The top five airlines worldwide in 2017

Here are the best airlines for 2017 worldwide and who you should fly with next

Top five airlines in 2017

The 2017 World Airline Awards were recently announced by the Britain-based consultancy Skytrax.

These awards were decided after holding a worldwide survey that included 320 airlines and measured over 45 key performance indicators. The awards are noted as the ‘global benchmark’ for all air services.

Below are the top five airlines of 2017:

5. Cathay Pacific
Operates from its main hub in Hong Kong International Airport and manages fantastic aircrafts such as the Boeing 777 and the Airbus A330.

4. Emirates
The largest airline based in the Middle East received awards for the best in-flight entertainment and best first-class comfort amenities.

3. All Nippon Airways (ANA)
Japan’s largest airline took home the awards for the World’s best Airport Services and best Airline Staff Service in Asia. 

2. Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines won the following awards – Best Airline in Asia, the World’s Best Business Class Seat and the Best Premium Economy Onboard Catering. 

1. Qatar Airways
Winning the Airlines of the Year title for the fourth time, Qatar Airways also received the World’s Best Business Class, World’s Best First-Class Lounge and Best Middle-Eastern Airline. 

Have you flown with any of these carriers? How was your experience? Are they deserving of being called the world’s best?



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    30th Dec 2017
    Emirates I found very good in their A380 aircraft quite comfortable in economy
    Old Dog
    30th Dec 2017
    Cathay Pacific definitely deserve to be up there. Their service and cabin crew, along with the food and menus on long-haul flights are first class, even in economy.
    Gee Whiz
    30th Dec 2017
    Any airline with good leg room in economy class, where most of the passengers are, should win the top award.
    30th Dec 2017
    I’ve flown with most of them - cattle class, premium economy and if I am lucky business. Singapore and Cathay are excellent for services etc. For safety I prefer Qantas cause it rates first in this regard. However Qantas Business class is little better than economy in Singapore airlines! They rarely have premium economy which is annoying. For safety reasons i won’t fly Emirates or Qatar any more.
    31st Dec 2017
    Safety reasons?
    6th Jan 2018
    What car do you drive Puglet (assuming you are not chauffeur driven)!?
    30th Dec 2017
    No domestic Australian ones listed for those who don't want to fly overseas. This will surprise you. We flew to an outback town with an airline that is the only one on that route so they have the monopoly. Their planes are old and noisy but they looked after the kids very well, even had special books +the normal colouring in ones with pencils. The snacks were as good as Virgin supply on domestic economy. Being a small airline company we didn't expect free snacks, tea. coffee etc at all.
    30th Dec 2017
    30th Dec 2017
    We have flow both Emirates and Singapore - and both gave us excellent service. Singapore was always our favourite for many years - but
    travelling to the UK with Emirates was excellent too - good service,
    meals and comfortable.
    30th Dec 2017
    We always go "wow" when someone gets an award........ but exactly who the hell is "Britain-based consultancy Skytrax." It doesn't really matter, it's just to make you think. I've seen everyone from Aeroflot to Air New Zealand win "awards" and supposedly impartial surveys, and having ridden them both I'd have to agree........ along with Singapore, Emirates...... on a good day they're all capable of being great, and not so good. Although Jibouti airlines wasn't so hot, but then agin maybe I got them on a bad day, and they weren't paying me to comment haha.
    Funny face
    30th Dec 2017
    singapore airlines always very good. I flew Emirates last year, only economy, but I could not fault them, I had wheelchair service for the first time. What an experience. They were marvellous, in all aspects. Very deserving.
    31st Dec 2017
    Safety reasons?
    30th Apr 2018
    Cathay Pacific are brilliant and deserve to be on the list. never go Singapore Airlines again. En route from Frankfurt to Melbourne with them we had a couple of hours at Changi Airport before the final leg home. They called me out over the speaker and rearranged my seat home-next to the main toilets and a young coupe with a crying infant. I think they singled me out simply because I am SINGLE and was travelling solo. It wrecked my trip home. never again with Singapore Airline.

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