Tips for a frugal pantry

Want to cut down on your food costs without compromising on nutrition? A few simple changes to your shopping habits can save you dollars at the checkout.

Beware the can
Fresh fruit and vegetables can be expensive. A more economical choice might be to purchase frozen vegetables, as they keep for longer and cost less. Beware canned fruits and vegetables though – some canned veggies are high in sodium, and most canned fruits are high in sugar.

Pack a lunchbox
If you are going out for the day pack yourself a sandwich and some snacks. Eating out can get very expensive, and the food is usually higher in sugar and fat than what you would make for yourself at home.

Shop when full
Never shop on an empty stomach. Have one of the big meals of the day before you brave the supermarket – this will stop you from impulse buying, or buying too much.

Homebrand won’t bite
Most supermarkets stock its own brand of foods. These are often cheaper than brand name foods, and the only real difference is the packaging.

Get gardening
Home-grown fruit and veggies are much cheaper, much tastier, and gardening is a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy! If you don’t have a big enough garden to start a vegetable patch, why not contact your local council to find out about community gardens?

Reader tip: One of our fantastic readers suggested purchasing hydroponic lettuce, and then planting it in a shady part of the garden as this helps it to last much longer. I haven’t tried this myself – can anyone else confirm that this works?

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    11th Nov 2011
    I have not tried it with lettuce but it does work with spring onions. Buy a couple of bunches, scrape out a little 15cm. trench in a garden bed and place the spring onions upright in the ground and cover them up to about 10cm. You will always have fresh spring onions when you want them. They will even keep growing but make sure there are roots on them when purchasing. John
    14th Nov 2011
    I must try your spring onion trick. I did the same thing with a couple of leeks. Cut off the bottom with roots and planted. They have struck and reaching for the sky now.

    I keep an old garden umbrella close to my vege patch and shade the delicate cos lettuce in the late afternoon if its a hot day. A sprinkle of water in the morning and they are beautiful and fresh to pick for lunch.

    16th Nov 2011
    I have bought a 6 tub of lettuce plants, (share with a friend or use yourself) plant in a good sized container, pick a few leaves as you want them. Mine went right through the winter in a sheltered spot.....and always so fresh!! Chub

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