Duffel bags are becoming the new must-have travel accessory

Duffel bags are becoming the new must-have travel accessory

Three best travel duffel bags

Here’s a sneaky tip: you can fit a much bigger duffel bag into carry-on dimensions than you can a hard case bag. Especially handy to know if all you pack are soft objects that will nicely squish if the bag allows it.

This means you can potentially pack extra clothes and still get away with carry-on luggage.

Gone are the days of the shiny hard-case rolling bag – duffel bags are becoming the new must-have travel accessory.

And why not? They’re often made with incredibly durable materials that are less likely to be damaged with the rigours of travel. Unless you’re packing breakable objects, duffel carry-ons are the way to go.

Here are the top three duffels I’ve found that are readily available, and locally and currently on sale*.

Macpac Wheeled 80 Duffel
This wheeled wonder is designed to withstand the trials of international travel and it’s sized to suit long hauls. But you can pack a little less, use some compression straps and you could probably get away with squeezing it into the carry-on basket at the airport. The bag also includes a telescopic handle, super smooth rolling wheels for easy navigation, removable backpack shoulder straps, super strong grab handles and a lockable main compartment.


RRP $229.99 Currently on sale at www.macpac.com.au from $137.99

Caribee – 2016 Skymaster 40L Carry-On Backpack
For as long as I can remember, Caribee was the camper’s choice of backpack. While it may have a lot more competition in the marketplace nowadays, Caribee still pumps out quality bags and backpacks. The Caribee Sky Master 40 Carry-on is ideal for a short trip or long weekend getaway. It easily qualifies for the Australian domestic carry-on guidelines, is light weight and, with its concealable shoulder straps, can switch between a shoulder bag and backpack. Also, its ingenious compression system means you can fit more into a smaller space. And a lockable zip will keep your stuff secure.


RRP $164.95 Currently on sale at Bags to Go for $114.95

High Sierra Composite V3 Wheeled Duffel
The High Sierra Composite Wheeled Duffel can be used as an upright carry-on, a backpack or duffel bag. Smooth rolling corner mounted wheels and telescoping handle make this a formidable travel buddy. Made from abrasion resistant materials, this bag will cop a hiding – and its lockable zippers and RFID secure pocket will help to prevent theft and scammers scanning your credit cards.


RRP $219.00 Currently on sale at Bags to Go from $131.00

*RRP has been stated where applicable, as well as on sale prices at the time of writing.



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    6th Jan 2018
    Got a couple from Kmart for $20 each and have taken them on many trips.
    6th Jan 2018
    Thats right Bonny, these are well overpriced. Kmart or BigW are the place to buy.
    6th Jan 2018
    I recall Duffel bags being a type of canvas holdall, that had a rope like material through holes around the top which you pulled to close the bag. Funny how names are used for other things about 50 years later
    6th Jan 2018
    These overweight bags are what full fare paying flyers dislike. The owners of them are usually first on and hog all the overhead space leaving little or none for those with bags of the correct weight. All take on luggage should be weighed in prior to the flight.
    6th Jan 2018
    Its not just about weight FleeLee , it is also about size. Some of the weight compliant bags can be twice the size of others. That's what takes up the space, not the weight. Afterall, a kilo of lead takes up far less space than a kilo of feathers yet they both weigh the same!

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