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Rather than wait until the trip is over, the washing machine is loaded and the bags are packed away, follow Andrea’s tips on recording your journey before your experiences become a distant memory.

Keep a journal during your trip, whether it is a specially purchased travel diary, a cheap notepad or notes on your iPad. Also, carry a small notepad and pen in your pocket, handbag or day pack so you can jot down things as they happen – just a couple of words to remind you when you write up your journal.

You can use time which would otherwise be wasted, such as waiting at airports or travelling on buses between sights to update your journal.

Take plenty of pictures and collect keepsakes from your trip to include in your journal. Ticket stubs from museums, menus from restaurants and advertising flyers from the attractions you visit along the way. They will spark your memory when looking back through your travel journal or sharing your stories with friends.

If you are travelling as part of a group, give everyone a job. If one member of your party likes to chat to the locals, make it their mission to obtain one interesting quote or story to add to your journal. Does someone else take the best pictures? Then they’re the official photographer. Another person could be in charge of collecting the mementos.

Remember to include stories and anecdotes. Many people rely on photographs to record their trips and have loads of beautiful shots of tourist attractions and landmarks. And while these are wonderful reminders, photographs generally won’t take you back to the one hour haggling session you had in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul or the terrifying flight you suffered in Chile. The unusual, amusing or exasperating experiences you had on your trip are the details you will enjoy remembering later on.

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Written by Andrea


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    I have just returned from 6 weeks in France and Europe. Even though trying to be restrained, I took 1200 photos (digital cameras can be a trap like that!). The last thing I did each night, no matter how tired, was to review the pictures for the day on the camera and edit out ones I don’t need, but also write notes about the ones I will keep. This can be done as they are taken but then one spends all one’s time looking at the world through a camera! When I return home, I add digital captions and explanation to each photo, or the first in a related series of photos so that down the track I don’t forget the salient details. To add captions I first duplicate the image and add captions to one of the two, then in a slide show later on, the picture without captions merges into the one with captions as the slide show progresses, or vice versa. Being a Mac person, my pictures are usually in iPhoto which doesn’t have a captioning facility, but it does allow one to select to use software such as Preview or Photoshop to add text to an image, without having to leave iPhoto. It took me ages to discover that simple trick and it is a very efficient way to add text information to a picture (or the duplicate, so there is always one that is not cluttered with text). Other readers my find this useful.

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    If I may, another excellent method is to join a website like my favourite,
    The benefits are two-way as, via forums, they help travellers discover information from people living in their prospective destination.
    Members have free pages of their own to build up their memories, including pictures and video clips. Of course this can be done during your ‘journeying’. it is all explained on VT’s Home Page. Call in and discover for yourself.
    Being a member is quite a lovely ‘group’ feeling. If interested, my member name there is ‘australia2’.



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