I’ve been asked to write a eulogy – what do I do?

Giving a eulogy is all about speaking from the heart.

Fountain pen and paper being used to write a eulogy

A eulogy is a speech delivered at a funeral and these days a personalised eulogy is an important part of a funeral service that really speaks to the life, interests, and passions of someone we knew.

For many people, though, the prospect of speaking in public brings a fear that is almost equal to the fear of death itself, which is why Mareena Purslowe Funerals has shared with us some tips on how to write and deliver a eulogy.

Types of eulogy
A eulogy can be delivered as a formal speech that includes the person’s history, career and achievements. It can also be made more personal, through the sharing of stories, memories and anecdotes, or it can be a combination of these two styles.

How to write a eulogy
Allow yourself some time to write it, and don’t worry too much if your thoughts are a little unstructured at first. You can pull old photos, letters and other memorabilia together, which can help trigger positive memories. You can also talk to close family and friends for more ideas or to agree on what is important.

How to deliver a eulogy
Once you have put some thoughts together, you need to start thinking about the beginning, the middle, and the end. Try putting the elements you wish to you into a rough draft and then you can start to polish and review it. Practice saying it out loud.

Most importantly, the eulogy you are writing doesn’t have to be a perfect piece of writing or speech craft, it only needs to reflect the life of the person you knew. And you don’t have to worry about your emotions during the speech as no-one is judging you.

More information on how to write a eulogy is available on the Mareena Purslowe Funerals website.


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    5th Jun 2016
    I have delivered a number of Eulogies particularly lately and some of these have been "at the drop of a hat". If you have time to prepare do so but make it from the heart and try and use a little humour if possible but at all times grab the opportunity and be sincere. Have an opening and a closing but not too long
    Kenn R NN
    4th Mar 2019
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    19th May 2020
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