babies are probably as interesting as businessmen)

    It was welcome though, your arms get tired even with a one year old's weight when craddling them for a dozen hours.
    1st Nov 2017
    :) Yep.
    A husky steward even refused to help my 85 year old Uncle lift his bag into the overhead locker. "Not my job" in his words.
    The only reason my Uncle was on the flight was because he had just found out his son had leukemia and he needed to get to him ASAP.
    I can't write what I would have said to that young upstart.

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