Top 10 money-managing websites 

Starting the year with a clean(er) slate will make you feel much better.

Top 10 money-managing websites 
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8. Energy rate comparison
There’s no escaping paying energy bills so it makes sense to ensure you’re getting the best price on your power bills. Compare your rates for gas and electricity and you could save by simply switching provider.

9. Check your credit file
You may think that you have a clear credit file but there may be something lurking that can adversely affect your rating. A simple input error, information lodged against you rather than someone with a similar name, or credit fraudulently obtained under your name will be noted on your file and needs action to be rectified.

10. Best deals for phone and broadband

If you currently have a home phone, mobile phone, internet connection, or all three, it’s important to ensure you’re not paying more than you have to. Depending on your usage, it may make sense to bundle all your plans together, or perhaps simply search for the best individual deals. 
Home phones:
Mobile phones:

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    30th Dec 2013
    It would be nice if all these things were as simple as you make out.
    There's a small unclaimed amount owing to myself, the brother, and his wife from when we were in partnership 30 yrs ago.
    I examined the process to claim it, and the process involves producing partnership agreements, more proof of ID than if you're opening a bank account, certified copies of every piece of paper associated with the money - and about 10 times the amount of money and work, than the value of the unclaimed money, to claim the missing sum.
    I won't be doing it, it's just not worth the hassle of trying to find paperwork that no longer exists, finding a JP to examine and sign everything, and the running around involved.

    As far as the credit file goes, this is a joke. Veda control all credit files and refuse to hand them over unless you pay them money - even though they are obliged to provide them free of charge.
    I have tried numerous times over several years to acquire a copy of my credit file (by writing a letter), and in every case - because I requested a free copy, my request was totally ignored.